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File: 1592708963308.png (57.93 KB, 584x237, blog-feature-smart-173323.png)


Welcome to /edu/, 4chon's one stop shop for all your educational needs!

For the uninitiated, here are some links to get you started on the path to unlocking your full potential. I personally vouch for these tools. You may not see results instantaneously but they do work so long as you apply them without fear.

>SMART Goal Setting Methodology


>Recognizing Procrastination and How it Works

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File: 1596677302302.jpg (96.07 KB, 1024x1024, people_from_the_north_by_m….jpg)






File: 1596762416828.png (838.13 KB, 613x800, 6521bbf5a30a05bcc106d07ff5….png)




File: 1596769385004.jpg (165.01 KB, 619x1300, 1568347 - Elsa Frozen Miki….jpg)



File: 1596559563725.jpg (457.23 KB, 1080x1182, Screenshot_20200804-174507….jpg)


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This would make for one hell of a disaster movie

Can't wait for jewlywood to draft a script when they find an amerikaner survivor



File: 1596762144994.png (1.17 MB, 670x945, 444555.PNG)

The east mediterranid phenotype is very gracile yet exhibits robust features at the same time



File: 1596762204686.jpg (205.68 KB, 1302x957, 4445544.jpg)

Reminds me of the apex qt a wee lill



File: 1596767717411.jpg (80.18 KB, 500x626, c9b0d958c27e94eedcaa5aafb2….jpg)


Deez nibbers lived on that trashheap of a vessel for a year apparently kek



File: 1583793513012.jpg (88.83 KB, 600x408, 1345864745862.jpg)

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File: 1596500818526.jpg (140.62 KB, 800x656, real_money_king_dollar.jpg)




File: 1596521260324.png (1.2 MB, 720x960, 7874383ed202ea44cc5d2c3ff9….png)




>>implying I wouldn't fuck that

why does she have two identical remotes?



File: 1596752612091.jpg (13.15 KB, 262x234, 1563139894142.jpg)




File: 1596767015748.jpg (95.44 KB, 960x1280, 1596760131358.jpg)



File: 1596259572913.jpg (38.43 KB, 448x464, 5454.jpg)




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File: 1596494052913.jpg (21.58 KB, 720x306, 116091029_3175856292496001….jpg)



File: 1596498631376.jpg (465.07 KB, 735x750, 1593486552261.jpg)

I laffd





File: 1596575025215.jpg (118.72 KB, 768x1024, 1596573933013.jpg)




File: 1596766916412.jpg (90.44 KB, 800x891, 8818b931b92cc9f16135cb4943….jpg)



File: 1585882151506.jpg (350.44 KB, 1600x1000, 1573954768420.jpg)

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In light of recent developments i thought it prudent to have a thread like this aswell just in case - Share the preps you've already done and the ones you're planning still in this here ITT w/your fellow chonners

It can be anything ranging from buying a few canned goods more than usual to planting seeds/planning a hydroponic setup - As long as it helps you to survive Ragnarök it belongs in this here thread

Member goys; We're all in this ride together heh
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Germanic Prepper uses nail gun for home defense



File: 1596336209458.jpg (23.73 KB, 600x262, AR15 nail gun.jpg)

Kek i remember seeing this way back



File: 1596670978828.jpg (295.73 KB, 1000x707, 1731269 - Elsa Frozen antu….jpg)

>Bank of America: Silver Could Hit $50 "In The Near Term"

Imma cop mahself sum moar o' dat



File: 1596689506323.png (18.02 KB, 499x499, 1517019532350.png)

I have purchased anuddah heckinass 1/2 oz coinerino



File: 1596766641021.jpg (185.66 KB, 768x768, 1596759073686.jpg)

The Ragnarök Bunker Business Is Booming As Global Events Spiral Out Of Control



File: 1596759051720.png (1.61 MB, 1541x860, TARD BREEDER.png)



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>Comments are turned off. Learn more

She qt doe



should I know who these people are?



How nu are u



sorry I'm not into internet celebs because I'm not a 13 year old girl.



File: 1596766311042.jpg (52.26 KB, 331x402, butthurt-faggot.jpg)

Butthurt nufag lel

The guy is a real life disability rights advocate not just an e-celeb


File: 1585833599550.jpg (114.98 KB, 548x492, 1390342696017 (2).jpg)

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Apparently you can change your country for free now on Tinder w/out the need to use a VPN/geolocashun spoofer

Gonna sign up again and git me sum magyaroid matches stat heh
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Wew got almost 60 likes onna okc again all of a sudaaaah



Yet still no dates LOL!



