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What are some features that other imageboards or social media software have that you wish 4chon had (besides the bug limitations like file types and size restrictions obviously)-or how about something completely new, huh? I'll start:

Editing: I tend to make grammatical errors a lot in my haste to shit out a post, it's not something I'm proud of but it is something a short period of time to edit a recently created post couldn't fix.

Images: I like how you can just mouse over images on many other sites and it automatically maximizes the image thoughtfully centered in your browser window without interfering with the layout of the page and posts surrounding it.

I also like being able to upload multiple images but would prefer they don't interfere with the flow and layout of the page-I think tw*tter actually does this really well by posting multiple images in a segmented fashion (something like this: https://twitter.com/jmw327/status/1294058496565170176)

Text: I think constraining lines of text from going all the way across the screen wouldn't be a bad idea. I don't think it should be too narrow, but admittedly it seems more comfortable to read something like the text as one writes in the comment input field than that same text is read in the posts themselves, when you have a large, modern American monitor and not the 20 year old Japanese CRTs that the legacy imageboard layout was created for.

In-post pagination is an idea I had which could help with the problem of needing to spam multiple posts to contain your word salad essays. I'm not sure of how I'd want to do this. Literal pages embedded into a post would probably have a high chance of not being read anyway. Maybe large posts could be scrolled through either vertically or horizontally? I don't know, something I'd just thought about in the past.

Content retention: I like how Telegram and facebook have a repository of previously submitted images (in facebook's case I believe it's only cringe animated .gifs that normies use) that can all be summoned more or less at will without the need to upload anything to the server. On an imageboard a feature like that would have to be carefully curated though, and it would necessitate vast storage requirements.

I think that users should be able to have access to aPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1601098292123.jpg (67.37 KB, 758x802, thinkgen bout staff.jpg)

Imagine if Elsa made you undress and then made the room really cold so your peepee shrank and then she laughed at you ha ha


File: 1592708963308.png (57.93 KB, 584x237, blog-feature-smart-173323.png)


Welcome to /edu/, 4chon's one stop shop for all your educational needs!

For the uninitiated, here are some links to get you started on the path to unlocking your full potential. I personally vouch for these tools. You may not see results instantaneously but they do work so long as you apply them without fear.

>SMART Goal Setting Methodology


>Recognizing Procrastination and How it Works

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(sorry, large images and animations over 2mb have to be compressed because of a software issue)


File: 1601129309253.jpg (24.29 KB, 300x100, 47.jpg)


how come pepe has bowling balls for eyeballs?


How cum ur mum has my dicc in her ass LOL



File: 1601144705805.jpg (70.59 KB, 545x377, reaction.jpg)

they're faces saying :o



they look like baby niggers seeing a KFC for the first time



you would know, lmao


File: 1601110769504.png (29.82 KB, 831x652, dg2.png)


I was raided IRL by the feds and they took my latest dogiskriptif updates, i could only upload a previous version of dogiskriptif to the internet. make sure you download the videos and keep it safe.
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Wait, what? You need to go into some detail here, Dog. What went down and what was their reasoning?



I can't keep up with these young whippersnapper memes there too meta



terrorism, but i dindu nuffen



it's a badge of honour for all 4chonners to be raided. i narrowly avoided a partyvan myself for cp.



story time?


File: 1600730802284.jpeg (307.21 KB, 2048x1364, athenakig1.jpeg)


i was lost since 8chan shut down, i followed the 4chon steam group but nobody would talk to me. i kept checking 8kun.top as i assumed the board would end up there. then i joined a kigurumi discord and surfed twitter looking for asian kigs to fap to. then i watched twitch for a time and got banned from my favourite streamer for being a nut. i couldn't use 4chan due to paranoia so i've been on wizchan for the past month. then i started posting 4chon memes there and a kind wizzie mentioned this url.

i feel home again, i had lost a part of me but now it has returned. i love you all.
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what about mounting fattie nolegs on top of an enormous remote control tractor and then using him to crush niggers



File: 1600976135508.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1600x900, EfW3FgEU4AAlO0Z.jpeg)

niggers are sexy though. what about being crushed until unconsiousness between the thighs of an amazon.



your friend smiley posts on mintboard under Waterloo, Ontario



i'm still in touch with smiley. didn't know about that imgboard tho. he mentioned he was looking to join the canadian 4chon farm commune but didn't have contact details.



does olm still come here to 4chon?
last i heard he was living innawoods in canada


File: 1601147974275.jpg (67.2 KB, 1140x798, a jew.jpg)


Jewish Atlanta BLM founder arrested by FBI for embezzling, fraud, tax evasion & money laundering





How many jews are there in the upper echelon of BLM? You /new/smen have to have a list of names.



