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File: 1569117296003.jpg (85.8 KB, 641x455, brainless babby anglin.jpg)

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State of the Chon 9/21/19

Welcome to 4chon.me, a reimagining of the world-famous pro-Hillary Clinton #resistance website: 4chon.net. I am its current steward HDV, which stands for "High Definition Videos" of which I am known to be quite the fan.

Unfortunately, in contrast to the founder of 4chon.net who'd developed the venerable tinyboard imageboard software, the only relevant work experience I have is geocities. Regardless, against my better judgment I've still decided that-with the future of 8chan being ambiguous and the fate of 4chon hanging in the balance-the time for a true alternative was nigh.

the Story So Far:

After our first few days many problems are (suspected to be) solved but several remain

1. flag situation handled-but new, higher-resolution flags are planned
2. multi-image still not working
3. youtube embed only so far (this vichan fork, lainchan, has options including vimeo, dailymotion, metacafe and vocaroo which aren't currently working-we would like to feature the popular bitchute player as well)

I've created this thread to solicit the more experienced members of this community who might be lurking for the help I so desperately need in making this a place worth posting on.
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File: 1582019400743.jpg (1.16 MB, 1920x1080, tales-from-the-loop.jpg)


>tfw amazon can no longer stave off the impending feeling of doom and pointlessness of my life


File: 1582019890267.jpg (20.18 KB, 366x488, 4bc8394b0ca7cddfca543c3c62….jpg)




How was it doing it before? I guess most of the stuff I've bought "for fun" I've purchased elsewhere; Amazon has usually been my last resort for if I can't find it somewhere else or the price disparity was too great.


File: 1581929879366.jpg (9.11 KB, 259x194, 1403958585482.jpg)









nostalgic, thanks OP



Why didn't he post my old meme with the "W" king in the middle and all these angry people starring at the white cock



tbh the op picture is more familiar to me than that and also wieners are gay heh


File: 1581846760119.png (30.77 KB, 1103x506, 236.png)


Can you all help me make redpilled kyung comics so i can redpill the npc kyung comic fans?

I will put the fanart on my website.
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File: 1581977618687.png (76.03 KB, 1772x711, 239.png)




File: 1581985013847.jpg (165.83 KB, 800x820, women are stupid.jpg)

all women are stupid



File: 1582022073823.png (69.31 KB, 1316x1294, 241.png)

fuck off lizards






Protecting you say?


File: 1581905060269.jpg (93 KB, 1280x720, stee.jpg)


this is the stee pics thread on uboachan https://uboachan.net/ot/res/14982.html


Please leave that nice irish fella alone he's a good keeid he dindu nuffin'



you misspelled jewish






STI should've died years ago.



we can still make it happen.






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>I also feel that being gay wouldn't be suffering for its own sake rather it would probably be pretty based if it didn't have a lot of the degenerate baggage it comes with heh.
It would be suffering for their parents at the very least if they had any sense.

>Homos can't help they've been born that way and certainly don't deserve literal persecution for that, but of course they do deserve persecution if they're liberal commie scum lmoa

I don't believe they were necessarily "born that way" and there are other chemical and psychological factors at play. I don't think there's really a separation from 'gay culture' as we know it and 'liberal communism' either, so they should probably be 'persecuted' to some extent. Arguably a naive lolbergtarian commitment to absolute free association would be enough to curtail the spread of faggotry to reasonable levels, but I am skeptical about whether it's alright to let them propagate unfettered after having already witnessed things escalate so much in the past 30 years.



>wake up
>its monday morning
>put my feet on the floor and stand up
>i still have legs
>remember that freddie brennan will never even have legs
>lols were had
>life is good
>god likes me



Next time a nigger steals your car or rapes your gf just remember they were born that way too and also can't help it

OR you can expect people to not always act on their impulses, you know like civilized people are supposed to… I personally don't give a fuck which way you were born whether you are born side ways or upside down or whatever. Very big chance you weren't born with a cock in your mouth.



>they've been born that way
>they were born that way too
being born is just a social construct.


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Old thread: >>75
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File: 1581877952792.jpg (109.65 KB, 596x617, 1516397613486.jpg)




File: 1581878051741.png (7.09 KB, 553x418, 1546266703121.png)




File: 1581878753314.jpg (44.99 KB, 480x480, u on bottem.jpg)






Ever since there's no 400+ reply thread anymore I get the feeling like I'm just reposting videos that were posted before already. But that's probably a good thing, heh.


File: 1581987944364.jpg (177.23 KB, 750x1040, Easy-Chicken-Tenders-Recip….jpg)


why does such a deliciously convenient food have to be associated with internet autists


i drink soy milk everyday



Your guess is as good as mine. They're "ok" but they're definitely utilitarian by nature so they've earned their association with low-status individuals heh



I think because, much like pizza pops and eggo waffles, they're food designed for children. They're easy for kids to learn to cook (just stick it in the oven) and they're kinda associated with childhood and by extension manchildhood.






