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Anyone here play TOS?

I got a key years ago and dabbled around in the starting area for a while but the game was pretty shit back then and there's not even a mainline quest apparently so i stopped playing

But now that GW2 is in subjective decline this nu Skyrim chapter might be a norsepilled MMO alternative, defo going to keep an eye on this heh
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Her mom is half-giant. She is literally called Titanborn. Her voice actress is superb.



Oh and enjoy 90ms from EU to EU. From EU to NA it's even worse.



I was just about to uninstall this game again btw. lol



File: 1582325166629.png (11.98 KB, 177x200, 1551288377550.png)

>Found muh ESO account info again
>The greymoor thing doesn't release until may or something




Dis look kino


Nu tom hanks movie set in ww2 following the exploits of ZOG supply shipping lanes which are being attacked by heroic Kriegsmarine submarine commanders


The Last of Us TV Show In the Works at HBO, likely to feature tons of niggers and demitransomnigender lesbians

File: 1583379917175.jpg (199.09 KB, 1105x1600, FullSizeR.jpg)


should go to doom metal show tonight lads? I'm already late and I think I've missed the band I was gonna go for heh


If you have nothing better to do and don't mind paying full price cover I guess heh



>some years ago
>pay in advance for an emilie autumn show
>somehow vastly confused the start time
>missed almost all of it
>only got to see the last song
Sad times. Did you end up going to your fag concert you FUCKING TURK?



not turkspurgey but I decided no. I could have made it probably if I had remembered about it before the start time, but I also bought a pizza this week and am hoping to go out with friends on the weekend, so I figured I didn't need to spend the money either, ya dig?



File: 1583426266479.png (104.76 KB, 255x258, 1436882606149-2.png)

>willingly want to listen to metal music
>not actually phantasm




File: 1583222222391.png (20.73 KB, 87x81, wew.png)


I'm in this very weird state right now where I'm still addicted to video games but there's almost no games I actually like. No good FPS or MOBA… No MMORPG etc (would probably just play that to greif). Are you looking forward to any FPS, RPGs etc coming out in 2020?
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Battle royale games are AIDS



I agree 100% but Hunt is the one exception I found tbh

>start with a gun and equipment instead of scavenging for 20 minutes like a retard only to get shot in the ass from three football fields away like PUBG

>no five minutes in a lobby plus five more minutes of jumping out of some gay plane or balloon
>npc enemies that break up the monotony of exploration and serve more as a means of getting you to reveal your location to other players than true obstacles (excluding a couple of the harder ones-and the level boss of course)
>player vs player combat is extremely tense because of low-tech hillbilly weaponry and low player durability
>based bayou aesthetic

Probably the only BR game I'd ever conceivably endorse heh, iirc it's still kind of expensive though.



Sounds alright, though the only game that has really got me interested is the re3 remake, though I'm not too happy with nemesis's new mechanics such as the lasou tentacle, also I'm aware that it's a remake and not a remaster but it should be good

Speaking of battle royale games I think minecraft had the right idea with everyone spawning around a ring of chests at the start of the match instead of having chests scattered around the map



Some GOOK almost tricked me into thinking RE3 was coming out today; instead it turns out it's coming out in a month and a half or so. If it's anywhere near as good as the RE2 remake was I'll be quite pleased in either case.



Looked at this post today and have no idea what the fuck I was trying to say. I need to stop posting from my phone as I'm going in and out of consciousness minutes before bed time heh


Dis look kino heh
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File: 1583022307422.png (444.95 KB, 612x567, safaasf.PNG)

God imagine pounding dat dere atlanto-fälid pucci of hers



File: 1583022621403.jpg (180.37 KB, 1080x1350, fälid feetsos.jpg)

She knows eggsactly wut she b doin xD




Im wonderin whether de metro devs gave dem permisshun to show ingame footage of 2033 in this flick



File: 1583096050440.jpg (191.82 KB, 1912x792, (((Radcliffe))).jpg)



Most reddit shit I have ever seen in my life

Ok maybe Mayhem 2017 or Ready or Not 2019 were worse





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Go play tf2 instead csgo is for fratbros



TF2 has even more heinous P2P stuff though, doesn't it?



as far as I remember source still has a decent amount of players, and really good ones at that.



>STI detected




Nope, the only things you pay for are unusuals and weapons skins




He should kill himself.






I'll leave him alone after he kills himself.



I could execute him, but he is no threat anymore. He is essentially castrated.



He's getting his ass kicked on the first level lmao

File: 1583086980881.jpg (27.94 KB, 295x300, Basement_Jaxx_-_Rooty_-_CD….jpg)


What's an album that didn't age well for you?

Basement Jaxx - Rooty was my fucking obsession growing up but now it just seems so fucking corny lol. Similar to a lot of rap i used to listen to. Remember bowwow? Holy fuck. Ironically I love nsync/backstreet boys now when back then I was furious at my sister for constantly playing them. These k-pop boybands ain't got shit on them.
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File: 1583127528675.jpg (19.8 KB, 320x320, drainer bitch.jpg)

used to listen to a lot of metal as a tween/teen
its just all so awful

now in my 30s its cloudrap, future garage, and lofi house
future me is so much cooler holy fuck



based and drainpillt



gorrillaz is stilll good….somewhat…but yeah it's very kiddie like and 00's-core. even plastic beach seem outdated as soon as it hit.



Heh I feel you. I went from metal as a kid to future funk and EDM.



>used to listen to a lot of metal as a tween/teen
its just all so awful
Same. I wonder why.


After almost a year of work and preparation, Blade Devil is finally live! If you like action, adventure, fantasy…. and magical girls, be sure to check it out on Indiegogo!



I told you not to tell anybody, GOSH

I'm so embarrassed~

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