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We always talk about skills worth learning what's an area of knowledge that will be more or less obsolete in our lifetimes?

I think gasoline car maintanence will be a big one as electric cars take over.


Perhaps the engines but there will still be things like brake pads and the like that need fixing. I do agree that someday the line between auto mechanic and electrician will be blurred significantly heh



>I think gasoline car maintanence will be a big one as electric cars take over.

Can't wait for this meme to die. Be sure to invest in Tesla, so I can laugh my ass of when the over-valued stock starts to drop.



Synthetic gasoline is a thing you know

Once it becomes moar feasible than the one made from dino poop the EV craze will end

I read one EV loading station costs like 10k whereas a gasoline loading station is less den half that



Shitposting will be obsolete in the future since all posts will be shit.

Oh look, we're in the future already.



We've been in this future for close to a decade.



>the line between auto mechanic and electrician will be blurred significantly
this is nearly the case already. i will only consider older vehicles now because i do not want to be bothered with the specifics of auto electronics/sensors and with new model cars it can be cramped and difficult to get hands on things without annoying disassembly.

somewhat related story. friend who moves from remote rural north to remote rural south. took their truck with an improvised block heater to a local garage for a tune up. at first glance garage guy sees heater battery and improvised wiring and immediately says, i'm sorry but we can't work on hybrids here. friend had to explain what was under the hood. garage guy was like, i've heard of those but never seen one up close before.



I honestly think if they made a car that just had basic utilitarian electronics like climate control, turn signals and headlights etc. rather than diagnostic computers, "blue tooth" and all this other stuff it would be very popular if the price was right.



my vehicle made in 09 has wind up windows, manually operated ac, one single keyhole on the drivers door and a manually operated transmission



> a manually operated transmission

Is that considered odd by zoomies? I got my license in 2011 and learned driving cars w/manual transmission

Somehow i think automatic transmission would make it easier for me to get bacc into drivan again heh



I got my dad to sort of teach me how to drive manual a few weeks ago, I might have to try again. Buying a manual transmission basically guarantees your car won't be stolen. They should make manuals mandatory so these FRICKIN' millenials stop using their phones while they drive.



im not a zoomer
ive been using manual vehicles since 05
i would have preferred auto but it's just what was available to buy at the time

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