File: 1596683596016.jpg (70.51 KB, 940x1024, 1596663715562.jpg)

NPC bugmen simps will call you incel if you call this out



I have a buddy who actually meets up with girls on tinder. His lines are all so cheesy and look like a middle schooler wrote them filled with emojis. Like
>wow baby *eyes emoji* wish I was laying in bed w u rn *embarrassed emoji*…. wwyd? *devil emoji*

I was shocked. I couldn’t bring myself to do that shit if I wanted to. But he’s getting tinder pussy occasionally and I’m not



I laughed out loud reading that tbh, I don't know how normies do it. Shit makes me want to kms myself.


File: 1596690692967.png (340.14 KB, 600x480, 1588553937053.png)


I think online retail will finally overtake commercial, if it wasn't for walmart we'd probably see it happen already. Driving on my way to work the highways just seem emptier than before this mess. Obviously due to layoffs but i think because of a lot of people working from home. I was talking to a friend online and the idea that a government jobs program is going to probably pop up to re-employee all those laid off like the neo new deal and I had a sickening thought that even then work would be so scarce that we will finally see the sharing of shifts so that you have like a 4 hour workday a day 4 days a week thereby fulfilling the prediction of the early 20th century that by now we would have 15 or so hour workweeks.

What do you think?
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I read on ZeroHedge that restaraunts are shutting down, sounds good imo, they're a waste of money. Fuck retarded consumerism.



Maybe its a bit odd but I am the healthiest and have the highest net worth I've ever had now (~100k due to crypto). Whoever said money doesn't make you happy is trolling LOL! I feel so freakin great when I load up my Blockfolio and think about the cheap house I'm going to buy.



>i'm a normie, i slave for the kikes voluntarily and i'm proud of it!
>please read my vapid, clueless slave opinions about whats going on in the world
you got the spirit, kiddo



Literally the only reason anything will be different is because the kikes shaped it to be. Wuhan Flu has always been and will always be a fucking stupid meme. This dystopian hell we live in is built purely on lies and the mass hysteria of screeching sheep. The fires are not coming quickly enough. God must be dead.



eat my nuts asshole. you read my thread so you can't undo it and i WILL keep shitposting my thoughts on here for your reading displeasure. have a great day #MAGA



Fresh nu historical Infographic Show video

Was Unlucky Titanic Survivor Cursed To Sink Ships?

You would think surviving the sinking of the Titanic you would never step foot on another boat for the rest of your life, but that was not the case for Violet Jessop, who would go on to sail across the sea a number of times, but did the same fate of the Titanic doom her other voyages across the sea? Watch today's video about Violet and you decide if she was cursed to sink any ship she boarded.

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They're literally doing zoomer clickbait vids with random creepypasta shit now lel





>Blackwashed nigger GI's everywhere again
>Military choppers in 1944

God this is awful kek





While the wife may have been a bitch the guy was an absolute retard for entrusting her w/dat info in the first place kek


File: 1596763941422.jpg (1.35 MB, 3000x2002, DSC_2848smile1.jpg)


Faces of 4chon thread?


dont have a pic of ur mum at hand sry LOL


File: 1596322117144.png (365.27 KB, 592x541, 1596306534887.png)


Elon Musk says 'China rocks' while the U.S. is full of 'complacency and entitlement'

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk lamented the “entitled” and “complacent” character of people in the United States, and lauded the “smart” and “hard working people” of China, in the first installment of a three-part interview with Automotive News’ “Daily Drive” podcast published Friday.

“China rocks in my opinion. The energy in China is great. People there – there’s like a lot of smart, hard working people. And they’re really – they’re not entitled, they’re not complacent, whereas I see in the United States increasingly much more complacency and entitlement especially in places like the Bay Area, and L.A. and New York.”

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Probably wouldn't move out there until it was stable and the risk was lower. Also isn't that how indentured servitude worked basically heh



>agree to loans
>get to mars
>society breaks down on earth
>live on mars with no kikes weighing me down
>win forever



Yeah, I'm sure Mr. Goldstein won't be over there forcing you to work like a dog for your oxygen rations or anything.



I'll just push his kike ass into a gorge.



Keep Mars Nigger Free!!


File: 1596341492024.jpg (5.13 KB, 238x212, download.jpg)


redx what were your thoughts on sissy comb prince?



