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File: 1614984442581.png (111.37 KB, 279x325, kinodelay.PNG)


Ah jeez i was looking forward to that one

Good kinos are rare these days


Got nuttin watchable and reasonably short on my backlog either rn

There's some pixar shit like frozen 2, incredibles 2 and svol but i don't feel like watchin CG

Eh looks like i'll need to crack out and skim thru the old /tv/ graphs again but i doubt i'll find something for today



Ah fuck, watchseries also seems to have been taken down

Fuckin dmca kikes



The first one sucked so much ass. NOT KINO!

>pixar shit like frozen 2, incredibles 2

Somehow I feel like you're not trolling

File: 1615128628157.jpg (135.41 KB, 800x981, gunman-chronicles-windows-….jpg)


i found a free download for this game which is a mod for halflife which i already own but was sold as a full game. is there a danger i get vac banned from steam for playing it.


I liked it. Cheesy voice acting, bad graphics etc. but I found a lot to enjoy in it. It also scared the shit out of me on more than one occasion despite the aforementioned. Literally going to see if I can find it and buy it again.



I got it to run with proton. got bored in the training level. might have a look another time. i also installed they hunger 3 and actually had fun for 10 minutes.

File: 1614760766530.jpeg (149.8 KB, 512x640, ab67706c0000bebbb3c16ab63….jpeg)


Any of you listened to mallsoft? Pretty underground based genre
It's like vaporwave except a bit more capitalist


It mainly features ambient sounds of malls and some other music in the background
Hence the name
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Reminds me of my other sleep playlist kek



Metro-ko is its sister genre somewhat

It's more industrial and punchy compared to mallsoft, both genres came out at the same time

Heres a link to some.records


I recommend city survey by 2501 9/10



Metro-ko is essentially urban exploration soundtracks



i was 'in' the /mu/ thread where they came up with this shit

these 'micro-genres' and 'aesthetics' are peak cultural cannibalism for 'the end of history'



They are if they become mainstream and end up diluting or subverting a genre

This is underground so as to not do that which I think is on purpose

File: 1614469788802.jpg (81.56 KB, 828x849, 9Y5UceTS.jpg)


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File: 1614576844912.png (593.38 KB, 564x639, b7b.png)



File: 1614577891821.jpg (417.06 KB, 993x1355, card big Up.jpg)

>she can't set an example for all of them by walking her talk
A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step, my double posting fren.



File: 1614618646592.jpg (122.29 KB, 431x600, Obama early 2008 primaries.jpg)

nigger music is so predictable and artless that a low level AI running on a 486 could probably replace all the nigger "musical artists" and nobody would notice
>muh dik
>bust a cap
>gibs me dat
>*sample of a sample of sample of a sample*



For some reason there's lounge artists out there that keep inserting random MLK speeches and sassy negresses into their tracks too

Dey prolly b blacc themselfs methinks



File: 1614880465769.jpg (935.61 KB, 1435x1779, 1614786893255.jpg)

File: 1613716760261.jpg (50.69 KB, 900x900, the goat.jpg)


The history of Xfire (PBUH) as told by its founders in an exclusive 2020 interview



File: 1613717084679.png (71.59 KB, 300x300, 1574878678252.png)

Heh imma try and checc if deez nibbers saved some of my shit from all the way back in early 2006

Wud b laff ngl



>Soyphone zoomies flood the internet in 2015
>Xfire shuts down
>Dickscord gets released
>I stop giving a shit about conversing with people over IM

Heh it's pottery



Bump so i remember to check the archive for my old shit l8er

File: 1614779562299.jpeg (5.12 KB, 209x241, monya.jpeg)


Please to format when the music post like genre and 0/10 when make the post


Can you provide additional details?



That's actually a good idea but it's also a lot of work heh



post the information you want to post in the name field, subject field or , comment field and stop being a faggot. nobody is going to reinvent the wheel and add improved features to imageboards. people have been trying for two decades and nothing thats been done yet has improved the quality of content available on imageboards.



File: 1614841790364.jpeg (57.45 KB, 1000x667, photo-1589525231707-f2de2….jpeg)

Its I means poster to do

File: 1614187326963.png (1.15 MB, 1342x678, me unironicly.PNG)




File: 1614637378703.png (1.22 MB, 1680x1050, bf1 2021-03-01 23-18-49-75….png)

So this is aiming power… Not bad


I just made this year's GOTY, boys. Should I try to get it green-lit on steam for shits and giggles?
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Never mind! since every node is considered a distinct class, and since every class in the editor has their own functions, I can't even do this LOL! Fuck me.



File: 1614456079508.jpeg (20.61 KB, 750x550, R2e04edb622ff8094d6291987….jpeg)

Forgot pic.



I found a way actually. Will post later if I actually end up making anything decent.



I downloaded a game creator called Construct 2 a few years ago. I wonder how it stacks up to Godot heh.



Even though I hate it, Godot looks significantly better TBH.


Watch this and feel with me
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testin' somethin' rn



Alright let's see if this was hiding in le server the whole time



File: 1614048194656.png (151.88 KB, 540x288, EqHedTPWMAE-xu1.png)

This trollface thing just seems like a reskin on the same memes that have been going around for a while.



File: 1614194668031.png (603.1 KB, 680x663, 1614191584283.png)



File: 1614462489548.jpg (86.04 KB, 1024x926, 1614461222641m.jpg)

File: 1614367006732.jpg (98.85 KB, 1024x1019, 1610641855154.jpg)


After Harry Potter game developer gets trashed for not being SJW enough, it’s clear: We need GAMERGATE 2.0


File: 1614425635475.jpg (40.63 KB, 600x600, orangutan_square.jpg)

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