File: 1582004879531.jpg (153.56 KB, 843x1024, buttcloud.jpg)

>people who try to influence other people's eating behaviors are a problem
>except for me


File: 1581888352683.jpeg (72.9 KB, 330x1600, EQ7T9U4WAAEutEH.jpeg)


Ecclesiastes 1:9 King James Version (KJV)

The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.
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Correct, rage comics were cool for a short time in the late 2000s. These days reddit and 4cuck are practically joined at the hip though.



Someone post that trickle down meme pic where reddit eats the shit sharted out by 4cuck



File: 1581895980892.jpg (58.56 KB, 468x527, T_T.jpg)

>reeeeeee theres not enough good oc on the internet for me
astounding sense of entitlement amongst the imageboard crowd. 99% of the people who post are non-contributors of anything novel new or interesting, but they all seem to get outraged when reddit steals "our" old content.



The hilarious thing is that many of those comparisons are really poor matches.



File: 1582000028911.jpg (61.4 KB, 1057x1032, 4c0.jpg)


File: 1581995012026.jpg (146.65 KB, 737x1153, afghanistan-statista-cost-….jpg)



A Taliban spokesperson has claimed that the organization has finalized a peace deal with the U.S. to end more than 18 years of war.

Suhail Shaheen told Afghan television station 1TV on Monday that the two parties had reached an agreement and suggested the deal would be signed by the end of February. Newsweek has contacted the State Department to confirm Shaheen's report.

Afghan Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah confirmed to the TOLOnews channel that a deal had been agreed, though noted that whether it is signed will depend on the success of a proposed period of reduced violence.

"The agreement between the Taliban and U.S. has been finalized and the signing of the agreement is based on the reduction in violence over seven days and then it will continue," Abdullah explained. "It is also an opportunity for the opposite side to show that they want peace in the country."

The U.S. has been negotiating an end to the country's longest running war since July 2018. A deal seemed close at hand in September 2019, and President Donald Trump had even reportedly organized a secret summit with Taliban leaders at Camp David. But negotiations collapsed again after the Taliban took credit for the death of a U.S. soldier.



Another dead american soldier a CIA-designated (((splinter group))) of the Taliban takes responsibility for in 3…2…



Trump should send all the obama era CIA hires to afghanistan and get the Taliwhackers to suicide bomb them


File: 1581972986805.jpg (122.27 KB, 639x426, MIT-Wikipedia-Editing-01_0.jpg)


Automated system can rewrite "outdated" sentences in Wikipedia articles

Text-generating tool pinpoints and replaces specific information in sentences while retaining humanlike grammar and style.

A system created by MIT researchers could be used to automatically update factual inconsistencies in Wikipedia articles, reducing time and effort spent by human editors who now do the task manually.

Wikipedia comprises millions of articles that are in constant need of edits to reflect new information. That can involve article expansions, major rewrites, or more routine modifications such as updating numbers, dates, names, and locations. Currently, humans across the globe volunteer their time to make these edits.

In a paper being presented at the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, the researchers describe a text-generating system that pinpoints and replaces specific information in relevant Wikipedia sentences, while keeping the language similar to how humans write and edit.

The idea is that humans would type into an interface an unstructured sentence with updated information, without needing to worry about style or grammar. The system would then search Wikipedia, locate the appropriate page and outdated sentence, and rewrite it in a humanlike fashion. In the future, the researchers say, there’s potential to build a fully automated system that identifies and uses the latest information from around the web to produce rewritten sentences in corresponding Wikipedia articles that reflect updated information.

“There are so many updates constantly needed to Wikipedia articles. It would be beneficial to automatically modify exact portions of the articles, with little to no human intervention,” says Darsh Shah, a PhD student in the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) and one of the lead authors. “Instead of hundreds of people working on modifying each Wikipedia article, then you’ll only need a few, because the model is helping or doing it automatically. That offers dramatic improvements in efficiency.”



File: 1581984666581.jpg (19.7 KB, 236x295, Kenyan Urkel.jpg)

>political correctness enforcement bot



my thots exactly heh



File: 1581999016184.jpg (112.58 KB, 1268x619, Hitler said it-I believe i….jpg)

wikipedia was fun way back when it was just a stupid internet site for nerds and anyone could easily edit.
now that its become humanity's central repository for official information its somehow morphed into a dystopian bullshit machine with automated reversion to pc dogma along the way.


