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File: 1598546629261.png (95.5 KB, 350x197, goy team.png)


So i picked this series up recently and it's basically extremely pozzed ZOG globohomo propaganda

Not even hoaah-core mind you but it has actual hard-left shitlib PC shit in it, like stronk womyn characters casually complaining about male characters being "heteronormative" and the likes

It also ofc features a fuckton of pro-pentagon propaganda (ebul russians supporting gas-killing syrian animals who "enslave the local population for forced labor in chemical weapons factories" kek, also the 4th episode has ebul serbians genociding muslims in bosnia and ""supplying the taliban"", makes a lot of sense kek) which isn't too surprising since they prolly wouldn't have been able to film this w/out US military support

So yeah it's pretty dissapointing but somewhat watchable regardless
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G-d I was considering buying it too (would have been the first such entry in the series I'd purchased since MW2) because of how based it looked, of course they'd do some gay shit like this ffs



File: 1598669723781.png (381.88 KB, 600x596, 1565921948233.png)

When will the persecution of the gamer race finally end?



About to drop this series for good after they introduced a journo character who works for ((vice)) in-universe kek

This is just straight-up 100% globohomo ZOG + SJW tryhard propaganda w/shitty CG and bad writing





File: 1602052258935.png (33.07 KB, 775x318, Screenshot_157.png)


feelsbadman, i have a few good memories from 4chan, but none that are recent


File: 1602089092448.jpg (10.32 KB, 214x255, nerd.jpg)

>He posted on 4chan within the last decade





It helps to have a general on any given board which you can keep coming back to

If you casually browse the other borts onna side 4cuck actually is somewhat enjoyable



Also it's the first IB i lurked back in 06 (duh for most people it was/is) so it'll always be speshul to me heh



hwndu was the last noteworthy thing

can't remember anything else

File: 1601459621410.jpg (16.63 KB, 259x384, Halloween_(1978)_theatrica….jpg)


When did you realize this? I watched this film recently and it bored my pants off. I'm sure reviewers take this stuff into account when they review stuff. So e.g. Halloween from 1978 gets reviewed as if it were a 1978 movie. If it were a 2020 movie it would SUCK big time.
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Nothing says you can't do all three fgt





The shining is ass. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Psycho seemed cool, I came home to my gf half way through it but she caught me up to speed and from what I saw it was pretty good, I'd say it definitely holds up.



the shining (the nicholson one) wasn't shit, you're shit. psycho was groundbreaking but it's really a pretty dull movie except for the shower scene.



File: 1602100630257.png (1.39 MB, 917x688, nietzsche nofap.png)

you're going to honestly say that stanly cubriks the shining wasn't shit? please never post on /gm/ again you buffoon

File: 1601952193541.jpg (245.26 KB, 910x579, Screenshot_20201006-033256….jpg)


Livestream camera setup at the lowest clearance bridge in America, 163 accidents and counting



If you know that it's statistically guaranteed to cause more accidents, is it really the nigger-cattle's fault that they keep crashing into the bridge?



there's a flashing sign.

very entertaining OP. don't see a livestream though



>there's a flashing sign.
Doesn't matter, it's too close to the bridge and it's too high for most people to be looking at while driving. If there are warning signs on the road leading up to it then that's another matter. Regardless, this bridge will kill again and I'm sure the city understands that it's certain to happen. They are ultimately responsible. Blaming careless drivers is very silly when you know careless drivers are inevitable.



when you drive a truck you are doing your job. it's literally your job to see low bridges and know whether or not you can make it under them. these people all suck at their job. you're not allowed to be 'careless' when you drive a large truck.



Yeah I think I misread the post, there's clips of the accidents on the channel though


jewish classics


Isn't the holocaust effectively real if everyone thinks it's real?


Here's Your "Next Gen Console" Bro!

>mfw I literally can't tell the difference and neither can anyone else

This seems like it was a very ill-advised video. Certainly the NEW games will look at least marginally better than their previous gen counterparts, but the fact they're bragging about these rudimentary differences is pretty cringe heh


File: 1601756100269.png (724.13 KB, 1414x1000, 1601734915371.png)

The kikes will never stop milking the soyim



not that i care for capeshit but 30 to 60 fps is not rudimentary in an action game



I was going to say, I made this thread well before I finished the video. Admittedly the fps increase is very significant. Is it worth buying a $500 console for? Maybe not-but this is just a remaster of an existing game. It's interesting that the NVIDIA gpus that were just released have two to three times the processing power as either the new Playstation or Xbox have, but I suppose the fact they're three times the price of the consoles themselves at minimum gives one something to contemplate.

File: 1601771876670.jpg (104.54 KB, 728x1280, e49a61b34c7c4d32d3078581d9….jpg)


are there any machinima reenactment videos of the kenosha shootout yet?


File: 1601252604773.jpg (1.15 MB, 2736x3648, megasoy.jpg)


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File: 1601670291383.jpg (44.89 KB, 544x300, le moa and le eagle.jpg)

He's right though boomer-chan



>Whites who act like KIKES think they're better than Japs who act like Whites



File: 1601682185985.png (360.77 KB, 767x431, mfw niggers.png)

>whites are responsible for turning the world into a high tech utopia for me. i'll just sit back and complain that whites aren't slaving away for me fast enough because i know that i'm personally incapable of contributing anything the help relive the white man's burden



JESUS fuck imagine running around with a "hairline" like this

Men like this are sleazy and have no self-respect, just buzz it all off at that point

I know i fucking will



File: 1601763143252.jpg (92.02 KB, 615x826, hope and change.jpg)

File: 1601711213532.jpg (165.8 KB, 1600x900, dims_resize=2000,2000,shri….jpg)


This is the most pretentious game I've ever seen

What a steaming pile of shit
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In the trailers this game bills itself as a mental illness simulator or something with metric fucktons of schizos' third and fourth personalities coming out of the woodwork to gush about how Senua is "l*terally me". I'm kind of interested in playing it regardless of the almost SJWish impression I get from the way people talk about it-but I wouldn't want to take the time to figure out where to pirate it or pay too much for it either heh



I thought the main character was pretty as fuck. Looks aesthetically pleasing too. That's all I really care about not gonna lie.



Oh, and the woman that they based the character off of has a black boyfriend too whcih makes her based as FUCK



File: 1601756233591.png (245.69 KB, 373x605, germanic ufc.PNG)

Yeah Melina Jürgens is a real norff atlantid qt fo sho


That's not her bf btw, the bigass 2 meter tall shitskin is



couldn't possibly be as bad as yume niki


Crysis Remastered Walkthru
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windows users need a GUI to use a computer, issuing commands by typing them out is far too difficult and technically challenging for them lol



Support isn't that important. Firefox still works fine on windows xp for example, despite being out of support for years.



google/mozilla dropping support for win7 would accelerate the shrinking userbase, pushing other software like games, adobe, fl studio, virtualbox, vlc, etc. to drop win7 support as well by putting vc++ runtime flags that effectively block win7 from running it



you command line fetish niggers are absolute niggers who fetishize cobbling together clusterfuck of abstractions known as *nix shellscripts, but then get mad when someone wants to save even more time with even more complex timesaving abstractions like adobe illustrator
>noooo you cant have interactive graphics that rapidly produce and mutate postscript / svg code by moving cursor noooooo thats bloat



2kliksphilip review

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