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File: 1625453338909.jpg (115.66 KB, 1240x697, cuck army.jpg)


ZOG Navy Unit Forced To Take Part In Mandatory 'Diversity Hike' Waving LGBT Flags

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File: 1626749368724.png (1.18 MB, 981x753, 1626743620498.png)



File: 1626998041983.jpg (417.63 KB, 1250x1250, 1626972186074.jpg)

kek lol heh



QRD: The Norwegian Navy had a frigate touted as the first "female led" ship in the navy or whatever, huge press and everything.

Half a year later the fucking thing sails right into a tanker at night and sinks. Media tries to find out if muh powerful womyns were at the helm when it happened, the defense ministry hides the truth more effectively than nuclear secrets and the liberal media labels anyone who tries to get to the bottom of it as nazis.

Safe to say, it was certainly being crewed by female officers when it crashed or they would have never protected the truth of the matter that hard.



File: 1626998733399.jpg (91.47 KB, 713x1024, 1603232728458.jpg)

File: 1625091628851.jpg (83.55 KB, 568x508, Dees_Internet_switch.jpg)


With unilateral censorship of a sitting US president, ((Big Tech)) has proven it’s more powerful than any government

(((Media & Democrats))) are launching second 'war on terror' – against germanic Americans – Glenn Greenwald warns

We will not be SILENCED!’ Trump tweets from official @POTUS account after ban, posts scrubbed within minutes

Twitter PERMANENTLY suspends Trump over how his tweets might be ‘received and interpreted
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File: 1626740284136.jpg (56.34 KB, 619x897, 35d059089f0c3f196c7d849afc….jpg)




Epoch Times Live Panel; defending the constitushen from the jewish rat kikes



File: 1626852745238.jpg (15.84 KB, 480x329, winston smith ministry of ….jpg)

The weirdest thing about the Biden administration tasking itself with the censorship of “disinformation” on social media is that the United States is the hub of a globe-spanning empire that is built upon a foundation of disinformation, maintained by disinformation, and facilitated by disinformation.



File: 1626926028534.png (646.62 KB, 956x484, pentagon satanic.png)

Reports circulating Tuesday reveal that the Pentagon is working with a contractor to track web searches that it describes as indicators of “white supremacy,” citing the phrase “the truth about black lives matter” as one example.




File: 1626996572132.png (838.13 KB, 613x800, 6521bbf5a30a05bcc106d07ff5….png)

Google-owned YouTube is once again flexing more power than world leaders by deleting 15 videos from Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro’s channel over claims of ‘COVID misinformation’.


File: 1626477638593.png (1.89 MB, 1280x720, 2021-07-16_09-29-53.png)


Striking Photos Show Aftermath Of Europe's Devastating Ragnarök Floods

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File: 1626641815964.jpg (351.64 KB, 1280x720, ee24dc91a13a543a614c234326….jpg)

ZOG FRG administration Knew About Impending Floods, But Warnings Failed As Death Toll Climbs



File: 1626851989386.jpg (266.76 KB, 1528x880, d489be4fea841573ef5822eefa….jpg)

Portions of the rail network in Western Europe could be out of service for months or years after massive flooding that has left hundreds dead across a swath of western Germany and Belgium. Rail service has been suspended after the floods that saw rivers running 3 yards higher than previous records in some cases and destroyed homes and businesses.






File: 1626994345040.png (779.31 KB, 580x800, 1626928359808.png)




File: 1626996272762.png (309.67 KB, 500x283, 2021-07-22_07-05-48.png)

China Evacuates Tens Of Thousands As Historic Rainstorms Spread North

Dangerous Floods Hit Towns In Turkey's Eastern Black Sea Region

File: 1626965246160.jpg (188.75 KB, 719x662, Screenshot_20210715-103959….jpg)


>mission timer


>water level



dental plan

File: 1626937647947.jpg (111.9 KB, 767x767, 1626892726344.jpg)


Wat u nibbas think bout dis

>The Dead Space Remake is allegedly being developed by Motive Studios and it is allegedly a single player game inspired by REmake 2. No-one who worked on Dead Space 1, 2, or 3 is involved.
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File: 1626937964865.png (364 KB, 659x623, 1626931093639.png)

hehe… meme



File: 1626937975178.jpg (1.06 MB, 1266x688, 1626893447062.jpg)



File: 1626938100398.png (307.47 KB, 1112x1000, (((EA))).png)



Uh kino



I've been waiting for dis heh

File: 1626922789600.jpg (82.74 KB, 1024x579, 1626909262949.jpg)


>joerobe the tiktok dancing leftist is a pedo


literally who



File: 1626941432019.png (142.26 KB, 593x860, 1626940822336.png)

But he looked like such a good guy!

