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File: 1625093792713.png (10.72 KB, 255x170, 1599925364343.png)


This New eVTOL Will Fly You From Downtown LA to the Beach in 8 Minutes—for the Cost of an Uber

The California company’s new two-person electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, the Maker, will go into production next year, company officials said during a recent webinar. The VTOL is fully electric, with a range of 60 miles and top speed of 150 mph. Electric motors will drive its 12 rotors, including six large, five-bladed propellers and six smaller two-blade rotors. The smaller blades will be used during hovering and transitioning to cruising mode, where Maker flies like a fixed-wing airplane.

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File: 1626199556214.jpg (78.34 KB, 1200x724, GettyImages-1322690402-sca….jpg)

In the not-too-distant future, our skies may be filled not just with jumbo jets rumbling overhead at 35,000 feet, but smaller, unmanned and autonomous aircraft buzzing about, depositing travelers and goods at destinations and homes in a burgeoning ecosystem known as advanced air mobility (AAM).




File: 1626642178487.png (92.46 KB, 500x337, jeep_0.png)

Iconic Wrangler Will Be Able To Drive Underwater, Company Teases



File: 1626743970109.png (491 KB, 752x356, wm.png)

Walmart is applying artificial intelligence to the palletizing of products in its regional distribution centers. I.e., it is replacing thousands of workers with robots.




File: 1626851622012.png (136.91 KB, 500x247, SEMI_0.png)




File: 1627271850838.png (221.98 KB, 500x302, 2021-07-21_12-10-57.png)

Dubai Makes Artificial Rain With Drones That Shock Clouds

File: 1627271582675.png (142.63 KB, 500x281, plgwrning.png)


Colorado Monitoring Literal Plague Activity In At Least 6 Counties After Germanic Child Dies



File: 1627434880534.jpg (115.52 KB, 984x844, what did she mean by this.jpg)

File: 1625094879976.png (12.45 KB, 255x223, 1609570480201.png)


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The jews are really cranking up their weather control/HAARP weapons now






File: 1627200415773.jpg (1.09 MB, 3988x2844, 1627175138468.jpg)

Deez chinks already got a couple gold medals at tokyo

I kneel chairman Pooh…



Fucking crispr chinks



File: 1627271252287.png (331.15 KB, 500x423, 2021-07-23_12-57-12.png)


File: 1625986024845.jpg (41.02 KB, 500x333, 000_96A8U3.jpg)


Say Hello To The Diplo-Taliban

This week (…) a delegation from the Taliban political office went to Moscow essentially to discuss with the Russians the fast-evolving mini-chessboard in northern Afghanistan. The Taliban had been to Moscow four months earlier, along with the extended troika (Russia, US, China, Pakistan) to debate the new Afghan power equation.

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File: 1626916484091.jpg (192.42 KB, 795x799, 73453b90c7970ffdc11fa9efdc….jpg)

>It's ogre



File: 1626925383354.jpg (56.28 KB, 720x866, 1626874979781.jpg)

As US troops are flown out of Afghanistan, the graveyard of great empires is now once again at the center of a battle for Eurasia



File: 1626933936533.jpg (82.2 KB, 480x640, 1626932774991.jpg)



File: 1627264152101.jpg (108.21 KB, 1040x780, 1627195767737.jpg)

US vows to continue airstrikes in Afghanistan, as general insists ‘Taliban victory is not inevitable’



File: 1627270973375.jpg (30.04 KB, 457x604, 1627036852995.jpg)

CIA Chief Says Taliban In "Strongest Military Position Since 2001"

File: 1618309027686.jpg (32.81 KB, 474x355, 1618233336188.jpg)


>Global GPU and semiconductor shortage (thanks to shitcoin mining and US-chink trade war respectively)

Gamingbros… It's over for us…
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File: 1624462165858.png (285.26 KB, 476x476, butthurt-bitch.png)






File: 1625745307279.jpg (11.83 KB, 225x225, b048d363a8df612d013418ec2a….jpg)




File: 1627270877830.png (1.29 MB, 1080x1080, 1627198346079.png)


File: 1625094485732.jpg (384.89 KB, 1578x1114, putinistsexposed.jpg)


Jun 22 - Writing in Hamburg’s Die Zeit newspaper on Tuesday, Putin emphasized the role the Soviets played in liberating European nations from Nazi occupation. The president paid tribute to the soldiers of the Red Army, “who not only defended the independence and dignity of our homeland, but also saved Europe and the world from enslavement.”

