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As stated, thread for interesting courses that we are taking or have taken and that we think may be useful for others here. I'll start in the next post.


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Intro class on cryptocurrencies. Taking it cause while I know the rudimentary basics dunno much else about crypto tbqh.




Learnin' how 2 sketch. Trying this once I have finsihed drawabox. REally want to learn to properly draw.

if you don't feel like paying for the feedback, her'es the mega link of the classes




I was tipped off to these "free" classes offered by colleges but I have no idea how to use them (and I probably wouldn't want to anyway heh)


There's a lot of stuff here for you to use heh




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BTW the ImagineFX art magazine app on iPad or iPhone is great, especially now that the entire catalog on sale for $25 instead of the (already extremely reasonable) $50. I've got a thread where I posted some good articles on 8gag you can preview if you'd like.




I poked around this website, it seems that it doesn't host anything itself but rather is an aggregate for free classes currently being given out online, from the usual MOOC providers(i.e. edx/coursera). I would say avoid it and go to the ACTUAL mooc websites though, I don't like things like this that do nothing but repackage others' work.

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