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File: 1578392702295.png (1.62 MB, 1197x633, ioKWCOw.png)


I played it when I was 17 in 2007. I downloaded it again (WoW Classic) and played it yesterday just to remind myself what it was like. Kind of hard to imagine why I kept playing it… maybe I was easily amused, it is full of "fetch 6 pairs of grandma's undies from x location and bring them back to me", running simulator style quests. The combat seemed really one-dimensional.

What I remember really liking was the art style and the music. It was really escapist like that… really takes you to another world. And I liked getting on a griffin and then running to the toilet or to make a coffee or something while I was traveling.


Ark Survival is great if you want a similar escapist game btw…



I thought the graphics were charming as well though I only played for a week or so. I've always enjoyed those kind of games more in concept than execution; as much as I'd like to say that this "saved me" I just invested as much or more time into imageboard stuff heh.

The WoW community has some of the best fan artists around (though tbh I wouldn't be surprised if Blizzard hired professionals to make some, if not most of it). From what I remember their entire fanart section on their website was full of exceptionally done artwork, I wonder if it's all still there now that they're "Activision Blizzard"

File: 1578374627481.jpg (1.14 MB, 1488x9492, 1577993425.77629496.jpg)


=W I N T E R       2 0 2 0      A N I M E      S E A S O N ==
what anime r u watching?


de one wer ur mum git fukd in here ass pucci lol



no anime that comes close to a mastepiece like Death Note, no sequel to Code Geass, all this badly drawn slice of life moe shit, cgi

normies have ruined anime



File: 1578376168181.jpg (12.5 KB, 314x314, 1574749649427.jpg)

Made in abyss sequel might be cool. Otherwise what >>1908 said; pretty much everything looks samey and boring.

Whats with all the sports anime?



Isn't there at least one episode of Boku no Hero Academia left? That's what I'm watching. It's rather mediocre and very stale.



>it's literally all Idol / Isekai shit


That one about the airship dragon hunters sounds okay I guess. As I've alluded to in another thread I'm catching up to Dr. Reddit rn and I think it's pretty good. I am also continuing to watch My Hero Academia mostly out of habit at this point, I've just been gradually losing interest in it but not enough to stop apparently heh.

>Somali and the Forest Spirit

Looks like a shitty Ancient Magus Bride knockoff. Also fuck Somalians dawg lmoa

I too enjoyed Death Note, despite it being so heavily dialog oriented it managed to be a very fun show to watch. They really pulled off a unique premise, though I feel it started getting a bit silly towards the end it never really got outright "bad".

File: 1578287075870.png (713.42 KB, 1024x768, codsp-20090107-202707.png)


Man i thought i lost all of muh xfire screenshots when they shut it down jus liek dat but i found some of 'em on an oldass IDE HDD de other dhey heh
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I know u do but what do i



File: 1578369667520.jpg (19.3 KB, 402x302, pot-kettle-black.jpg)



File: 1578374885067.jpg (10.22 KB, 199x253, 1577341314202.jpg)



blablabla, kyss your elf foksy



I will cum in ur ass thotCunTy


Smash dat liek butten if u b rememberin dis


File: 1578375425391.png (30.41 KB, 983x205, was it autism.PNG)

File: 1578361337743.png (285.46 KB, 760x756, 156674134841.png)


I have read just about everything Kurt Vonnegut ever published.
Same for Ernest Hemingway, Mark Train and Rudyard Kipling.


How do u fit ur big brain in your head heh



What makes you believe that people here would give a fuck



Are they BASED or cringe?



File: 1578365276307.jpg (48.74 KB, 700x300, traditional butt hurter.jpg)

illiteracyhurt lol



>Mark Train


Fresh nu RetroManCave fuckers


i don't even know what dis is



Sum kind of early masheen voice generator heh



File: 1578279198236.png (27.44 KB, 1040x940, 1524220736214.png)



God these tech vids are always so comfy, least the ones w/out a thousand hardbaked ads/promotions that is

Fucking apple NPC's ruined the whole industry



This was kino n funnay heh

File: 1578031350687.jpg (60.53 KB, 800x450, kino.jpg)


God this show is comfy af fellers

What's also funny is that 99,9% of all construction workers shown therein are either white dudes or asians

Not a single wahmin or nigger/other shitskin to be seen kek


File: 1578204376873.jpg (240.95 KB, 890x854, 1575406824458.jpg)

>Episode about the atlanta NPCball stadium
>Steelworkers literally start praying before work
>"We ask for your protection and guidance in jacking this steel roof down"
>One guy literally kneeling

What the fuck lel




>an anime girl will never force feed you burritos



I had no idea about any drama surrounding this game, but I pirated it recently, because I heard it was made by one of the devs of the original X-com games. The game started out fun, but it gets tedious quickly. The first thing that I noticed was starting to bother me was the music, it really sucks. Which is sad, because the new XCOM games have good tracks that make you feel like you're in an intense battle, or that danger is right around the corner. The enemies in this game are pretty lame. They're nowhere near as interesting and unique as XCOM's were, and I really don't like their design. They remind me of the uninspired monster things you might see in old NES games, where you look at them and think to yourself, "what the hell is that supposed to be?", as if the devs just threw some shit together because they had no idea what they wanted their enemies to look like. Not to mention that six hours in and I was still facing the same 2 enemies for the most part. Allegedly the monsters in this game are supposed to 'evolve' depending on your play style, but the only change I noticed was that they had more HP.

