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File: 1593492273857.png (167 KB, 500x525, here-comes-niggers.png)


the population of africa has been doubling every 25 years for he past century


Maybe they've become civilized and they are finally reaping the benefits of modern agricultural techniques



File: 1593493063806.jpg (48.26 KB, 602x346, monsanto african headquart….jpg)



It's slowing down it seems. I rather we're all black 100 years from now than dirty stinking poos though.



>It's slowing down it seems.

Yes because the chineez run the place now lel



File: 1593632102088.png (794.95 KB, 889x848, chinese-nigger-reaction.png)

Its kinda too bad that the racial nationalist government which is finally starting to do something about the nigger problem isn't white. All the bending over backwards and charitable assistance which whites have donated to Africa over the past century or so has clearly not done anyone any good. Africa is as impoverished, dangerous and backwards as ever if not worse and overpopulation has gotten so bad that Africans are teeming out and swarming on other continents. If only Europe and the rest of the west were as redpilled about niggers as the chinks are, we'd all be better off right now. Of course the jews will turn right around and try to ruin China with niggers as soon as it suits them, it'll be interesting to watch and see if the chinks are somehow more resistant to jewish demands for diversity than others are.

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