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File: 1581704296198.jpg (48.83 KB, 436x600, seehorn fälid af.jpg)


Wat u think bout better call saul

I will binge the last 2 remainan episodes of breaking bad this weekend but in the meantime i've started watchan better call saul along with it and am like halfway thru season 1

Not much happens in this show but it's a comfy ride nonetheless i think, and the footpucci game on that fälid actress playing that there Kim character is spot-on heh
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File: 1583524163851.png (470.3 KB, 966x549, 1583035462554.png)

So i'm at S04 now and it took a big nosedive in quality once kikeflix took over the series, a lot of pointless filler shit to wade thru now and of course they had the deuteragonist sidekick bitch LARP as le stronk womyn with her nervous breakdown out of the blue in the other guys' office aswell now to please the "yasss kween slay" femiturd audience, and the first sex scene was shown aswell which was little cringe



Yeah but the way that old skitzo fuck narc brother killed himself at the end of s03 was pretty out of the blue so it was a major spoiler fo sho



File: 1583878247239.png (64.23 KB, 500x500, 1557714828061.png)

Oh wow nu/tv/ doesn't like the nu season at all it seems liek



File: 1583990894175.png (150.46 KB, 306x294, 1583365432475.png)

>Your honor, my clients were simply exercising their right to self-defense when the defendant attacked them. Need I remind you of the city wide anti dumping ordinance?



File: 1584263174584.jpg (16.07 KB, 560x330, 1584259619037.jpg)

>It's a Mike meticulously dices up chicken breasts and prepares a nice marinade with garlic, paprika and thyme (10 minutes prep in real time, mostly just close up of his hands massaging the meat), takes a sit next to his fridge and waits the whole night by playing card games (20 minutes montage with time lapse effects to highlight sunset and dawn), puts the chicken once it's ready in the morning in a slow cooking crockpot (15 minutes slow motion 360 degrees shot of the crockpot while mariachi music plays in the background), with the final scene being him taking a single bite of the delicious cooked chicken and inaudibly grumbling 'ehh… not hungry today', putting on his iconic black jacket and leaving his apartment, fade to black, produced by Vince Gilligan episode
>It's a Mike's daughter in law asks him to paint his granddaughter's room so Mike goes to home depot store and carefully selects all the best equipment for the job, spends an hour applying tape around wall edges and switches and rigorously applies a first coat of primer after mixing the can appropriately with a stirrer, first doing the corners and edges with a brush then filling in with a roller in a precise W motion, waiting for it to dry then repeating the process for two extra layers, ending scene is Kaylee coming home from school and saying 'grandpa why did you paint it green, I wanted it in pink', Mike grunts and hugs her episode
>It's a Mike does his daily head shaving routine, first opening up his cabinet to pick up his old fashioned Merkur safety razor and loading up an extra sharp Feather blade, applying a classic Proraso pre-shaving oil all over his scalp, whipping a nice, thick lather with his 100% silvertip Edwin Jagger badger from his soap bowl and delicately shaving against the grain and rinsing with hot water after each stroke, then repeating the process alongside the grain, rinsing his head and drying it off with a warm towel and of course applying a Proraso aftershave lotion episode

File: 1584057955716.jpg (17.71 KB, 400x400, h8lp5XDQ.jpg)


Big beefy braphogs make me grow the big dick


File: 1583984930118.jpg (115.93 KB, 960x720, 960x0.jpg)


Kohlpill me on 1917

Will I enjoy it?


Oh sheeeit I meant chonpill

Ignore dat




Faggot lrn2usecatalog

Mods delete this


>Ppl still playan dis

Mkay dis is based


File: 1583957685479.jpg (24.6 KB, 251x240, bc2 (3).jpg)

Sheeit i totes thought i had this on muh steam but the dvd key wuz valid for origin only after all, every time i reinstall this it wants me to put the dvd in

I shud prolly rip the iso some time soon



Dis nigga flying a warthog onna custom map



God this is some ancient shit

Most zoomers deez days were prolly still succlin on deyre mums tittays when PR was in developmint


NIGHT OF THE CONSUMERS: Intense PS1 Styled Retail Horror Game Where Shoppers are VERY Persistent!


File: 1583955464508.jpg (91.46 KB, 593x610, 1512542241450.jpg)

>im consoooomin

File: 1583947549316.jpg (442.94 KB, 1536x688, 6b16ea95c8a14eb3267e9f45f2….jpg)


Sony confirms Horizon Zero Dawn is coming to PC



File: 1583947561563.png (1.11 MB, 1280x720, 56565.png)

Qt germanic face model heh



who honestly gives a fuck about horizon zero dawn, it's the most run-of-the-mill triple AAA game



it looks somewhat kino though

File: 1583943786196.jpg (250.59 KB, 1273x811, 1583916315694.jpg)


BREAKING: Trannypunk polackike devs blackwash female protag


File: 1583943858343.jpg (167.09 KB, 1026x1072, 1583920315787.jpg)

She was definitely white befo', these facial features resemble paleo-atlantid



>face: from cute goth to strong womyn
>new hair color: feminist red
>new skin: mutt
>add piercings because they appeal to the mentally ill
It's absolute trash

File: 1583804731121.jpg (31.5 KB, 284x350, Red_Dead_Redemption_II.jpg)


Im about to buy this here feller since it's still uncracked and i need something exceedingly kino to play to pass the time with

Will i regret buying this lads
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Sheeit apparently i'm completely reliant on Vulkan if i do decide to buy it, i sure as fuck wont switch to botnet10 just to play this

Ah well gonna give it a try most likely, i only had gud experiences w/dat dere key shop inna past after all



File: 1583905835162.png (71.71 KB, 750x400, microsoft-technical-suppor….png)

it's now racist to call out windows 10 shilling on /g/



File: 1583941861194.jpg (9.27 KB, 500x369, 1565738752365.jpg)

Wtf poo jokes are an inherent part of /g/ board culture

Fuckin tranny discord nujanny cabal



I swear to g-d if I ever get the software up to par and 4chon takes off somehow I will never hire mods I haven't known personally for years so long as I draw breath. Fuck normies, fuck trannies and FUCK jannies heh



File: 1583943890113.jpg (34.84 KB, 392x331, 1556170893834.jpg)

Hear hear! A toast!

File: 1580516015474.jpg (192.33 KB, 680x566, duuner.jpg)


How stoked are u fellers for de nu dune reboot

The cast looks good so far, not a single nigger afaik
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go watch more disney star wars



File: 1580619898200.jpg (86.86 KB, 605x692, soytalk.jpg)

>dune is a spiritual experience in the religion of soy



you're the one who's going to watch it, boomer



File: 1583892039656.jpg (4.44 KB, 290x115, 1583880279773.jpg)

It just got CANCELED in my mind heh



File: 1583929031937.png (792.38 KB, 1400x600, spacing_guild.png)

[indistinct grunting] Denis Villeneuve, remedy this situation, restore Liet Kynes, or you will live out your life in a pain amplifier! [indistinct grunting]

File: 1583881279896.jpg (157.48 KB, 690x1022, 1583878597385.jpg)


thinkgen bout watchan dis


Why does every Mark Wahlberg movie look like that heh

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