Mechanics: I think this is the only strong point of this game, they looked at the problems with new XCOM's battle system, and made some interesting tweaks. For starters rather than have a % to hit a target, you get a free aim where you can target different body parts. There's still a chance to hit or miss, but there's a lot more variables. If you are behind cover for example and are hit by a barrage of shots, only a few shots might get absorbed by the cover. In XCOM characters typically have 2 actions, a move action and an action where they are able to use an attack or item, and if you do attack before moving, you don't have the luxury of getting to move afterward. In Phoenix Point the number of turns you have is based on your AP, the farther you move the more AP it costs, and different weapons have a different AP cost to use, and all actions can be done in any order. For abilities, rather than XCOM's cool-down system, everything is dependent on WP(will power). If your WP ever hits 0 you panic, you get WP back for doing things such as killing enemies. This theoretically should make spamming abilities less abusable, but in practice it doesn't, which I will get to later.


Classes: 2/3 are practically worthless before you multi-class them, character classes in this game are not very unique, most skills aren't that useful, and the only major difference is the type of equipment they can wear. The heavy is by far the worst class. They have trash mobility, their weapons suck, and it costs a lot of action points to use. This means they're generally out of range and are almost never able to make a shot. The only way to make a heavy weapon work is to cross-class them with sniper and equip them with sniper gear, but I classed them into assault and just had them bash aliens to death with their weapon. Sniper rifles shouldn't be that bad, because despite the fact that snipers also have trash mobility, they can hit from a farther range, but it's also very difficult for them to get line of sight. A lot of enemies in this game start inside buildings or behind structures. Assaults are a good all rounder class and have by far the best mobility. This is the class I relied on to carry me, as my entire strategy was to get as up close to the enemies as possible and kill them all before they could react, which brings me to the only skill in the game I would consider useful, dash. Dash lets you move at half your full range of movement for the cost of WP instead of AP, and you can spam it for as long as you have WP, which was usually 2 or 3 times a turn in my case. You use it to get close to the enemies, and then you use your AP to kill them all, which will get you your WP back for next turn, so you can repeat the process. There are other classes you can recruit from the other factions, but this was by far the best strategy I could find for what was avail be to me.

Oh and I don't really want to write a paragraph for this, but the technological research is lame and there's no real upgrade path for equipment. From what I could tell everything in this game is meant to be a 'side-grade', as in nothing is supposed to significantly outclass anything else, or that some equipment is meant to be stronger situationally, but what this actually means is that most weapons are useless.

Probably nobody is going to read this, but I had to get these thoughts out anyway heh.






Video games are for nerds LMAO



the free aim looked neat but overall it looked like a mediocre xcom clone heh

kinda this, I really haven't been into them as much as I used to



It's less than mediocre, because I couldn't stomach to play it any longer, even though I wanted to like it and hoped it would get better. That's a pretty good sign the game is trash as strategy RPGs are my favorite genre.

Yes, they're for brain-cripples like me.

File: 1570945819165.jpg (19.3 KB, 474x266, 48.jpg)


Shud i watch this dark meme shit that's being heavily astroshilled on /tv/ ever since it came out, even Sperglin recommends watching it now

Trailer looks passable visually but somehow i think the intended target audiences for this shit are redditor wahmminz and escapism-seeking trannies
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DXM 350mg // DPH 350mg
The hallucinations are stronger than LSD, far more immersive as well.



Why would I need to wear a bird? Is this some weird Skeksis kink?



File: 1578012676043.jpg (591.67 KB, 1950x2050, 3444552 - Brea The_Dark_Cr….jpg)

No its ur mums kink lol



"Ich bin ein echter Gangster: Ich zeige meinen Penis im Internet…!"
(I'm a real gangster: I show my penis on the internet…!)
– Leopold talking about his dick, language: German
"Ich bin ein echter Gangster: Ich habe mal gewichst."
(I'm a real gangster: I already fapped.), language: German
"Es lädt… es lädt… Ich will nicht, dass es lädt! Wenn es lädt… dann… muss man immer so lange WARTEN! HIJAAAAA!"
(It's loading… it's loading… I won't that it's loading! If it loads… then… I must always WAIT so long! HIJAAAAA!)
– Getting anger because of his computer, language: German
"Friss meine geschmolzene Scheiße! Du Hurensohn, ich werd' dich umbringen! Ich werde euch alle TÖÖÖTEN!' JAAAAAAA!"
(Eat my melted shit! You son of a bitch, I'll kill you! I'll kill you ALLLLLL!'YEEEEEEAHH!)
– He has forgotten his ritalin again…, language: German



File: 1578031432971.jpg (125.79 KB, 500x701, tumblr_nd9t80IZg81qdtbipo2….jpg)

>Keanu Reeves: *walks in*
>"Still a better love story than twilight" *winks*
>*drops mic*
>*hits the floor*
>*walks the dinosaur*

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