I just know about that Rosenberg terrorist lady heh



fire the ovens!


File: 1601150610052.jpg (272.83 KB, 1321x1065, kkkat.jpg)


Trump declares open season on whites, KKK & antifa declared terrorist organizations. Any white person can now be accused of terrorism the second they open their mouths about anything or even dare to step outside.


File: 1585675530853.png (25.69 KB, 496x596, gay.png)

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>childrens' networks promoting tranny shit

What the fuck is wrong with these K*KES, huh?
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File: 1600545377292.jpg (7.98 KB, 248x250, 1600489688420.jpg)

heh lol



File: 1600548571282.png (46.58 KB, 800x750, 1600548446252.png)



File: 1600564770532.jpg (34.81 KB, 586x396, gay.jpg)



File: 1600598106914.png (217.65 KB, 1141x499, wikipediasouthernstrategys….png)

>pill me a rundown on "the southern strategy"
Wikipedia has a decent write up on the subject
The screenshot is a funny excerpt that was surprising to find there. A good TLDR maybe



>Random tweet i got redirected to from an RT article
>OP of said tweet (some kind of dumb shitskin bitch) shilling trans shit in the comments

The fuck this shit is everywhere now


File: 1601149099617.jpg (52.44 KB, 399x411, game.jpg)


4chon has a jew problem. Really whats going on is that the jews have a 4chon problem, but thats not our concern.
The jews destroyed the original 4chon because they saw their fog of lies and distraction was no match for our combined brilliance, the jews are petrified that 4chon will take back direct command of the collective unconsciousness and start steering it around towards the correct direction again. In order to prevent that from happening the jews have sent 4chon an incessant flood of soyence, porn, shilling for kike video games and hollywood and other spam.


Yes this is all true, but I feel powerless to stop it. Even now I feel the words "I Frickin' Love Soyence!" imprinting themselves on my brain, and I passed by a bottle of Soylent in the refrigerated goods section of my local grocery store and lingered intently for nearly 15 seconds before I came to my senses.


File: 1588098502620.png (374.1 KB, 954x636, 1587415422035.png)

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>Paid off $7,000 of my $23,000 combined auto and personal loans year over year (with just $17,000 net income)
>Credit score currently over 805 up from 760 or so
>Roughly two more years to go

This is my time, boys. I'm well on my way to paying my dues to (((them))); what kind of trouble can I get into with such unchecked power? Maybe it's finally time I started a business with the kind of low-low APR that only the top 20% goodest of goys are afforded.

>inb4 dark-skinned creditlet butthurt

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I dunno how corona will impact housing prices anyway.



File: 1598556069276.jpg (29.81 KB, 640x360, 0d2111249e28f1ae3ab5b6fcf9….jpg)

After i sold my other coin real fast i wanted to sell the other oz too but i think i'll pull it from the site again and hold onto it

Will likely do a second precious metals inventory and assess how many ounces i actually have + still need



>Was one of the dudes living in the house where he turned the garage into an airbnb? I wouldn't want to live next to people partying and shit (noise, garbage etc).

Yes. And I honestly don't know much about it, but I've never heard that people use AirBnB mainly for partying. I have heard of niggers murdering their hosts though LOL!



Tesla falls 21%, worst single-day loss in its history

Tesla shares tumbled Tuesday, after Elon Musk’s electric vehicle maker was left out of the S&P 500 by the committee that decides on new additions to the index.

Tesla shares closed down 21.06%, making it the worst one-day loss on record. Tuesday’s drop brought the company’s market valuation to $307.7 billion. The stock has been on a tear this year, having risen around 300%, and the company is now worth more than some of the world’s largest automakers, including Toyota and Volkswagen.

