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How do we fix the Western education system? The universities are rotten to the core. These schools have never been more bloated, whether we're referring to forcing students to spend exorbitant sums to take classes that have nothing to do with their desired profession or the fact that they're staffed from top to bottom with political dissidents and seditionists with neither the ability nor the intention to teach their students anything of value to begin with. The kind of people who use revolutionary politics as a red herring to distract their students from the role the university they work for will play in their financial malaise for decades to come. The whole system has disgraced and discredited itself and there's no changing it from the inside, it can only be boycott and that-I believe at least-is why they're trying so desperately to integrate university into the "public services" apparatus.

We know things can be better because for many years they were better, the problem is how we get these low-cost, high-standards options back and quickly while accepting the current demographic reality. I have some ideas but I'd like to hear others, as well.


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We take all the kikes and move them to pissrahell LOL



I could spend hours on the subject but the fact of the matter is that you have to kill the easy money sources that allow the undesireables in. I'm not talking about race either but rather the kids of parents that don't care or the kids themselves that don't want to be there. If the student is acting out, and he doesn't care about his welfare or even has the courtesy to care about others and if their parent doesn't care then what's the point of keeping him in?

Of course, you'll get the obvious arguments about this leading to inequalities, true, but the way I see it they make themselves unequal by virtue of choice.



John Gatto is a great read for this topic although I don't think i've ever heard him offer a solution other than "discipline" or something nebulose like that.



Children don't need to be in school until they're 30 years old to learn a profession. Universities are just places where the lazy children of wealthy folks go to be layabouts while pretending that they're working on something important, they aren't educational or research institutions. If universities were 1% as educational as they pretend to be then there would be valuable new knowledge pouring out of those places and technology as a whole would be advancing at a magnificent rate like it was in Hitler's Germany.
Degree mills are just a 4 year sleep away camp and they give certificates to the best behaved children at the end. How on earth does anyone even buy the idea a degree for a school is supposed to be meaningful or impressive if niggers and women can graduate from the school. What value is a certificate of intellectual achievement if it signifies that the holder is mentally equal to niggers and women?



>Children don't need to be in school for 30 years

That's a great point. In fact, I think that's one of the more important topics of discussion when it comes to the failure of the education system. For one thing education at all levels should be 100% legally optional. Many people wouldn't throw their children into these literal prison-like environments if they didn't have to. At a certain age kids can more or less take care of themselves without causing too much trouble. It's extremely interesting how the same people that complain about how work isn't voluntary (even though it is) also think that (((education))) should be compulsory. I wonder why that is?



Well into adulthood I still wish I never went to school. Nothing of value was gained. I could read before kindergarten, because I am not a nigger. I want 13 years of my life back.

I blame the germ-mans, they're responsible for the modern education system after all



it wasn't the germans. the germans are literal rapebabies. the people you want to blame are the prussians.



>hitler is responsible for forcing white americans to go through a couple of decades of judeo brainwashing before they're considered adults in modern society
das rite goys



Imagine simping for Hitler.



Yes, because hitler, as we all know, represented the glorious emprie of prussia who was the leader of the axis allies during ww2.



File: 1593102725560.jpg (26.33 KB, 300x449, WvR.jpg)

>hitler wasn't recreating the german empire



File: 1593179437312.jpg (53.64 KB, 325x402, germanichurt-faggot.jpg)



The only way to salvage higher education in the US is through decentralization. The state won't rescind the Higher Education Act or break up the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac state/bank chimera any time soon, tuition rates at conventional colleges won't fall and people will never stop going broke financially and demoralized spiritually by activist (((professors))) as consequence. The only response to that is mass boycott and mobilizing effective alternatives.

>a group of highschool-aged guys gets together (the "students") to discuss their desired post-secondary subject and elects a delegate they trust as their representative

>the delegate has the hardest and most important job: finding a lecturer or lecturers, paid professionals scouted from pools of existing tradesmen that can not only communicate properly in order to teach but can advise the students on curriculum, reading material and the hardware needed. (for example, for a group of students looking to get into the trade of automotive repair the lecturer will counsel the delegate on the individual pieces of hardware they'll need as well offer advice on seeking out real estate).

>the students fan out to scout for potential real estate, with the sorry state of retail it's a buyer's market for vacant units in malls in particular; they submit this information to the delegate and they decide on the space with the lecturer's counsel

>the delegate procures the real estate, organizes the curriculum with the lecturer and handles the money/student contracts

The lecturers will need to be paid for their services, the real estate will need to be rented and the recommended equipment and/or fixtures will need to be purchased, but I'm confident this direct and decentralized method would save students a lot of money and time by cutting out bullshit no one gives a flying fuck about. Consider a minimal arrangement of 10 students and 1 lecturer. If each student contributed $150 a month for rent that'd be $1,500-enough for quite a substantial space. If each student paid a mere $400 a month for 9-5 access to the lecturer that'd be an honest wage of $48,000, a little over the average for a high school teacher. Plenty.

So under a minimal arrangement students can get vocational training for less than $7,000 a year + a one-time payment for equipment; this number would trend downward depending on the student to lecturer ratio. It should be understood that the lecturer will function as a professional reference for any students that exhibit competency in the chosen subject.



Education in the USA will unironically probably return to a more trade based thing wherein the state will give you the general stuff(i.e. maffs/basic sciences) but your true advanced education will come from large corporations. Pushing us more into the neo-feudal cyberpunk world soibois dream of. If you're unlucky you'll just never get the knowledge and give or take a few dozen generations you'll find that you(as in your progeny) are so far behind that the social disparities will be permanent.

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