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File: 1577760278804.png (1.06 MB, 1614x2190, LeReview.png)



>installing someone else's bitcoin miner on ur pea sea




>discussing a video game trailer that doesn't show any actual gameplay



See >>1679 that part was most likely live footage or only partially staged

It wasn't pre-rendered that's for sure



File: 1579303265198.jpg (189.02 KB, 1200x1200, 1579295627850.jpg)

File: 1572224348367.jpg (464.14 KB, 1194x1000, disappointment.jpg)


Gaymers are copers and the cope only lasts so long through school before you start going crazy from your dick not getting pussy. And it doesn't get easier to get laid as you get older, by your mid twenties you need money or muscles and other things you don't need in your teens. But those are prime gaming years and you'll be young forever.
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ur stealin mah picshur agen



I highly doubt you made that



File: 1578730218281.gif (135.26 KB, 885x948, 1577135640429.gif)

reminds me of myself :(



do you follow this guy?



File: 1579205996073.png (39.97 KB, 1019x640, post modernism.png)




Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN) episode 176: Raid 2020. 11 years ago the Nerd said he might review Raid 2020 in the year 2020, and now that time has come. Raid 2020 is a cyberpunk action game developed and published by Color Dreams AKA Wisdom Tree for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). It was released in 1989. The object is to defeat all the drug dealers, defeat the drug lord Pit Bull, and eradicate drugs from the streets of America. As agent Shadow, the player faces a dystopian future world where moral collapse is inevitable. He is described as representing the last uncorrupted vestiges of law enforcement.
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His recent film reviews are just sad.
>balding James advertises product for a few minutes and hangs out with a bunch of fat bugmen










So dats where dat dere phrase cums from heh

File: 1578175883697.jpg (209.07 KB, 1362x1389, Kyoko Misako.jpg)


River City Girls is an entry in the scrolling beat-'em-up genre in which you play as a pair of conservative European-American girls named Kyoko and Misako fighting their way through a 56%-infested Jewish hyper-capitalist favela to save their alt-right boyfriends Riki and Kunio who have been captured, brainwashed and sexually "tortured" by a pair of sex-starved communist jewish bio-slut whores named Hasebe and Mami. These mischling minxes want nothing more than for the dashing pair of aryan studs to breed their semi-semitic slits in an attempt to de-soy the leftypol bloodline and finalize ZOG's total control over each and every individual's public and private life through the implementation of "not real communism". Like the partial Jews they are Hasebe and Mami observe their machinations from the sidelines throughout the game, occasionally appearing only to mock our leading lady's efforts, while Kyoko and Misako struggle to unravel the mystery until the very end.

Kyoko and Misako must deftly maneuver past 12% of the population committing 50% of the violent crime while searching for clues as to where Riki and Kunio are being held, along the way they learn about the Hyperborean-Atlantean past of River City and how its foundations stand atop the ruins of an ancient aryan society and how it can be made GREAT AGAIN if only Hasebe and Mami are denied their sinister socialist ambitions and the Jewish accelerationists who've unfairly accrued capital through their infiltration of local government are removed from power.

It's not a perfect game: the keyboard controls cannot be changed afaik and, because one button on the controller performs both most attacks and miscellaneous actions there will be frustrating moments where different possibilities overlap and cause mistakes to be made. The writing is pretty hit or miss, occasionally venturing into cringe territory, as is the soundtrack. However, the gameplay is GOOD, redart!

Verdict: River City Girls is WHITE and REDPILLED


If you liked Double Dragon Neon, you'll also probably like-if not love-River City Girls!
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I buy games so I don't know where the cool kids are getting their free sh*t these days. It's also a little overpriced at $30 currently, I'd say it's worth the $20 I paid if you like the genre-but if you can pirate it that's fine too.

>tfw they never made Dragon's Crown for pc




I ain't clickin' dat shih



This is embarrassing I can't believe I'm surrounded by weebs fuck sake time to find another ib tbh






I'm gonna fug your pi-hole heh.



