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File: 1600315497424.pdf (1.04 MB, 196x300, steinert1988.pdf)


The Illegal Imprisonment Of The Dönitz Cabinet In 1945


Since when do .pdfs work here?



File: 1600315723673.jpg (544.11 KB, 1280x800, wallpaper-745680.jpg)

>"(…) convince the Germans of the solidarity of the British, Russians and Americans."
>Tens of millions of savagely murdered civilians
>Whole country bombed to ruins
>Stolen clay
>Stolen patents and scientists out the wazoo

Yeah nice """""solidarity"""" there kek



File: 1600315739190.jpg (51.82 KB, 331x402, annahurt-faggot.jpg)



File: 1600315980406.jpg (120.9 KB, 307x479, staged soviet photo in maj….jpg)

>the Soviet Command considers it necessary to state that it prefers to have business with the German high command and not with the German Government, which actually does not exist, which is recognised by no one as a government, and which in the opinion of the Soviet command should not figure in our documents

Fucking bolshevists with their baseless chutzpah lies and rabulistic slander again

This is what pootinists mindlessly cheer on mind you



What am I butthurt about? I'm serious.



>The time may come when we shall have to set up a German Government to run the German administration for us, but I hope that we ourselves will carefully choose the Government (…)

Literally spelled out by the allies themselves

How people can still claim the FRG to be sovereign with a straight face is beyond me



File: 1600317113121.jpg (115.98 KB, 1261x898, Büropersonal_und_Zivilange….jpg)

>The Anglo-American machine is so cumbersome that except in the broadest outline, our policy towards Germany tends rather to be at the mercy of circumstances than to be consciously shaped.
>Not so however (((Russian))) policy. They have started with the intention of ruining Germany and stripping her of her wealth, her industry and her manpower.
>We are now face to face with the choice, which has for some time been open to us between either agreeing and putting into affect (sic) a joint policy of controlling Germany to our mutual interest, or of building up against the Russians as much of Germany as will follow our lead.
>The Soviet Union, for its part, quickly prepared the ground for the Communist future in Germany. The Pieck-Ulbricht and Ackermann groups were flown to Berlin by the beginning of May 1945.56

The allies fucked up pretty hard back then, they created a frankenstein-tier bastard construct that's neither fully an occupation zone nor fully a state in the process



File: 1600317448398.jpg (40.57 KB, 720x892, 1548551620023.jpg)




File: 1600317656840.jpg (38.04 KB, 339x400, 526PX-_1.jpg)

>Vansittartism - a doctrine holding that the conduct of German war leaders from the Franco-Prussian war on has had the wholehearted support of the majority of Germans and that Germany must be demilitarized during a protracted period of occupation and reeducation to insure against her undertaking further wars of conquest.

France literally declared war first in 1870 with the intention to wipe out german statehood forever

It's the textbook definition of a defensive war kek

Frenchoids were so butthurt about their embarassing defeat they started two world wars over it (and look where it got them now, they're 70+% niggerfied lol heh)



>mfw .pdfs work

That's kind of a surprise. As long as they're not over 2mb though I can only presume






That's just autism-speak for geographical territory



It's an old KC meme you fucking newfag zoomeroid



File: 1601880023012.png (111.36 KB, 300x589, 300px-AnonymousvsNewfagVer….png)

its a newfag meme and you're a newfag




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