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Apparently this cheesy boomer comic from the 70s I'd read a couple issues of thanks to my neighbor friend's dad about multi-racial elves killing neanderthals and trolls and doing it etc. is free to read online now. Might be something groovy to read while the quarantine remains in effect heh.

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Just got done watchin dat dere nuest PBS Nova episode about doggerbreh's and their racial triats, shit was kino af
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Half-Life is Back?! Valve Announces Half-Life: Alyx, a "Flagship VR Title"



>No, you're not dreaming, Half Life is actually back! Valve have just announced Half Life: Alyx, a flagship Virtual Reality title which will be fully unveiled this Thursday.


Oh great, you play as the frickin' n*gger ffs heh
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Will it be GOTY lads
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Fresh nu retromancave comfy lurkers

>Restoration of a '90s Apple Powerbook

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Mario theme playing on two credit card masheens

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"What are You Listening to Right Now?"

Old thread: >>75
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why does fattie nolegs even have a twitter? nobody cares about what a stupid cripple has to say.
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The first season of this was much better den de just released 2nd one which i'm two episodes into now but it's basically lackluster af in comparison heh
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Turkish tv shows whiter than American

Why are Turkish tv shows whiter and aesthetically pleasing than American shows?

This is Love 101.

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Upcoming nu gw2 world boss lookin swole af
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I can't stop watching "Oblivion NPC dialogue" videos even though most of them aren't even very good.
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/v/ros… we're going home…
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this is my favorite game
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Will Ferrell Says 'Big Chungus'

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God this looks comfy heh
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Yeah im thinking itll be fuckin kino af
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Gamers psyche

Gaymers are copers and the cope only lasts so long through school before you start going crazy from your dick not getting pussy. And it doesn't get easier to get laid as you get older, by your mid twenties you need money or muscles and other things you don't need in your teens. But those are prime gaming years and you'll be young forever.
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Sperglin reviews the shitlib trainwreck of a series that is Nu-Trek Picard

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>f2p CoD battle royale

Not sure if want heh
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Now that waterfox is botnet shud i install this or issit even moar botnet den WF
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le reddit (hiphopheads sub) and Anthony Fantano are freaking out cause a based coontune rapper had these lines in a song
>And I bet you a Rothschild I get bang for my dollar
>The Synagogue of Satan want me to hang by my collar
the rapper Jay Electronica banged Kate Rothschild. look it up.
literally CUCKING the Rothschild family #BLACKED
now he's into Black Nationalism (Nation of Islam/Five-Percent Nation)
Fantano repeatedly got butthurt about the supposed antisemitism of mentioning the Synagogue of Satan despite the fact that it's just a line from the New Testament in the book of Revelations. New Testament must be anti-Semitic to these reddit kikes then. Fantano gave the album 5/10 when it's really based/10

>Rapper sparks anti-Semitism outcry with Rothschild, ‘synagogue of Satan’ lyrics
>Jay Electronica says he stands behind ‘every single word’ in new album, despite criticism from Jewish radio personality, others
Many Jewish articles being written about this.
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This was a heccin gud germanic docukino rite dere
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Oprah shoots down rumor she was arrested for child sex-trafficking
Oprah Winfrey on Wednesday was forced to deny rumors linked to the far-right QAnon conspiracy theory that she was arrested for her involvement in a child sex-trafficking ring.
“Just got a phone call that my name is trending,” the media mogul tweeted to her 43 million followers. “And being trolled for some awful FAKE thing. It’s NOT TRUE. Haven’t been raided, or arrested.
“Just sanitizing and self distancing with the rest of the world. Stay safe everybody,” she said, referring to the coronavirus pandemic.
A fake story reportedly pushed by QAnon conspiracists went viral Tuesday alleging that Ms. Winfrey had been arrested and that authorities raided her home in Boca Raton, Florida. The fabricated report also implicated other celebrities such as Celine Dion, Madonna, Charles Barkley and Kevin Spacey, Newsweek reported.
“Oprah” and “OPRAH DID WHAT” were among Twitter’s top trending topics in the U.S. after the fake report, NBC News reported.
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New Stellaris DLC released today FUCKERS
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what the hell is up with media celebrities anyway?
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Predator 1987

This film is so good and there's almost nothing else like it
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Wat u think bout better call saul

I will binge the last 2 remainan episodes of breaking bad this weekend but in the meantime i've started watchan better call saul along with it and am like halfway thru season 1

Not much happens in this show but it's a comfy ride nonetheless i think, and the footpucci game on that fälid actress playing that there Kim character is spot-on heh
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Big beefy braphogs make me grow the big dick

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Kohlpill me on 1917

Will I enjoy it?
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>Ppl still playan dis