File: 1579116549984.jpg (1.01 MB, 1920x1080, 1579116472518.jpg)

S-shut your pi-hole baka~

File: 1578853694069.jpg (53.56 KB, 474x701, uncot foreskin.jpg)


Uncut Gems (2019) begins with an unusual transition sequence, where we first see a badly injured Ethiopian miner and a mob of fellow Ethiopian miners (lip service is later paid to them being Ethiopian Jews) on the verge of revolting against what looks to be Chinese mine-owners (and/or “It’s all so tiresome”-styled Asian foremen). This distraction allows two rogue miners to chisel out the titular uncut gem (a rock containing multicolored opal gems), so that ultimately, and through a presumed smuggling network, an unscrupulous Jewish jeweler in NYC can sell it and other shiny things to black rappers and superstitious NBA stars with a surfeit of disposable income. As the two miners admire the rock, the camera slowly zooms into one of its luminous opals. We then ‘enter’ the inner world of the gem via gemological photomicrography, allowing us to see the sharp, colorful, and crystalline topology of minerals-inside-minerals. This inner world of the opal then seamlessly transitions into a colonoscopy camera view of the said jeweler’s bowels, with its own fleshy and odious topology.

Whether this unusual opening to a film is simply intended as a smidgen of scatological humor (a Jewish forte) or has some deeper symbolic meaning is open to interpretation, but what is certain is that Uncut Gems is very much a Jewish film, a critical reflection on modern Jewish identity and one of the most self-consciously Jewish films since the Coen Brothers’ A Serious Man (2009)

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Literally all movies are fake



Getting really tired of Adam Sandler's "I'm a god damn kike" movie plot he's been fucking doing for the past decade now.



Oh wow chinkrip already out



He is a kike though, and he doesn't even give a shit about the movies he makes. He just wants to make a piece of crap and pocket all the advertising money he gets for product placement. He can hardly even pretend it's some kind of 'art'. I'm not sure, but that's probably pretty BASED.



God apparently it has a bunch of niggers in it
This just went a bunch of slots down on my backlog rotashun heh


New Resident Evil 3 trailer, fuckers!
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File: 1578713994003.jpg (90.53 KB, 384x500, 61x UOpXKbL.jpg)

Hopefully barbell makes new RE sfm porn based on this LOL



also studio FOW heh



New trailer my nigs




Dhis is looking bretty gud :DDD



Yeah looks good


Dey dun maek em liek dis anymoar heh


Go up feller



Medal of Honor Frontline and the old ps1 games were good, I never played the others but the Jews told me they were shit and I believe them heh

File: 1579030082747.jpg (54.67 KB, 268x402, dude crazy doc lmoa.jpg)


Just finished bingin thru dis here 90s kino

It was pretty watchable overall despite of the fact dose green screens didn't age well at all heh


*sips* eyyuup


Was it kino?
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File: 1578569033833.png (22.77 KB, 595x389, afsfassafasf.PNG)

Here are my lurkan masheen's specs u triple nigger

I just need something portable for trade skool that's not too heavy onna briefcase is all



File: 1578569490551.jpg (497.46 KB, 1600x1128, 1516122436362.jpg)

Fuckin hell that other faggot took his listing offline again before i cud buy it

Now i have to search for a nu offer



moar like lowspicgamer heh



File: 1578738734666.jpg (16.64 KB, 164x198, 1551991105559.jpg)

After sum consideration i've decided to go with another thinkcentre (the last one not only was still bulky af despite being "SFF" but also had crappyass internal graphics), just waiting for dat dere seller to respond to my inquiry now

I had my sights on deez tinyass thinkcentres years ago too but had no idea some of the models were actually capable of playing shit like CSGO or WoW better than some of the full-sized/priced desktop ones

When all is said and done the thing would cost me around 130 bucks including shipping and various other fees which is right at the limit i'm willing/able to spend currently but at least i'll get an ultra-portable truly uSFF system capable of actually playing games and whatnot heh. Dude even almost maxxed out the RAM on that build which is nice too

I will most likely switch out the HDD for a cheapo SSD too first thing and spray off de remaining dust if there is any, den throw w7 on there and then it shud b good to go for future deployment inna trade skool. Regardless of dat i will keep the netbook most likely too because it's quite handy to have around indeed



File: 1578771296221.jpg (105.51 KB, 1027x1535, 1578764577076.jpg)

I have successfully placed the highest bid heh

Should arrive from ovah de pond cum february

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