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File: 1593032143225.jpg (128.42 KB, 1068x731, EbOQqV8XYAAoXBa.jpg)


Educating the ignorant by force
Discuss the topic of redpilling the unwilling or unaware directly in the ass unhesitatingly via suppository injection, how is it even done?


File: 1593033396170.jpg (544.07 KB, 880x728, 1592952717832.jpg)

I think the best way is through humor or cute imagery because it subverts people's defenses



Trying to force the kikes at gunpoint to make her a social media influencer was a pretty redpilled brazen attack. People use to rob banks, but influence is more valuable than cash.



God, I wish more people would shoot up youtube.

File: 1592895933133.jpg (150.21 KB, 1024x768, 9993933e027e422a76f3c3c64d….jpg)


One of my dream goals has always been to put together a list of basic knowledge and skills every 4chonner should have in order to be a well rounded imageboard user. I will admit though that I"ve always been weak in the areas such as history and philosophy. What would you add to the list? Keep in mind it should all be introductory so that the prospective chon student doesn't get intimidated.
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LMAO imagine being this retarded.



Sorry, can't hear you over being ordained by the Lord Almighty.





See this is the problem I've always had with the creation of this list and when I ask for suggestions. I don't want it to be a menu of esoteric knowledge that, however interesting, has limited applications but rather real ACTUAL skills. Something I that we can say, yeah I DID that thing. Of course, some philosophy/history/understanding courses are essential but if they are at least keep them down to a limited amount. A key aspect of this curriculum should be that it doesn't bog the student down.

File: 1592935132671.png (457.63 KB, 643x466, J8a7o_vOVJvEs_y_NhTSvManyq….png)


post stuff the (((educational establishment))) doesn't want you to know about
i learned about the long established relationship between the bush and the hinckley families by accident when i was reading charles lindbhergh's diaries. i read that book because i was interested in airplanes and aviation history and because it was over a thousand pages long and only $12 while having been written by a famous aviation expert. the bush hinckley business relationship wasn't a secret back then, it was in the social and business pages of the new york newspapers. later on, when ex-cia boss george bush was vice president because he lost primaries he was supposed to have won, john hinckley jr comes along and shot ronald reagan and nobody in the press made the slightest hint of a mention of the old, documented family relationship.
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I've heard that ethanol burns dirtier than fossil fuels do which is pretty disappointing. One could otherwise believe that using self-replicating plants as fuel would be utopian.



Friendly reminder that steam power never stopped being a quality energy source and that the transition into oil fuel is in no way in improvement but in fact a step backward, if for no other reason than it produces less power.



Pill me on steam power. Doesn't it require way more liquid volume (not that it should matter)? Also isn't it dangerous considering the pressures involved? Or could solar-heated steam vehicles be the future after all? heh



ethanol is an extremely clean burning fuel, its combustion byproducts are water and co2. it fucks up engines because its a very potent solvent, just about anything will dissolve in it, including most nonmetallic engine parts.



whats the heat source to make the steam?

File: 1592810740475.jpg (174.25 KB, 778x588, Screenshot_20200525-025750….jpg)



A folder of information pertaining to fitness


Thank you /fit/izen



>op image
I remember posting about him before he became famous heh

every video he had was like 20k views



What's his deal, huh?



Thats actually not fantano it's some dj

File: 1592766839980.jpeg (159.6 KB, 1010x691, RIP vlad.jpeg)


post cool historical photos itt this thread:

The remains of the Soviet cosmonaut, Vladimir Komarov, after his space capsule crashed after re-entry due to a parachute failure, (1967)



File: 1592769277065.jpg (284.98 KB, 943x960, 1587881174135.jpg)

I've always loved this one, US Soldiers Operation Urgent Fury

Pretty much the height of US military aesthetic.





The height of US military aesthetic is pounding the shit out your enemies while safely seated in a comfy bunker on a different continent. Prosecuting foreign wars with that level of smugness and comfort is much cooler looking than sweating it out dodging charlie's bullets.



File: 1592802808409.png (1.69 MB, 1023x831, Stunlocked.png)



But they look like shit. Just like this board.


Given the circumstances in the world today I feel like this is a topical subject of conversation. Post any youtube videos or infographics on the subject of emergency preparedness and homesteading in this ITT thread
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I'm aware of that one, it will probably disappear eventually though-might want to cross post some of that stuff to this thus-far dead bort instead so that it can ostensibly live forever



If you're in a situation where you need to grow all your own food to survive, then every one else is too, so you don't really need to grow enough to survive on, just enough to lure in desperate thieving landless poorfags who you can shoot for stealing and then eat. Don't eat any niggers though, thats gross.



> it will probably disappear eventually though

Not if i and others keep posting in it heh



Define simple

Like you can do a basic cabin with wooden pallets even there's a couple good tutorials onna jewtube et al



Yeah just something made out of 2x4s or something would likely be adequate idk

File: 1592717902310.jpg (102.29 KB, 960x541, 1568255780055.jpg)


Everyone on this board is fucking stupid, pic related u on right


Where did you get that picture of me heh

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