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wow this is weird
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I think I remember him saying something about an long, upcoming absence from the internet that up until now never materialized. This isn't the first time he's disappeared for nearly a year, if you remember.



I haven't heard from LF in four months; he hasn't been online. I hope he's okay. I wonder if he's distancing himself from the internet because of something.



>because of something
Are you just saying that or do you know something? WHO'S TRYING TO HARM OUR BOY?



probs got done for some shady closed room cp shit in VRchat



File: 1574879635430.jpg (76.99 KB, 843x1024, butthurt.jpg)

>I miss liberal feline.
>I hope he's okay.


File: 1574798390585.jpg (78.08 KB, 970x728, dQ84Xu8EscDGjuibt7LNRk-970….jpg)


Here's how Stadia's input lag compares to native PC gaming

>When it comes to latency, there is no contest between Stadia and playing on a local PC. The local PC beats Stadia every time. With a local connection, and especially with wired peripherals, you're shaving dozens, maybe hundreds of milliseconds off your input latency; it's a direct connection between your inputs and the game installed on your local machine depending on your connection, so it doesn't take long for your PC to react. Stadia, by contrast, uses a wireless controller connected to your wi-fi to detect your inputs, process them on its remote servers, and then feed the image back through your Chromecast.


tl;dr the Stadia has up to a third of a second of input lag, I haven't read numbers that bad since back in the day playing Counter-Strike on a 56k modem heh, who wants to pay hundreds of dollars for a Netflix like service that has hardware issues this bad and a library of less than 2 dozen games?


b-but OnLive was supposed to revolutionize gaming!

File: 1574531184303.jpg (134.43 KB, 786x872, duel-you-in-yugioh-duel-li….jpg)


I just wanted to be the greatest duelist of all time, but my dreams were shattered as I climbed the rankings only to discover that faggots will intentionally D/C in order to avoid a loss when they're getting owned. The game won't even punish you for this. In order to stay in the top ranks you have to be a cheater, and it isn't even fun anymore heh.


can't say I'm surprised. It's like in cod where kids obsess over their KDR so much they camp in a corner until they get 2 kills and then hide the rest of the match, just to watch a number go up. Ranks and numbers are supposed to encourage you to improve, but they lost sight of that, they just want their number to get bigger so they can feel better, even if they know they've done nothing to deserve it, they'll twist the logic in their minds until the pain of mediocrity goes away



I see what you mean, but at least in an FPS it might be a prerequisite for getting into a clan or something.



I never played the real card game but the old game on playstation 1 was pretty fun. When you're young playing these games their sinister pay-to-win pyramid scheme nature goes right over your head and many people remain spellbound by them well into their 40s and even 50s it seems. With Yugioh, Pokemon, MtG etc. you're playing the same "game" and having the same fun whether you're playing with a $20 deck or a $20,000 deck. In fact, the more expensive a deck is the less fun the game is made, the end goal's logical conclusion being the desire to reduce the whole affair to a single in-game "turn" in your favor.

One good thing at least is that you have an eye for cards that will hold their value or rarer-still increase it over time you won't end up spending a huge sum of money because you can sell them, but I was never a "competitive" player myself savvy enough to spot that sort of thing so I know I spent a ton on booster packs etc.



>booster packs *(for MtG)

File: 1573060566848.png (312.26 KB, 1083x720, butthurt nazis.png)


Why are white male gamers so entitled?
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There's actually a shockingly common belief that reddit is "racist" and "sexist" lmao



vidyas have always been full of this shit le moa i think there were Israelis in the original XCOM



also with the rise of nigger reparasentation the representation of our greatest ally has declined. im unironically okay with this especially those 2013-2015 games that all featured an afrothot. unironically had no problem with this as it reminded me of blaxploitation films






>le mysterious 2~ mb file size limit strikes again

(sorry fam)

File: 1570745379769.jpg (158.84 KB, 1700x956, 1570731713871.jpg)


Wow wtf
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palindrome/dubble digit dubs GET heh!



time GET heh!






Seahorse is a pure celtonordid specimen yes heh



File: 1574522587031.jpg (29.84 KB, 600x432, also_foky.jpg)

LOL pure semenhurt!

*jizz jizz, gargle gargle!*


Did you watch it?


What is even going on with this trailer? It's literally just a collection of scenes that are half a second long. The first movie was shit, anyway.



No butt i watchd ur mum gettin fuckd by niggers last nite LOL



File: 1574042582806.jpeg (14.85 KB, 400x225, LOL-nighurt.jpeg)

LOL niggerhurt!

*slap slap!*



File: 1574132642763.jpg (505.46 KB, 1317x2000, cd93f02w9h121.jpg)

y u do no liek garbage?

File: 1570455675070.jpeg (56.78 KB, 640x621, 07DAE01F-85B9-4483-85D4-2….jpeg)


Is the children's game known as pokemon redpilled?
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File: 1572212446775.jpg (104.24 KB, 720x720, 74231860_2586052491489190_….jpg)




>you will never ash's mom



Gamefreak is creatively castrated. They'll never stop delivering the same shit every gen, just like the shitty Anime where Ash is repeating the same shit in a different region. Completely forgettable.

The community on the other hand delivers rom hacks and fanmade pokemon games. There are some really great ones that not only offer huge maps, rich stories, all pokemon but also mature topics and unique lore. I havent played an official game since DPP and never intend to. Well made fangames give me all I want from the franchise.



People just want to raise pokeyman's and battle their friends.



File: 1573963602419.jpg (126.09 KB, 640x627, image0 (3).jpg)

File: 1573862761623.jpg (63.32 KB, 500x500, 1573858976183.jpg)


>First the fuckin trannycord-esque chat window/group chat overhaul with link censorship and now this

Holy fuckin shit h'wut is valve even doin at dis point
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time palindrome GET heh!



time GET heh!



I'm palindromin ur mums asspucci





File: 1573961150491.jpg (52.42 KB, 331x402, truhttub lol.jpg)

palindrome BUTT hurt!

*slappy slappy, smacky smacky!*

File: 1570501626985.jpg (90.99 KB, 640x960, images444.jpg)


ok this looks epic
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File: 1573854940753.png (108.75 KB, 568x552, 1518529254298.png)

I will prolly watch dis on 2x speed heh



File: 1573888926698.jpg (106.31 KB, 500x375, Daddy Howard Smacks The Me….jpg)

LOL 2x butthurt!

*slap slap!*
*slap slap!*



palindrome GET heh!



time palindrome GET heh!



GET heh!

File: 1573823200165.jpg (28.02 KB, 739x415, Sister Night Watchmen.jpg)


It's been four episodes in and this character literally has no point. The story could still move without her.


The point is that Whitey is evil, idiot!



The whitey is evil storyline has no plotpoint as well so far either. The only things that move the story along are Ozy and Cyberpunk Chinese villainness. The 7th Cavalry are background noise; if Keene turns out to be the seekrit White Supreme Pizza in government that's not much of a plot point either, really.



Why are you pretending like this was made to tell a story though? Jews don't even know how to write stories, the stories they make up for the sake of subversion are extremely silly if you look at them objectively and rely on gullibility, like the compulsive liars we've all met in middle school, and I don't think they can even comprehend the idea of telling a story for entertainment. Whitey is evil, Black womyn are STRONK, and sorosflix wants you to know it. That's it.



And on that note isn't it crazy how the most creatively bankrupt race of people on the planet control the media? Even Bollywood flicks probably have better writing than what these kikes can come up with.

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