On Friday, the S&P 500 Index Committee decided to add e-commerce site Etsy, automatic test equipment maker Teradyne and pharmaceutical firm Catalent to the S&P 500, but stopped short of including Tesla. Some investors had expected Tesla to be included this quarter, after it reported its fourth consecutive quarter of profitability in July.




bump heh



>In the early stages of an industry, it’s common to see that many investments in the industry are carried out as private equity transactions, and the same goes true for the clean meat industry as well. The absolute majority of investment opportunities available in the clean meat industry can be found in the private equity marketplace.

>More often than not, many investors believe that it takes them a fortune to be a private equity investor, and that doors to private companies would only be open to high profile investors. This is often not the case when it comes to emerging technologies, and in fact most emerging companies welcome investments from all types of investors subject to regulatory approvals.

>Mosa Meat, one of the disruptive and leading clean meat producing companies in the world is open for new investments, and the company has made this clear on their corporate website. Any investor who is interested in investing in Mosa Meat can directly contact the company through their website, and this provides investors with the ability to invest in a growing company at the start-up stage


File: 1600315497424.pdf (1.04 MB, 196x300, steinert1988.pdf)


The Illegal Imprisonment Of The Dönitz Cabinet In 1945
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File: 1600317448398.jpg (40.57 KB, 720x892, 1548551620023.jpg)




File: 1600317656840.jpg (38.04 KB, 339x400, 526PX-_1.jpg)

>Vansittartism - a doctrine holding that the conduct of German war leaders from the Franco-Prussian war on has had the wholehearted support of the majority of Germans and that Germany must be demilitarized during a protracted period of occupation and reeducation to insure against her undertaking further wars of conquest.

France literally declared war first in 1870 with the intention to wipe out german statehood forever

It's the textbook definition of a defensive war kek

Frenchoids were so butthurt about their embarassing defeat they started two world wars over it (and look where it got them now, they're 70+% niggerfied lol heh)



>mfw .pdfs work

That's kind of a surprise. As long as they're not over 2mb though I can only presume






That's just autism-speak for geographical territory


File: 1601144707483.jpg (335.7 KB, 900x1348, IMG_2619x.jpg)


I'm pretty clearly the least gay of all the regular posters on this entire board.
This surprises me a bit but is evident from what everyone else posts.

>>muh fitness (LOOK AT THIS GUY'S BODY OMG!!)

>>muh video games and gay azn music videos
>>muh cooming to traps
>>muh elsa spam
>>muh personal vendetta against another poster
>>muh reddit tier soyence videos
>>muh mewing (wtf lol)
>>muh literal blog thread


the only almost non-gay thread in the top 50 of /4chon/ is the one about 3D printed crossbows and even that is kind of queer. do better chon bros.


Fuck off and die



debate me.



Sh-…shut up!



>complains about board being gay
>posts pic of boy
off yourself


File: 1599925364343.jpg (43.49 KB, 554x369, ehang-photo-1.jpg)


Ambulance Drones: EHang Joins Ambular

EHang Holdings has announced that it has been selected to join Ambular, an international project to design the ultimate emergency vehicles: ambulance drones. “Supported by the International Civil Aviation Organization (“ICAO”), the project also seeks to inspire the global aviation community to unleash the potential of eVTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing) aircraft,” says an EHang press release.

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File: 1601131293260.png (257.45 KB, 332x403, LOL soyiencehurt.png)






File: 1601137806055.jpg (209.78 KB, 2048x1435, reddit dystopia.jpg)




U draw that urself or is that from the chans



have you taken the blanda pill lately, anon?


File: 1601093770079.jpg (154.57 KB, 600x800, 1590902357868.jpg)

As a matter of fact, yes.



based, I thought that video was scrubbed from the internets heh



Y would the KIKES scrub they're own propaganda heh



she looks like my ex btw



>blandaa up

Haven't heard that term in a while Damn

AIDS video btw


File: 1600469245708.png (257.78 KB, 500x333, nQGrurF.png)


hitler was a jew
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I know u are but what am i



It was his grandmother, wasn't it?