[ - ]



he was cute. I liked him more after he cut his hair tbh.
it made me sad that shit blew up and his mom kept him from his friends… I wonder what he's up to now and what he looks like.

what's the story with this pic?



what's the story with this pic?
It's what he's practicing at 'trade school'.



what was the pic?



File: 1596759930030.jpg (59.46 KB, 331x402, lol-elsahurt.jpg)

*schmäcc schläpp*


File: 1590250882639.png (39.44 KB, 491x553, 435.png)


>Be me just now playan a comfy round of BF1 on a very good amiens server
>britKIKES keep camping on our A flag
>Lotsa spawnkilling from behind etc too
>Some faggot camping onna roof
>I noscope him from there together with a fellow landser
>Faggot falls off le rooferino and almost rite in front of me
>dab on him by doing an extensive teabag as he's forced to endure it thru le killcam

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Mfw this just happened to me again on argonne forest

Ah well the round was dragging on anyways and my room was hot already



That game is like 4 years old

lol boomer



File: 1596748782007.jpg (28.46 KB, 540x722, 1596697722817.jpg)

>Noooo you can't just enjoy well-crafted products you paid money for
>You must purchase the badly manufactured new product about translesbian otherdemikin tag-team-pegging Hitler in WW2



Bf1 was pure zog bread the day it came out. Niggers in ww1 etc



File: 1596759593279.png (662.02 KB, 664x664, 6027f1b241385d5b60eeb0fd9a….png)

The nigger character on the german team (plus the bald lesbian the simp devs added to the splash screen after that russian model visited the studio) is bad yeah, but other than that it's a very decent and non-pozzed game

Compared to the abomination that is BF((v)) it's almost a masterpiece in any case lel


File: 1593496464715.jpg (650.07 KB, 2206x1488, elsa and her crew ready fo….jpg)


Boiling Point - A blogger's thoughts on Ragnarök/the unfolding Irlmaier scenario


Our second Civil War is underway, except only one side is fighting. At first, it seemed like the initial protests against police brutality were spontaneous, but it became immediately obvious political operatives used this incident as an opportunity to inflict their Marxist ideology upon the nation, with the support of left wing media outlets and opportunistic Democrat politicians, who saw this as another opportunity to undermine the Trump presidency.

A decade’s worth of history has happened in the first six months of this year. The next four months are likely to be even more eventful. An election taking place during a civil war has only occurred once in history – 1864. The right has not taken the bait thus far. Whether this is a wise choice is to be determined. If the left continue to purposely destroy cities, ruin the economy, while utilizing mail ballot fraud in winning the presidency and Senate in November, the right will be angry they allowed that to happen.

I don’t see either side accepting the result on November 4. The real violence will get going before the inauguration in January. Martial law and blood being shed in large quantities is now more likely than not. Throw in a resumption of the stock market crash and this Fourth Turning will really intensify. We’ve reached the boiling point and those controlling the temperature are still turning it up.

The resolution is uncertain, but it isn’t looking positive. Defeating the forces of darkness will require courage, strength, hardness, love of liberty, and a certain amount of luck. If you aren’t prepared for what’s coming, then start preparing now.
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File: 1596386568553.png (518.94 KB, 750x748, 1596377726652.png)

Löl heh



File: 1596399608755.jpg (273.68 KB, 1742x680, MOGA.jpg)

>bro you've got to drive two hours into the cities to rescue the liberals that voted and will continue to vote for this shit!1




this seems kind of dumb though. nignogs are still only 15% of the country. they could kill a lot of people but it wouldn't take long for them to be put down.



File: 1596758625062.jpg (75.47 KB, 1024x632, 1596721378454.jpg)


File: 1591367387651.jpg (202.33 KB, 726x708, tJcbEXT1fQlaF2J7oO1eT4Kl_l….jpg)


Fresh nu Bro Nathanael


also rate my OC heh
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I laff at le sheeperinos inna end



File: 1595622495050.jpg (34.13 KB, 640x360, jdhb1QabPyVRWZYaH05WAcOC_6….jpg)

What A Ruthless Leader Can Do




Max JIDF right here folks



File: 1596198524040.jpg (33.03 KB, 640x360, xqc0szDV121K_640x360.jpg)

My Cancel Culture Hit List




File: 1596758171168.jpg (27.93 KB, 640x360, vWMKbSYkJ2iM_640x360.jpg)

The Insulted Majority



Nu CatboiKami
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Wat dis



File: 1596488739234.png (473.8 KB, 793x545, 1578282978031.png)



File: 1596570903004.jpg (304.29 KB, 1241x1422, 1596569627855.jpg)