He went on to add that the defeat of the Third Reich was also down to “our allies in the anti-Hitler coalition, participants in the Resistance movement, and German anti-fascists who brought our common victory closer.”



File: 1625539460563.png (42.1 KB, 200x113, t_2d01335d98ec4e2ada94dc19….png)

In Bryansk, Perm and Komsomolsk-on-Amur, security forces came for members of two right-wing groups: the National-Revivalist Socialist Russian Party and the Youth Organization Rus. In total, the FSB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs detained about 40 people aged 15 to 18 years. They found weapons, leaflets, and banned literature in their possession. Also in Kirov and other cities. According to investigators, the young people advocated the" expulsion of migrants from Russia", the establishment of a" Nazi system", and also planned to create a radical political structure. In addition, they allegedly called for violence, discussed weapons, were going to attack law enforcement officers and conducted training in the forest. Cases have already been opened against the members of the groups under the article on inciting hatred or enmity.



Refusing to be vaccinated against Covid-19 is a ’sin’ says putinist Russian Orthodox Church



File: 1625718657498.jpg (78.92 KB, 960x588, Dugin-NBP_bunker-1996-e148….jpg)




File: 1625719319072.jpg (205.28 KB, 1080x1028, 944d5a278624a7b716528f8a76….jpg)

"Vladimir Putin goes up on the world stage and tries to act cool and above it all, the reasonable man on a stage of unreasonable people, but everyone listens to his voice and their brain pulls up images of anorexic Botox-faced whores getting double-penetrated – because that is the number one place everyone in the world hears the Russian language."




File: 1627264583881.png (885.15 KB, 794x447, 748806674a19db2c6787533fd3….png)


Thoughts fellas
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Apparently they also made that shitty deathwing gaem which i uninstalled after like 3 missions


The mob spam and game mechanics were even worse in there



Wud've been laff to see deez nibbas ingame



>Judge, jury and executioner
>Judge Dredd-style helmet

I c hwut dey did thar heh



File: 1627197195059.png (13.38 KB, 650x650, 1492814176690.png)

>In especially complex cases, it may take centuries to reach an outcome. A Judge may spend his entire life deliberating, scrutinizing, and trying to fathom out the issues, only to pass his work on, unfinished, for others to continue. Millennia later, though the accused are long dead, a ruling is finally made and justice must be meted out upon the distant descendants and those obscurely associated with the original transgressor.[2]

What the fuck



File: 1627197574916.jpg (343.14 KB, 2970x1769, elsa as warhammer figurine.jpg)


This nibber have a dog named Wotan lol

File: 1625072499321.jpg (44.89 KB, 350x435, az.jpg)


Christ is king
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Unironically, his mom.



File: 1627093351437.jpg (37.52 KB, 375x600, blue-armchair.jpg)






File: 1627169693494.jpg (86.77 KB, 1024x674, 1626959364939.jpg)



File: 1627194486383.jpg (119.49 KB, 1080x1080, 1626628654871.jpg)

File: 1625162351781.jpg (206.39 KB, 536x900, yagoda.jpg)


I fear that the sustained and unreasonable attacks on white people in America may become cyclical and spiral out of control

Germanic Whites are being assaulted on the streets because of their skin color and black activists are trying to eradicate history, as their demands to ‘rehabilitate’ the National Archives from its ‘whiteness’ demonstrate.

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File: 1626302494812.jpg (898.5 KB, 1197x1488, 1582557228498.jpg)

Italian football team has too many damn Italians, The Economist argues, in bizarre racial rambling



File: 1626579792572.gif (204.46 KB, 548x487, DavidDees-holodomor.Gif)

Are Bolshevists Kikes Planning American Holodomor?



File: 1626850708316.jpg (208.45 KB, 800x599, Genrikh-Yagoda-Jewish-chie….jpg)

Arresting the Opposition: The US is descending into full-on neo-bolshevism

Basically, a lot of you people are living in the same level of fantasy as the virus believers. The writing is on the wall. They are coming for you – and they’re not just going to shoot you. This is going to be the stuff of nightmares.




File: 1626851565256.jpg (106.87 KB, 731x960, 4330f3f8157ee99d40e8c7dfb4….jpg)




File: 1627194304370.jpg (431.03 KB, 1821x1318, 1568598726135.jpg)


I laff at le jumpscare running gag

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