File: 1581996314987.jpg (152.85 KB, 600x676, god_bows_trump_sign.jpg)


‘God Bows Down to President Donald J. Trump’ Sign

A photograph of the sign — bearing the message “God bows down to President Donald J. Trump, declares he is ‘perfect'” — was posted on a Reddit page covering New Jersey, with a caption saying it was located in Asbury Park. The photograph was also shared widely on Twitter after being posted by another user.

But while the photo prompted accusations of “Trump derangement syndrome” online, the user behind the original photo post on Reddit attributed it to David Sander, a local man who has posted more than 100 anti-Trump signs on his yard since 2016:





File: 1581988510470.jpg (7.02 KB, 218x231, conincidence kike.jpg)


kike media is constantly saying that relaxing alcohol is bad for you and work drugs tea and coffee are good for you.
this has got to be a conspiracy


Wine is GOOD, beer is for nigger-cattle soyim. We should all be drinking wine at noon, even at work. In fact all wagecucks should be drunk at all times just like our ancestors probably intended. Europeans have a long history of drinking on the job. You'd be hard pressed to find a time period where people weren't at least a little tipsy every day during daytime hours. Hell, before the printing press was invented the monks that wrote copies of the bible would be drunk off their ass on brandy all day long. Only in a KIKE society is everybody not drunk and relaxing their butts off even while hard at work. Life should be like an endless party.



>Life should be like an endless party.

Sounds fuckin' rad; why aren't you in charge?


File: 1581969612753.jpg (1.28 MB, 3000x2001, download (1).jpg)


Bloomberg’s bucks: How billionaire’s campaign spending stacks up against competition

Michael Bloomberg is spending like no other presidential candidate has spent before.

The former New York City mayor and multibillionaire business and media mogul has pumped hundreds of millions of dollars of his own money in less than three months into carpeting the country with ads on TV and social media and building up a massive Democratic presidential campaign team in 43 states and territories.

Bloomberg – who’s ranked by Forbes as the eighth richest person in the country – told reporters last month that the “number one priority is to get rid of Donald Trump. I’m spending all my money to get rid of Trump.”

It’s far from all his money – he's worth some $64 billion – but it is a massive figure.

As of last week, Bloomberg’s shelled out more than $344 million since declaring his candidacy in late November to run ads on TV, Facebook and Google, according to figures from Advertising Analytics, a well-known ad tracking firm.

That’s more than twice the roughly $186 million spent since last July by Tom Steyer (WHO!?), the other billionaire in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Bloomberg’s also digging into his deep pockets and spending millions more to build up an eye-popping campaign organization.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


is blumberg the most butthurt kike manlet of all time?
why is every kike 5'6" or under? are they even human?


File: 1581972489383.jpg (59.03 KB, 976x650, _110910117_dscf7742-1.jpg)


Sanctuary counties: Inside Virginia's gun rights resistance

The Culpeper County 2A Facebook group had five rules.

Rule one was "Get Busy - Follow the Action Plan and take the necessary steps to protect our rights. Sharing memes isn't enough. We need coordinated action."

Rule two was "Do Not Give Up - We're in the fight of our lives. Act accordingly. Never surrender."

At some point in late January the rules changed, and rule two became "No racism". But the basic purpose remained: Culpeper County 2A (the 2A stands for Second Amendment) was founded with the aim of resisting gun control bills working their way through the Virginia state legislature.

Similar groups are springing up across the state. Dozens of towns and counties are passing resolutions declaring themselves "second amendment sanctuaries" - a term borrowed from the "sanctuary cities" immigration movement of several years ago. The resolutions vary from county to county, but they broadly declare support for the second amendment and label the proposed state gun control laws as invalid.

Democrats won control of the Virginia House and Senate in November for the first time in 24 years, and they immediately proposed a raft of gun control measures from universal background checks to restrictions on high capacity magazines. The bills came as no surprise - the Democrats had campaigned heavily on gun control, backed by funding from activist groups which comprehensively outspent the National Rifle Association in its home state. Democratic candidates were responding to a growing clamour for gun control that began with the mass shooting of 32 people at Virginia Tech in 2007 and was amplified last year when a municipal worker slaughtered 12 people in Virginia Beach. When they won, the Democrats turned their proposals into bills and promised a wave of progressive legislation. Weeks later, the backlash began.



>At some point in late January the rules changed, and rule two became "No racism"
the work of subversive infiltrators
they'll be divided and factionalized over how many different bathrooms and who can use which ones in a matter of weeks


File: 1581970603335.jpg (482.07 KB, 1919x1279, download (2).jpg)


‘A complete disaster’: Fears grow over potential Nevada caucus malfunction

Anxiety is rising over the possibility of another tech-induced meltdown at the Nevada Democratic caucuses on Saturday.

