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File: 1583084252619.png (78.17 KB, 480x532, 1583001405355.png)




is he talking about his nuts LMAO.

jk praise Christ



Jesus is a hooked nose Jew, and his worshiper is a nigger. Very accurate portrayal of chirstcuckery.

File: 1582994988018.jpg (223.77 KB, 1080x1080, its-all-so-tiresome.jpg)



They cut Mulan's kiss from the upcoming live action in March because the power the general has over here. Therefore, the kiss was forced onto her from a person with superior power dynamic over her, therefore the kiss wasn't consensual.

Do you agree with this? I mean, after the Harvey Weinstein shit. Any power dynamic between couples are now against the rules.


Like many young adults I have no interest in females or their stupid KIKE bullshit anymore. The Jews literally won, GG no re.



File: 1583008924142.png (41.4 KB, 436x571, Screenshot at 2020-02-29 1….png)

A purge of the nigger-cattle is a good thing. It is a necessary part of a healthy eco-system. The KIKES want to replace Whites, but what they are doing is replacing their role as cattle. If you are not cattle, it is your obligation, your divine right in fact, to fuck women and make babby, so don't give up entirely. Ideally this will act as natural selection that removes the cuck gene from Whites.

An old talking point has always been that non-Whites "don't integrate", but I've come to criticize that stance lately, because America isn't so much a country, and shitskins integrate perfectly as nigger-cattle consumer slaves. They might not be perfect model citizens that live up to the expectations of the White man's higher institutions and law, but they will become 'westernized' and largely abandon their cultural roots likely until a point of instability is reached. Through westernization their birth rate will decline domestically, and internationally nigger births are an artificial bubble that's ready to burst the moment people no longer give a shit about supporting them.

File: 1582957213829.jpg (234.09 KB, 870x1305, 21.jpg)


Anyone reading goblin slayer? I caught up to the latest chapter. Made me have a few questions, she was obviously raped by the goblins. Is she pregnant? And if she is would goblin slayer kill her along with the hellspawn? You could say he would wait until it was pooped out but he's doesn't strike me as one that would do so.


I've only seen the first like uh…seven episodes of the anime or something like that. It's okay I guess. It starts out edgy but then it just kind of devolves into a relatively normal fantasy adventure. The last manga I read was the Promised Neverland until the fan translation became basically inscrutable and Cells at Work #BLACK which I read up to being current with at the time (don't really get the manga bug often so I probably won't be picking that up again for quite a while heh)



I won't lie, I haven't read either of those two but I picked up cells at work. I really like the premise, too much Isekai bullshit these days, it's fucking sickening. Goblin Slayer is alright, less visual on the porn and it does sorta devolve into a generic harem/adventure story but it seems to be picking back up as goblins are learning quicker than they can be put down. Will see how it goes, i'm to invested in it now to drop it. Have you read dungeon meshi, that's another good one.



Kek the haji weeb stoner guy from the other programme which i recommended this to still keeps writing me random schizo messages

File: 1577731501161.jpg (1.03 MB, 1447x2046, fit anime grill.jpg)


What's a good anime I can watch on crunchyroll while I work out heh
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Nevermind it was just an ad for the manga.





Well, that was an interesting read

>chapters 3 and 5 hit a little too close to home heh



File: 1580013707248.jpg (75.29 KB, 640x1047, 25fc528728129b3b43e5e9e608….jpg)

Just two episodes away from finishing this. These niggas straight up got me fucked up with dis shit, off-top heh

>tfw no otter gf



File: 1580013850721.jpg (108.77 KB, 550x624, animuberndschuchteley.jpg)



Konosuba? My autistic cousin (bless his heart) was trying to get me to watch that a few months ago heh. I don't watch anime enough to deal with that Isekai sh*t tbh; America perfected the Isekai genre with Captain N in the early 90s, there's really no need for any more bullshit shows about nerds being trapped in their video games, but they just keep making them for some reason.

That said, I've been watching Hajime no Ippo (https://4anime.to/anime/hajime-no-ippo) again and it holds up really well imho, can't say the same for a lot of the other animes I used to watch. I think one of the reasons it holds up for me is that it has minimal "stupid anime shit" and the characters are at least somewhat grounded in both their appearance and personality. I'm pretty sure it's no less formulaic than other sports anime (a genre which I've largely ignored) but it's got appealing action scenes, endearing characters and a palatable sense of humor.


dis is fuckin funny





File: 1582711810200.gif (1.42 MB, 320x240, rimshot.gif)

clown porn is fucking funny

File: 1582608044031.jpg (69.66 KB, 500x333, stupid wheelchair faggot l….jpg)


what games involve shooting or beating the fuck out of cripples?


Friday the 13th


I had no idea about any drama surrounding this game, but I pirated it recently, because I heard it was made by one of the devs of the original X-com games. The game started out fun, but it gets tedious quickly. The first thing that I noticed was starting to bother me was the music, it really sucks. Which is sad, because the new XCOM games have good tracks that make you feel like you're in an intense battle, or that danger is right around the corner. The enemies in this game are pretty lame. They're nowhere near as interesting and unique as XCOM's were, and I really don't like their design. They remind me of the uninspired monster things you might see in old NES games, where you look at them and think to yourself, "what the hell is that supposed to be?", as if the devs just threw some shit together because they had no idea what they wanted their enemies to look like. Not to mention that six hours in and I was still facing the same 2 enemies for the most part. Allegedly the monsters in this game are supposed to 'evolve' depending on your play style, but the only change I noticed was that they had more HP.

Mechanics: I think this is the only strong point of this game, they looked at the problems with new XCOM's battle system, and made some interesting tweaks. For starters rather than have a % to hit a target, you get a free aim where you can target different body parts. There's still a chance to hit or miss, but there's a lot more variables. If you are behind cover for example and are hit by a barrage of shots, only a few shots might get absorbed by the cover. In XCOM characters typically have 2 actions, a move action and an action where they are able to use an attack or item, and if you do attack before moving, you don't have the luxury of getting to move afterward. In Phoenix Point the number of turns you have is based on your AP, the farther you move the more AP it costs, and different weapons have a different AP cost to use, and all actions can be done in any order. For abilities, rather than XCOM's cool-down system, everything is dependent on WP(will power). If your WP ever hits 0 you panic, you get WP back for doing things such as killing enemies. This theoretically should make spamming abilities less abusable, but in practice it doesn't, which I will get to later.
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Video games are for nerds LMAO



the free aim looked neat but overall it looked like a mediocre xcom clone heh

kinda this, I really haven't been into them as much as I used to



It's less than mediocre, because I couldn't stomach to play it any longer, even though I wanted to like it and hoped it would get better. That's a pretty good sign the game is trash as strategy RPGs are my favorite genre.

Yes, they're for brain-cripples like me.



the nu-com games literally sound like mass effect tho



They're not even remotely similar games to Mass Effect. How do you even come to that conclusion?


This was my first RTS heh

I was like 6 or 7 back den

File: 1582330244994.jpg (125.44 KB, 640x640, grimes-miss-anthropocene-1….jpg)


did I like it?
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If by 'humanity', you mean 'Americans' and 'western women'.



are you implying niggers are human?



you're gonna be so disappointed. kid's just gonna be your average normie and 99.9% cis. and probably a genius.



Intelligence isn't hereditary



iNteLigeNcE isNt hEreDitArY


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