File: 1596714756914.jpg (1.51 MB, 3264x2448, 1596661711106.jpg)



File: 1596757086425.png (142.92 KB, 392x265, 1583585080174.png)



File: 1586442937501.jpg (33.88 KB, 500x500, 1586373483096.jpg)

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Post more you fucking niggers
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It's almost like there's no point in making a thread because some germ-man retard who talks to himself all day every day for months is just going to slide your thread out of sight before anyone sees it. It's almost like there's no point to replying to any of your shitty threads because, you're such a fucking idiot that even if someone wanted to contribute, you're incapable of holding a conversation anyway.
It's not 'comfy' solely because of you. Comfort is impossible here. You smothered 4chon on it's deathbed and HDV is blind if he can't see that.



File: 1594370017875.png (183.02 KB, 422x472, der untermensch.png)

tldr LOL
take meds






Up fella



Up u go lill feller


File: 1586719695974.jpg (70.76 KB, 632x790, EvolaWave.jpg)

 No.3548[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Hello once again, fellow young progressives and secular humanists.

1. I don't think a rescue ship is coming

Early on when this website was created (made possible from the beginning only with help from a mysterious stranger) I'd solicited for further assistance-but I don't think we're going to get it. I don't like to keep bothering people or pressing the issue-even if I'm extremely intermittent with it. I estimate that much of the good will we may have had with the remaining diaspora community more or less evaporated within hours of the site going live in its present dilapidated state.

2. Dead bort

It's no secret that the competition for people's social media time and attention has never been fiercer-nor have the stakes ever been higher. With reliable software such as Discord and Telegram or websites like Reddit and Ebaum's World being supported by armies of experienced developers and financed by Ch*nese venture capital, it is a difficult time for imageboards in general. The only option forward for 4chon is to become something competitive with the many alternatives within reason, and to give people a compelling reason to socially distance themselves from the CIA and the CCP as much as possible.

3. Solution

Over a decade ago I had (somewhat successfully) experimented with server-side web development as well as experienced the misery of web design in all its browser-dependent inconsistency, and it seems that time has come again where I will not only have to learn to code to some degree, but will have to further my understanding of the relationship between webhost and client, and all other related subjects in tandem. I have plenty of ideas to modernize and streamline the format that I'm surprised aren't in use yet, and I'm taking more notes all the time.

STI, the lovable fella that he was, had created the venerable and revered "Tinyboard" software over a brisk 5 month period starting in early November of 2010 and ending with a beta release in late March. Even with all of the tools available today and all of the tangentially-related problems solved by developers past and present I doubt I will be able to accomplish a similar feat in anywhere near as expeditious a period-but I will be working towards it. In short, we're stuck with this clunker for quite a while. I am still accepting help and suggestions from trusted lads in this endeavor, but I don't Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1596428850680.jpg (97.49 KB, 669x900, 52e3f4d3e6234b491dc3068171….jpg)

God i love hitler



File: 1596428868369.jpg (1.08 MB, 1100x1801, 651f1b5396ee1629dc3b6fd82b….jpg)

Heil heckin hitlerinodino






File: 1596755085086.jpg (422.9 KB, 1080x1323, 1596721499358.jpg)


>As we became hypersocialized, and society evolved with things like "money" to represent resources, it became possible for physically unfit men to acquire and protect resources through non-physical means. It also became possible for strong men to have shit for resources, because resources were no longer directly tied to their physical fitness as a male

oy vey shut this fucking goy down he knows


File: 1596755343490.jpg (30.44 KB, 270x301, 1572527591899.jpg)

>The way I view it is that you can be safely "beta" up to the "alpha" you have. Women basically are fine with men being providers (beta) up to the point that they judge the guy can get those resources (alpha).
>This is why, if the big, scary, meathead, drug-dealer turns out to be kind of a nice guy, that probably increases his chances with women. If the weird nerdy weak dude does the same thing, people think it's creepy.

Big brained nibber post rite dere heh

Ultimately this is what i'm striving for too



File: 1596755620095.jpg (719.03 KB, 2448x1836, 1569269929073.jpg)

>You really think a bitch that can't decide what to eat can proactively get the man they want? Hell no. They don't even know who that guy is, or how any of it happens.
>YOU have to decide what kind of relationship you're going to have, and be convincing about it. Strictly sex on Tuesday? Cool. Total monogamous devotion with babies in the future? Sure.
>I'll close by saying that any time you are "working on the relationship" you have officially FUCKED UP, because she is now making or remaking the terms. She didn't want to do that.

Words o' wisdom

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