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File: 1602434940544.jpg (23.57 KB, 800x450, NOVA-a-to-Z-chaptershot0.jpg)


I just watched the 1st part of this

It's amazing that germanic egyptians literally invented writing heh

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lol @ ur ghey lief



lol @ ur ghey lief







File: 1602437087974.jpg (363.11 KB, 1786x2560, dude misanthropic quipper.jpg)


Wat u think bout dis here series

I'm a couple EP's into the 2nd season now, it's quite comfy and also funny sometimes - I especially love the character development and that origin story episode (the penultimate one from S01) was pretty damn great too from a writing perspective heh






File: 1602871566884.jpg (29.01 KB, 720x534, 1602788430893.jpg)


LOL househurt



File: 1602572504099.jpeg (7.85 KB, 184x273, download.jpeg)


The ending made me cry so fucking hard bros


File: 1602597252567.png (91.57 KB, 596x1008, 1576827286644.png)

>The ending made me cry so fucking hard bros



Days later and I'm still thinking about it



Never heard of it. The "Green Lantern: the Animated Series" ending gave me a few heckin' feelerinos though heh



Archive is very pro-family pilled



Watch the movie and review it pls

File: 1602675331447.jpg (5.1 KB, 191x264, index.jpg)


Its so scary to me. The scariest thing is that she says "I'm going". That idea of going somewhere really scares me. Or maybe its the loss of self. But I don't think the idea of going anywhere is technically correct (unless it means your senses are "going" away). Because you aren't going anywhere, because you won't exist anymore lol.
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are you talking about disney's tangled (2010)? the "step-mom" did many things wrong. The biggest thing is she is not actually a "step-mom" she kidnapped repunzel at birth and hid her in a tower and lied to her and lived a lie about rapunzel's real family. Every day this ruse went on she lied, held rapunzel in captivity against her will and stole/used her magic hair without consent

how high are you op



Well in the original story Rapunzel's parents sold her to the witch for access to her vegetable garden.



This is more or less what happened in the movie, except in the movie Repunzel's parents are even bigger fuck-ups. The witch offered them a fair trade and then got fucked over because…? There is no moral lesson in that movie. The witch literally did nothing wrong.



It's socialist, anti-free market propaganda!




I literally just watched it and she says both melting and going

File: 1602789943097.jpg (246.85 KB, 1078x912, Screenshot_20201015-202236….jpg)


They've removed tens of thousands of Qanon videos

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The good news is, now that bitchute added better search functionality, I can finally find things on there that aren't just gay conspiracy videos.



Yeah I hope people move over to bitchute and leave YouTube to rot



Without monetary incentives that won't happen. Even for people who just want to upload videos casually, they want to post it where it's more likely to be seen. Bitchute will probably be full of reuploads and copyrighted videos though.



They could perhaps link their patreon in the description of their videos or something



Falling further and further into the end.

File: 1598866221784.jpg (15.29 KB, 182x268, MV5BN2EwM2I5OWMtMGQyMi00Zj….jpg)


>Considered as one of the greatest action films of all time[8][9] and one of the best films of the 2010s

Do you heckin agree?
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If she was such hot shit, why didn't Joe lock her up with the others?



I don't know the story of her childhood. She was taken but I don't know how ImJoe fits in. Based Romero is coming out with a prequel which explores some of this though.



Eh idk i thought it was good but also forgettable, the sequel hook sucked ass also



The streamlined plot makes it more rewatchable. Same with 300 or Predator




I want to like it obviously but it sound shit so far.
Taylor-Joy - hot but can't act
Hemsworth - can't act

File: 1602687443135.jpg (60.63 KB, 1071x253, Screenshot_20200923-173738….jpg)


I'll start, this album is great




Are the Silence of the Lambs movies anti-h'white





Ok good, I was just checking. I kind of like them. I never saw "Red Dragon" though tbh



>hannibal watched his parents killed and sister eaten by le ebil nahzis



Is that a thing? Uhm…cringe?

File: 1602453241237.jpg (98.75 KB, 640x611, 1602434880846.jpg)


When will the heinous toxic blackwashing of germanic characters stop laddos





New Ridley Scott Soyence-Fiction Series, Fuggerinos
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relevant to my interests.



seriously? I post a pic of one of the principal actors in this series and it gets deleted? tf is wrong with ya'll?



File: 1602378059645.jpg (52.26 KB, 331x402, butthurt-faggot.jpg)



File: 1602438265573.jpg (217.4 KB, 1080x1350, 1602269726962.jpg)

Imma need to watch the 2nd and maybe 3rd EP (apparently scott only directed the first two ones) to get a proper handle on this series but here's some quick thoughts onna 1st EP

- The CG was shitty and cheap
- The OST ranged from okayish to actually being good at places
- Visually i would deem it to be mildly enticing if you ignore the bad CG
- Does this take place inna alien universe? The androids there spit white fluid aswell heh
- Why did the irrational cunt villain android thing howl like a wolf? And why the fuck is it so overpowered/can literally levitate and disintegrate matter within seconds and shit
- There's way too much niggers in it
- The exposition, as sperglin noted, seems shallow and pseudointellectual at best. I doubt they're going to fully explain what happened to earff and what those other religionibbers ascribe to

5/10 series overall from what i've seen so far heh



File: 1602439343192.jpg (29.44 KB, 400x401, Winta-McGrath-Career-Films….jpg)

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