Mkay dis is based
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NIGHT OF THE CONSUMERS: Intense PS1 Styled Retail Horror Game Where Shoppers are VERY Persistent!
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Sony confirms Horizon Zero Dawn is coming to PC

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BREAKING: Trannypunk polackike devs blackwash female protag
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Im about to buy this here feller since it's still uncracked and i need something exceedingly kino to play to pass the time with

Will i regret buying this lads
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How stoked are u fellers for de nu dune reboot

The cast looks good so far, not a single nigger afaik
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thinkgen bout watchan dis
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Why is the alien/otherworldly entity invasion genre so very kino bros

There's nuffin quite like it, it's my fav genre by far after dystopias in genrel heh
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FPS has been dead to me for years (though I did enjoy HUNT for a bit) but this does look pretty decent tbh
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what does 4chon have to say about voat?
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New MRE Steve Kino, fuckers!
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New Final Fantasy 7 Remake Trailer, Fuggers

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Is anyone else hyped for Stellaris:Federations???
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God this looks epic as fuck
Hopefully the end boss will b genghis khan himself heh
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Don't mindlessly consume games and other media.
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New Resident Evil 3 trailer, fuckers!
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I've just realised most video games have instant sprint when it would take time to get to full speed, since realising this I can't really look at games the same, why don't more games implement the mirrors edge momentum that game was bang on
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Bored in coronibba quarantine? Here are the best epidemic kinos to crank up your panic!

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Anyone here play TOS?

I got a key years ago and dabbled around in the starting area for a while but the game was pretty shit back then and there's not even a mainline quest apparently so i stopped playing

But now that GW2 is in subjective decline this nu Skyrim chapter might be a norsepilled MMO alternative, defo going to keep an eye on this heh
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Nu tom hanks movie set in ww2 following the exploits of ZOG supply shipping lanes which are being attacked by heroic Kriegsmarine submarine commanders
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The Last of Us TV Show In the Works at HBO, likely to feature tons of niggers and demitransomnigender lesbians
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should go to doom metal show tonight lads? I'm already late and I think I've missed the band I was gonna go for heh
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I'm in this very weird state right now where I'm still addicted to video games but there's almost no games I actually like. No good FPS or MOBA… No MMORPG etc (would probably just play that to greif). Are you looking forward to any FPS, RPGs etc coming out in 2020?
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Dis look kino heh
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What's an album that didn't age well for you?

Basement Jaxx - Rooty was my fucking obsession growing up but now it just seems so fucking corny lol. Similar to a lot of rap i used to listen to. Remember bowwow? Holy fuck. Ironically I love nsync/backstreet boys now when back then I was furious at my sister for constantly playing them. These k-pop boybands ain't got shit on them.
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HDV's graphic novel launches

After almost a year of work and preparation, Blade Devil is finally live! If you like action, adventure, fantasy…. and magical girls, be sure to check it out on Indiegogo!

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I started playan thru the shadowkeep quest in destiny 2 and ran into yet another fucking daily bounty timegate, this is the exact reason i took a break from the forsaken quest kek

What shitty game design seriously
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Mulan Gets #MeToo'd


They cut Mulan's kiss from the upcoming live action in March because the power the general has over here. Therefore, the kiss was forced onto her from a person with superior power dynamic over her, therefore the kiss wasn't consensual.

Do you agree with this? I mean, after the Harvey Weinstein shit. Any power dynamic between couples are now against the rules.
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Anyone reading goblin slayer? I caught up to the latest chapter. Made me have a few questions, she was obviously raped by the goblins. Is she pregnant? And if she is would goblin slayer kill her along with the hellspawn? You could say he would wait until it was pooped out but he's doesn't strike me as one that would do so.
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What's a good anime I can watch on crunchyroll while I work out heh
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dis is fuckin funny
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what games involve shooting or beating the fuck out of cripples?
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I had no idea about any drama surrounding this game, but I pirated it recently, because I heard it was made by one of the devs of the original X-com games. The game started out fun, but it gets tedious quickly. The first thing that I noticed was starting to bother me was the music, it really sucks. Which is sad, because the new XCOM games have good tracks that make you feel like you're in an intense battle, or that danger is right around the corner. The enemies in this game are pretty lame. They're nowhere near as interesting and unique as XCOM's were, and I really don't like their design. They remind me of the uninspired monster things you might see in old NES games, where you look at them and think to yourself, "what the hell is that supposed to be?", as if the devs just threw some shit together because they had no idea what they wanted their enemies to look like. Not to mention that six hours in and I was still facing the same 2 enemies for the most part. Allegedly the monsters in this game are supposed to 'evolve' depending on your play style, but the only change I noticed was that they had more HP.