File: 1601093240456.jpg (62.86 KB, 498x460, another six million.jpg)

>muh holocaust
>muh evil german hitlers oy vey






File: 1601144827550.jpg (104.09 KB, 570x613, il_570xN.322885740.jpg)

and yet there's people that won't admit it smh

hitler judaism denial should be a federal crime


File: 1600487205121.jpg (772.75 KB, 968x1285, 1600426677696.jpg)


The skitzo KIKE is still spamming every single fucking thread on /gm/

When ban
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y u du dis



Because hdfeller won't do his fucking job onna /gm/






saw that angie varona has an onlyfans. but it's trash apparently



File: 1601142104184.png (257.45 KB, 332x403, LOL soyiencehurt.png)


File: 1582403760437.jpg (653.33 KB, 1772x1772, 1582401256580.jpg)

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>Balding men can't look goo-
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File: 1598490574557.jpg (994.48 KB, 2686x3200, 0cab4d7537bb89931b53d31e82….jpg)

Im not gay at all but damn

Imagine being ripped like this and having the ladies drool over ure schwongerino heh



Dude's the same age as me but still has full hair

Im mirin dat heh



File: 1600374964892.jpg (23.46 KB, 400x400, 1583583835383.jpg)




Millenial men lose their hair earlier than any generation before them, germanic scientists find



File: 1601141801921.jpg (388.95 KB, 1051x1406, 1601108556870.jpg)

Aight, so cutting the sides of the head just once a week definitely isn't "cutting it" (see what i did there) if you want to pull off the sleek+smooth buzzcut look

The problem is that the hair on the side basically grows just as fast as regular body hair, which means by thursday you can clearly see the thinning hair on the middle and it doesn't look like a buzzcut anymore at all but rather like a very obvious norwood situation going on

The solution obviously is to keep it trimmed down so that the scalp hair and the hair on the side of the head match up w/each other visually

I don't know how longer 2,5mm will suffice or if the scalp hair regresses any further, if it does then i'll be doing the no-guard comb shave in no time kek

I think 2mm is the smallest guard comb available for any clipper

Anyways imma b getting that exercise and i know i can pull off the look in any case


File: 1601113387906.png (40.51 KB, 1250x607, MIGA.png)




Civic Nationalism Is The Most Powerful Force In The World



See, I told you - the dems

are the real racists.



The Whitest Nationalist AWOO-MAGA KEK Emperor Trump made homosexuality in Botswana a reality.



File: 1601128068378.png (25.08 KB, 1264x721, Eh_SPmnU0AAWhhh.png)

"racism" is a fictitious thought crime that was invented by trotsky for the purpose of accusing and murdering non-jews.



How did they trick cuckservatives into ongoing relentless absolutely fuming support for Bill Clinton (2)? What is their endgame?


File: 1601050154894.jpg (105.65 KB, 1200x595, Squidward.jpg)


I'm going to start mewing. I'm tired of looking like Elmer Fudd from the neck up and this seems to be the only corrective measure with any anecdotal evidence supporting its use. Also Vice said you shouldn't do it because it's for nazi incels (https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/d3medj/mewing-is-the-fringe-orthodontic-technique-taking-over-youtube) and that sounds like nothing short of a ringing endorsement to me.
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Metabolism is some real shit. I run close to 20 miles a week and I still kind of have a beer gut despite basically doing OMAD on my work days too. I just need to get my macros under control; that one meal a day is usually McDonald's and protein paste heh



mewing is for faggots, just eat well done or smoked meat and make your jaw actually work.
eat like your ancestors, have jaw like your ancestors.

chinlets are a post-industrial symptom of a sick jewified society



File: 1601058826902.jpg (30 KB, 650x391, f5f2fa50503871d29ee8a81f72….jpg)

>t. Stevie



I can't afford good food so maybe I'll just chew on a rubber ball instead heh



This post made me reflect on how much of the food we consume is in a semi-liquid state and how indeed, lack of the need to masticate against the resistance of solid foods like a tough steak on a regular basis could have contributed to the current state of chronic chinletism. Meat though it may be, hamburgers, sausage-nor do staples like breads, grains and dairy products-provide much by way of effort in chewing and thus an underdeveloped jaw line may result.


File: 1601136830750.jpg (243.71 KB, 1080x644, Screenshot_20200926-025241….jpg)


Ruh roh


I'm sure it was a total accident.

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