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File: 1592708490184.jpg (216.99 KB, 812x1024, Krishna by Abhishek Singh.jpg)


What are you guys reading right now? I'm starting on another edition of the Bhagavad Gita, this time with Swami Rama's commentary instead of my usual nigger, Abhinavagupta.

Also first.


Still reading this, it's a damn important book and I'm not even 100 pages in yet heh



File: 1592708760997.jpg (27.83 KB, 300x451, download (1).jpg)




File: 1592709252777.jpg (40.35 KB, 380x499, 515vQGxsnWL._SX378_BO1,204….jpg)

It's pretty boring but I'm running through the A+ preparation guide. I know most of this stuff but it's taking so long because a)i have a bad habit of completion ism and b) it's so fucking long. The formatting is unironically terrible. This book should be half the fucking size.



Is that a programming language? I'm pretty computer illiterate when it goes any deeper than mere usage.



File: 1592710843205.png (78.39 KB, 494x781, Annotation 2020-06-20 2240….png)

god no, it's just some shitty intro cert for the IT world. it's basically the basics of the basics in terms of computer knowledge. there's a copy on libgen, if you're interested in looking at the contents otherwise here's a screen.



when I did A+ it was post codes and jump switches.
I'm old



Just finished The Dawn - Nietzsche. Starting the Gay Science next.

Chamberlain - Foundations of 19th century
Alfred Rosenberg - Myth of the 20th century



File: 1593115743976.jpg (586.91 KB, 1243x1600, k-104.jpg)

I dropped the BG with Sw.Rama's commentary. He managed to stretch out a poem of 700 verses into almost 500 pages of his commentary. Even the first chapter and a half, in which nothing profound happens, he somehow finds a way to ramble about a single verse in which a character is depressed and asks for help, for a couple of pages.

Switching to Shankara's commentary.




that unironically sounds like pale fire lmao

yeah i'll say it i only read it cause of br2049

cells within cells within cells




Is Pale Fire as terrible as it sounds?



I'm 'reading' Bill Bryson 'A Brief History of Nearly Everything' pretty entertaining.
I don't actually read anymore but I listen to audiobooks while I'm driving for work



The poem is great I thought so anyway. Didn't bother reading the rest of it, apparently the rest of the book is just the author breaking down the poem or some shit.



Why do you read this ethnic crap lol



literal poojeet fairy tales

"we wuz aryans an shit"



researching the details of lesser cultures ultimately all goes back to the desire for more and better ethnic jokes



It's a gorgeous poem and each and every verse carries the same potency as Christ in the New Testament. It was composed at the apex of Aryan civilization, teaches the means to supreme enlightenment, advocates a warrior ethos and literally states that mixing the various colors (varna) of people together destroys society.

It's a great read.



>>jewsus = white
>>street shitters = white

the fuck are you saying?



File: 1593411075076.jpg (308.38 KB, 1234x748, 44d5f7046e61dee1c3ebe5b87d….jpg)

Didn't claim Jesus was white, he would have probably been a semite of some shade. Krishna would have been white though, despite his name and traditional artwork of him as blue. Sanskrit is highly related to European languages and those who spoke it migrated to India and conquered the darkies there.

Indra, the main god of the Rig Veda, is literally Thor.
>King of the gods
>God of lightning
>has a fearsome temper
>has a club he uses to smite asura and dravidians
>his beard is always stained with the mead of wisdom (soma)
>known for eating dozens of oxen whole at a time and drinking oceans dry
>fights and slays a gigantic serpent named Vritra

The first thing Indra does when pulling up to the banks of the Ganges river is say "namaste" then he immediately proceeds to slaughter 60,000 dasyus with his army. That's why he has the title Dasyuhan, which means literally "nigger slayer".



Who could play indra in the inevitable biopic

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