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This book really wasn't anything special, was it? I get the feeling its success was just piggybacking off the authors fame(Low Quality: Self Help "Books")


Dilbert is overrated to begin with so it's only natural a book would be as well. Might cop it though anyway because it's somewhat relevant to my interests idk heh



You mean download/pirate? I use libgen.



It's been awhile, but I found it pretty entertaining and informative.

>I get the feeling its success was just piggybacking off the authors fame

This is true regardless of the book's quality.



the story of scott adams getting nigger'd off the wb network and his subsequent work with the dilbert cartoon is pretty funny, but in general the guy comes off like a pretty vapid npc goodgoy. he got nigger'd out of possibly millions of dollars and still never went full 1350 (or better), so he seems like kind of a cuck, probably might never reach numbers ranking in the four digit range



He already said why. He's already rich and integrated in the system. It doesn't pay to be a 'dissident', it pays to be a faux-edgy grifter.



I listened to some of the audio book of this and it didnt seem worth continuing. Someone here or on the 8ch board reccomended mark manson's book a while back and that one looked better as far as aelf help books go although the title didnt sound as good.



The guy is obviously really smart and driven, just like Arnold Shwarzernigger, so its advice is kind of shit for that reason.



Is there any similarly-themed books written by mediocre people that teach them to make the most of their mediocrity?



not a book but life in hell by matt groening has a similar tone to the dilbert comics.

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