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File: 1615701124040.png (261.6 KB, 1679x558, sfaafafsa.PNG)


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Stop being a little bitch.



File: 1616031286706.jpg (115.92 KB, 900x578, butthurt-bitch02.jpg)



File: 1616031726008.jpg (98.9 KB, 720x475, Screenshot_20210318-013906….jpg)

Interesting idea, the art style is too immature for me though, its giving me 'being nazi for beginners' vibes

Also pic related is prolly some fed trying to harvest doxx or some shit



Also in terms of getting the word out I'd stream this shit on twitch lol



>its text based
Might be cool

File: 1615795722248.jpeg (121.33 KB, 540x800, 1 0FmkthJ5-IyqwnyjqC9JyA.jpeg)


Awesome film lol. Brutal, intense, funny. Funny how I watched the first 5 minutes and could already tell this film had SOUL.


has nothing to do with magic surprisingly






>hey goys, watch this jewish movie, its awesome!

File: 1615761865956.jpg (300.69 KB, 720x687, Screenshot_20210314-224049….jpg)


I'm looking for a band that I found years ago called oral toilet

It was grindcore sounding and it was fucking sick

Any links would be appreciated


I have no idea what you are talking about. Do people make a hobby out of causing confusion with made up bands and music genres these days?



Nah it was just so ridiculous and counter culture I thought it was good

File: 1615596967357.jpg (54.22 KB, 701x468, Screenshot_20210313-005707….jpg)


Disable 1k in audio settings


File: 1615597500242.jpeg (286.74 KB, 1400x1400, Mewtwo_M01.0.0.jpeg)

Lads what if aliens cant breathe in methane that's why theyve not come to earth and also why cows keep getting owned by them and why streetshitters in pakistani worship cows



Like I picture an advanced race as being somewhat delicate compared to use, methane is essentially poisonous to use

Also the whole spacesuit thing is debunked when you consider that at some point you'd want to take a shower


Is this what Roman music actually sounded like?


How the fuck would anyone that's not a time traveler know lel


Me, the guy who's doing "pretty good".


I've been watching his stuff lately as well. His animated stuff is pretty good.



I like it, because it's been awhile since I've seen anything comedy related that wasn't politically-charged shit or terrible referential humor.

File: 1615343764505.jpg (151.55 KB, 500x500, anzu5.jpg)


I'm addicted to yugioh again. I can't even consider it socializing, because I play online. It's all I've done all week. I've even been procrastinating on showers and food. I figured I'd be sick of it by now, but I think I need to quit immediately and not even consider playing games "in moderation". It was such a good year until now.


I don't understand the appeal tbh. I played the game on playstation though and it was kind of fun I guess. IIRC the real game has just gotten more and more silly/broken over the years.



The PS1 games and early seasons of the anime came out before the card game did actually, so they don't even follow the rules properly, but yes for the most there's significant power-creep. Newer cards tend to make older ones obsolete. This isn't always the case though, as sometimes older archetypes get support or cards that were just useless before become relevant in the new meta due to sheer happenstance. If you haven't played it since the early 2000s, you'd probably have a heck of a time trying to figure everything out I imagine.



Didn't know you could play yugioh online heh. The last computerized yugioh game I played was on the ps1.



Konami doesn't like it, because they can't make shekels from it. They even had retarded "remote duels" via webcam for tourneys this past year, where a bunch of people cheated, because they refuse to have a simple software solution.



I had a good time playing a yugioh game on ps1 or 2 as a kid, duelists of the roses or something and also one for the game boy advanced. People still play these card games in bookshops I think at least until they shut things down.

File: 1615153044554.png (419.48 KB, 1534x1163, fczvxy.png)


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File: 1615248051823.png (1.55 MB, 1737x587, 1503768922696.png)



I have a large video game collection that has only greatly appreciated in value over time. Feels pretty good, man. It might be a manchild hobby but it's turned around and ended up a serious investment. At least I'll be able to play Baldur's Gate 2 on PS2 without a tranny character being shoehorned in for no reason as is the case on PC.



I sold almost every game I owned to gamestop for pennies on the dollar.



and now gamestop is worth 6ix million trillion wallstreetbux



File: 1615247991793.jpg (209.57 KB, 1200x1600, 71B-6pfq KL._RI_.jpg)


Watched this the other day

This was some inspirational shit, pacing was pretty awful though as is par for the course w/herzog's stuff


>being surrounded by a bunch of mustard monkeys with rifles

idk, what's it about?



According to the title, he seems to be on a diet. Maybe it inspired the OP to eat healthier.



He's the germanic guy whose biokino christian bale starred in

The one who got shot down over 'nam and tortured innna VC camp


I just found out that mass effect will apparently be getting a new game set in the milky way. Looks like it'll be set at least a few hundred years after the me3 due to just how badly they fucked up the in game universe when they destroyed the relays. Will you guys be playing?

I am very curious to see how they would fix the timeline but to be honest even after all this time Im still extremely pissed/heartbroken over how it ended. Looks like they will set this several hundred years after as well so most of the of people will be dead.

Feels bittersweet man.


Bioware has been shit for almost 20 years.



mass effect IS almost 20 years old lmao.



Coincidence? I think not.

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