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File: 1573400164583.jpg (312.38 KB, 1793x825, 2019.jpg)


Chinks completely steamroll European team in the Finals of the most popular video game competion. Again.
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wtf is league of legends



A game that use to be fun.



Still is.



Never was.



someday it might be


Tells his story
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Fake American German kid



I covered his story last year on 4chon.

I can't find his Burzum track.



I thought Burzum was a Varg band not a genre of music



File: 1572044801922.jpg (383.12 KB, 1570x1178, DUDE what if apartheid but….jpg)


So i started playin dis on my old phenom back in 2017 but it shit the bed during the training mission, recently picked it up from the backlog again and started blastin thru w/de trainer

It's MUCH worse than human revolution imo and that is saying something since HR itself was pretty bad already and stuff

The half czech half nigger thot was killing me too right from the get-go, can't wait for more SJW shit to be thrown at me in muh vidya heh
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Finally done w/dis horrible piece of shit ""game"" kek

God that sucked ass



File: 1573365489947.png (622.3 KB, 818x484, 88778.png)




File: 1573365737618.jpg (212.36 KB, 700x600, god_hand_2_in_3ds_by_moai6….jpg)

LOL gamehurt!



GET heh!



time palindrome GET heh!

File: 1572928004487.jpg (98.04 KB, 607x900, The_King-667267991-large.jpg)


Wow, I've lost all respect for the French after seeing this movie!





Why tho



I still havent gotten round 2 watchin dis yet



Classic smear campaign through movie to get you to dislike something/someone, it's not real though OP get it the fuck together



File: 1573349651104.jpg (25.03 KB, 369x408, 5c50071baa13a992623fd72932….jpg)

Just finishit watchan heh

Everyone knows the kangz n kweenz of yurop were niggers back then though wtf netflix heh

what i also disliked was when the french villain in black armor took his helmet off after he slipped and sed "At last, you truly and finally became The King (2019) presented by Netflix productions"

File: 1573335649096.jpg (9.88 KB, 192x192, 139889.jpg)


Does anyone here wonder about that?

In video games (and dreams) I often experience everything as if it was happening to me. Flying, falling from great heights, escaping and fighting for survival, all has an effect on me.

For example, when my character falls my body literally feels the same as if I'm falling from a diving platform into a swimmingpool. I can even get really high, my body hot, heart pumping, hands almost shaking, it's so weird.

I never find anything useful about that on the net.


I'm not certain about that sort of phenomena myself. One of the oldest memories of "immersion" I remember is occasionally trying to see under low impasses in the FPS game Counter-Strike not by moving my in-game character but by subconsciously dipping my head lower in real life heh

Today I don't typically feel that sensation of immersion in most games but there are a few recent standouts: I really feel the falls from big heights in Destiny 2 for some reason. One of the last games I remember truly feeling exhilaration in general in in in a somewhat obscure "PUBG-like" game with supernatural elements called "Hunt"

Also one time I had a dream about how to get an item in Mega Man X when I was a kid that ended up working when I woke up and that was really cool to me heh



I've had similar experiences with falling in games or dreams but only if I choose to feel it and exaggerate the experience



Oh yeah, in dreams if I fall or something like that I launch myself out of bed like a fuggin' dolphin heh; I don't remember the majority of my dreams so generally I'll just wake up like that out of the blue

File: 1573170177297.jpg (30.64 KB, 900x443, 900x.jpg)




Boy, it looks like Kojima really sold out. I guess he's hanging out with too many KIKES these days. Now MGS3, that was a good game.



Norman Reedus is boomer-core af, it fits pretty well tbheh


New Irreverent ANA (All Nippon Airways) Boring Corporate Website Game, Fuggers!


Revealing Japan’s game culture and innovative history

“Game Chronicle” focuses on the complex world of Japanese games — which draws fans into a whirlwind of excitement and innovation.
Video games are the combined product of creators' imagination and developers’ passion.

Wherever game professionals gather, we find team spirit and tireless dedication to product refinement.

In this feature, we cover four eras of Japanese games (1980s, 1990s, 2000s, 2010s) and 100 topics
— including hardware and software evolution, arcade games, latest e-sports, and Japan’s longtime favorite traditional games.

We’re also exhibiting a “special collection” of events and anecdotes to enrich the history of Japanese games, so site visitors can better enjoy game culture.
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File: 1573048039137.png (1.51 MB, 940x1190, Screen Shot 2019-10-17 at ….png)


the 'correct way to watch Evangelion:
>death & rebirth
>last two episodes
>one hour photo starring robin williams
>End of Evangelion


just watch the show, fam


Is this a psypop?


Without taking a second to even watch the video I will say yes, yes it is

File: 1572595029078.jpg (166.89 KB, 1171x1079, IMG_20191031_181308.jpg)


Why isn't there a modern neopets-like with pepes/apus? Could even integrate crypto. The possibilities are endless.
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That's true, I suppose that's why you alluded to having it funded via crypto



>implying i'm that anon
But sure, I'll take credit for it. Me the l33t h4cker.



i'm a girl btw



No ur not u fib teller



Where exactly is the line drawn on using pepe, anyway? iirc he didn't even make the smug one we all used so I guess it's anything pepe + frog.

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