In interviews, three caucus volunteers described serious concerns about rushed preparations for the Feb. 22 election, including insufficient training for a newly-adopted electronic vote-tally system and confusing instructions on how to administer the caucuses. There are also unanswered questions about the security of Internet connections at some 2,000 precinct sites that will transmit results to a central “war room” set up by the Nevada Democratic Party.

Some volunteers who will help run caucuses at precinct locations said they have not been trained on iPads that the party purchased to enter and transmit vote counts. Party officials scrambled to streamline their vote reporting system — settling on Google forms accessible through a saved link on the iPads — after scrapping a pair of apps they’d been planning to use until a similar app caused the fiasco in Iowa two weeks ago.

The volunteers also said the party has not provided sufficient training on how to use the Google form that will compile vote totals, a complicated process in a caucus.

The concerns, which were described on condition of anonymity because the volunteers are not authorized to speak to reporters, come at a perilous moment for the Democratic Party. As the third state on the primary calendar and the first with a significant minority population, Nevada holds huge importance in the nomination contest. The debacle in Iowa cost one state party chairman his job and threatened the standing of the national party chairman, while casting doubts about whether the results from party-run caucuses can be trusted.

Nevada Democratic officials insist they have everything under control. But a repeat of Iowa — or any kind of breakdown — would be disastrous.



>We're not fixing the election, we're just really stupid. I promise!
They're not even trying to hide it heh.



my thots exactly heh



File: 1581989259261.jpg (24.07 KB, 183x275, joe biden.jpg)

They kept all of the other candidates from gaining much traction before SC and Biden will take over as overwhelming frontrunner after Super Tuesday.


File: 1581942958139.jpg (83.35 KB, 466x464, Screenshot_20191219-203130….jpg)


What the fuck even is De ja vu anyway
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Also, what the fuck even is mud? People say it's dead leaves and stuff but trees need mud to grow in the first place so like what the fuck is mud?



It's just wet dirt, genius.



wet dirt is GOOD, redart!



wet dirt is what i call your mom in bed xdd






Anyone here play TOS?

I got a key years ago and dabbled around in the starting area for a while but the game was pretty shit back then and there's not even a mainline quest apparently so i stopped playing

But now that GW2 is in subjective decline this nu Skyrim chapter might be a norsepilled MMO alternative, defo going to keep an eye on this heh
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Why is that wamen so comically large jesus heh

Also that was pretty cheesy imho; I did hear TESO did get a lot better a year or so out from its initial release date but I don't play MMOs so I'm just saiyan



No, it's an ugly game. Ugly characters, skinpaint "armor", floppy and floating shoulder pads, buttflaps, ugly animations. The cinematic trailers have nothing to do with the actual game. Not even remotely. I've been checking in on ESO since 2014 and it never got better in that regard. The combat itself is floaty and unresponsive. It's a pretty shitty game and requires you to spend money for its content. I always regret coming back to it. The music is pretty nice and story is not bad.



Her mom is half-giant. She is literally called Titanborn. Her voice actress is superb.



Oh and enjoy 90ms from EU to EU. From EU to NA it's even worse.



I was just about to uninstall this game again btw. lol


File: 1581965959704.jpg (71.77 KB, 1080x832, 86297315_190458855506266_8….jpg)




That's funny, the more I interact with the nigger-cattle, the more I realize they're automatons that 'feel' whatever their told to.



Never fall for a nigger-cattle's crocodile tears, lads! They just want to guilt you into becoming part of the herd. The only thing they're truly upset about is your defiance. Their will is their master's, and their masters want to prevent your ascension. Shed all fear and guilt and you will go far.





File: 1581876207876.jpg (291.94 KB, 1000x1000, Stalenhag2.jpg)


where the FUCK is /edu/ you fucking niggers

i wish to discuss educational matters.
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File: 1581918813187.jpg (1.04 MB, 2304x3072, seisatsu.jpg)

thats right, the r9k mechanism is product of the most reddit tier thing this side of aaron schwartz's nauseating rotten dickless corpse. r9k was total shit from day one even though it was intended to be an upgrade from /b/. it got shut down for being too shitty but the shiteating faggot steesatsu created 4chon for the sole purpose of preserving the shitttiest, most boring and pointless boar on all of 4chan. even /z/ was more worthy for keeping alive.
instead of improved content, the faggoty gayass randal the randy cumlicker stick figure soyence comic faggot for soycucks stupid robot nigger thousand only makes boards worse. steesatsu is a faggot who pretends to be a jap goth girl online, r9k is only for people who love taking cock, it never has and never will develop anything good. newggers only showed up 4chon initially to taunt boring twat lu/r9k/ers about being so boring that they got deleted.
steesatsu is probably a tranny lol whatafaggot



>making all this shit up
Very Learningcode of you, cunt.



File: 1581929689252.jpg (67.08 KB, 316x400, 131995494977.jpg)



Deal heh



This is 100% true.

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