File: 1592595317599.jpg (47.69 KB, 550x873, a0ff141a12b2e9b45df2e9b829….jpg)

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>Be me just now visitan jewtube
>channel page has been overhauled yet AGAIN and ((they)) added a bunch of premium/monetization bullshit again that nobody wants ("channel memberships" et al what the fuck, after they already encouraged every semi-popular non-thoughtcrime channel w/a regular viewership to shove in these hard-baked sponsor ads earlier)
>My custom page design script which modified the design to fit the prew-jewgle cancer era of youtube is completely useless now again

I'm gonna try and contact the dev of the script if i can but i'm not holding my breath

Fuckin jewgle really is the cancer killin deez tubes smdh
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File: 1625180544740.jpg (116.95 KB, 1024x1024, 1625177352850.jpg)

Ah nvm this YTDLP fork doesn't even have a GUI/is cmd-only

Back to JDL2 it is den heh



Fuckin scihub isn't working anymore fuck



File: 1625909725890.jpg (22.94 KB, 675x217, wtf2.JPG)

Gettin p sick of this always popping up now ngl

I wish there wuz some kind of unblocking script available for deez



File: 1626117043794.png (51.75 KB, 1212x606, 1626054500527.png)

I laff till piss n shidderino



File: 1626936459470.jpg (26.08 KB, 750x515, 1626933038332.jpg)


File: 1624571063052.jpg (146.07 KB, 1152x768, 1624562558001.jpg)


What are ya

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File: 1624909927357.png (153.92 KB, 353x469, 1578853567276.png)

>X4 only 40% off

H'whut a shamerino heh

X wuz one of the earliest actual games i played back when that PC magazine came with it heh

Musta been around 2001 or something



Mite have copped memetide 2 but since it has no story/campaign to speak of i'll pass on dat one 2 heh



File: 1625406710162.png (141.76 KB, 808x675, 0bc799a4c255f94060590a1064….png)




I'd liek 2 play wit dat azn pussay :P



>Pic from '99

She's an old hag now lel

File: 1625122586732.jpg (106.26 KB, 942x1024, 1625077734653.jpg)


5,000 Burgers Per Day: World's First Mega Lab-Grown Meat Factory Opens

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File: 1626915303526.jpeg (118.93 KB, 828x965, 76A48DDE-D703-42C6-8E34-D….jpeg)

Cows need time to be raised and stuff (at least 12 months iirc), as well as grazing areas and whatnot. I think it's a promising technology. Let's face it, Amerigoblins and Anglokikes really don't deserve to take the life of a noble animal like the cow or the cock to sustain themselves, that right will be reserved for the future elite (the 4chon diaspora)



I would rather eat guinea pigs than this literal nigger-cattle feed.



Cows just wander around and raise themselves with basically no human input or costs required. A single ranch will have hundreds of thousands of the things. A single meat processing plant will kill like 5000 cattle a day, making it 5000x as efficient as this dystopian techno-hell.

The "meat" produced by this enterprise will be so unreasonably expensive that it will remain the purview of wealthy urbanite soyboys. The same people who buy Beyond Meat burgers and such, which are also extremely expensive compared to the meat they're suppose to replace.



File: 1626917312348.jpg (110.3 KB, 1160x1369, 1626273766932.jpg)

Also, apparently "Future Meat Technologies" is a venture capital funded tech startup, which means it's almost certainly just a scam that will never turn a profit like 99% of other such businesses.


>it's already on it's fourth funding round

>investors are a bunch of non-entity money laundering firms with cryptic names and no employees or records

Will this company ever make it out of venture capital land and start producing a profit independantly? Maybe, but I wouldn't bet on it.



I want to raise guinea pigs but the person I live with won't let me :<

File: 1626851041059.jpg (142.04 KB, 460x558, 1625595043080.jpg)


After Pushing for Vaginal Overload, The Guardian Calls for Doctor Who to be Canceled

"(…) This is effectively mission accomplished: something that normal men liked is now destroyed.

It’s symbolic of the whole system: everything is punitive. It’s about making you uncomfortable, it’s about taking things away from you. These people in control are sadistic. They are not really trying to build anything. You can look around and see that none of this is going to work – they are flooding our countries with people who hate us and hate each other, they are turning our children over to homosexual pedophiles.

These people hate white men, and they are simply trying to punish us by destroying everything we’ve built, and taking away everything that matters to us. They are petty and vindictive, so this agenda goes all the way to the level of some stupid TV show."



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