Mechanics: I think this is the only strong point of this game, they looked at the problems with new XCOM's battle system, and made some interesting tweaks. For starters rather than have a % to hit a target, you get a free aim where you can target different body parts. There's still a chance to hit or miss, but there's a lot more variables. If you are behind cover for example and are hit by a barrage of shots, only a few shots might get absorbed by the cover. In XCOM characters typically have 2 actions, a move action and an action where they are able to use an attack or item, and if you do attack before moving, you don't have the luxury of getting to move afterward. In Phoenix Point the number of turns you have is based on your AP, the farther you move the more AP it costs, and different weapons have a different AP cost to use, and all actions can be done in any order. For abilities, rather than XCOM's cool-down system, everything is dependent on WP(will power). If your WP ever hits 0 you panic, you get WP back for doing things such as killing enemies. This theoretically should make spamming abilities less abusable, but in practice it doesn't, which I will get to later.
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This was my first RTS heh

I was like 6 or 7 back den
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grimes nu album

did I like it?
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>Just over a month until a nu vice series airs

Wew laddos
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In-Depth review of nu TwD VR game
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Mkay dis is kino
R: 3 / I: 0
Which one will be moar kino fellers
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U goys think the scene will ever manage to crack de nu CoD MW reboot?

Afaik it's the longest a CoD game has remained uncracked after release so far. Have the DRM jews won?
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I wish far cry would have continued from primal onward in different historically more or less accurate settings w/the corresponding contemporary factions

Like Far Cry Medieval or Far Cry SPQR and shit heh
R: 2 / I: 1

Might have to reinstall dis heh

PlanetSide 2 is getting planet-busting dreadnaughts in one of its biggest updates yet

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Uh hello, based dept?

Windows 7 lives fams

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What's your favorite 8-bit game?

In my case I guess I'd have to give the edge to Mega Man 2. Good soundtrack, character and level designs-and simple but effective gameplay mechanics. It was way easier than the first Mega Man but not so piss-easy you'd just walk through it as an elementary schooler.
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Does anyone actually like "Isekai" animes besides dystopian clown world-raised Japs though?
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Color out of Space

2020s were a mistake

20 mins into this "film" and I've heard more female dialogue than I've read in 3/4 of Lovecrafts stories (as thats how many I've read). I've also never heard a nigger speak in any LC story. The film can only spend 5 minutes on an intro before moving into an implied race mixing scene (pic related)

Please sage this thread and thank you.
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More evidence suggests this leak is Sony’s crazy new PS5 design

The PlayStation 5 launch event could be weeks or months away. We have no idea when it’ll happen at this point, as Sony is yet to say anything. And none of the most recent PS5 rumors and leaks mentioned any details about Sony’s upcoming PS5 announcement. However, one of the leaks we just saw suggested that the PS5 design that someone accidentally discovered last year might be the real thing. Now, a second report that’s focused on the PlayStation 5’s price also included a tiny detail that makes us think this leaked PS5 design might be the real deal.

A Sony patent revelation a few months ago led to more and more developers leaking images like the one that follows below. That’s what the PS5 dev kit console looks like, and that’s what studios have been using for the past few months to create games for the new console. The prototype device packs the same hardware as the final PS5 that will be released ahead of the holidays this year, so that developers can get the full PS5 experience while building their new games.

For a long time, we thought the dev kit design is meaningless, as the commercial version of the PS5 would look a lot different. But what made us think twice was the immense effort that went into designing and manufacturing this thing. This isn’t just a bland box that can run PlayStation games, like previous-generation dev kits. It’s a bold design, one that Sony even took the effort to patent, which is a strange move for a dev kit that’ll never see the light of day.

With that in mind, it seems like the release version of the PS5 could end up looking a lot like this, and we already saw leaks a few days ago suggesting the PS5 will indeed have an inverted “V” shape.

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ITT: post opinions or anything noteworthy with respect to the current state of English language imageboard culture and content.
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'Thank you Jesus for Your Forgiveness':Justin Bieber Praises the Lord as New Album 'Changes' Released

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Wut r ur 2 fav movies laddos

For me it's Starship Troopers and Brazil
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Shud i watch this dark meme shit that's being heavily astroshilled on /tv/ ever since it came out, even Sperglin recommends watching it now

Trailer looks passable visually but somehow i think the intended target audiences for this shit are redditor wahmminz and escapism-seeking trannies
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System Shock 3 might be in trouble, as multiple devs reportedly "no longer employed"

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Wut r the best singleplayer experiences in ur opinion

I got myself a portable external USB drive now and plan to rip sum iso's for trade skool but am looking for more shit to play
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>Good news everyone, I have been able to create a normal world, but with horse guys.
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This is a very good movie
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The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics Review – Missing The Magic

We see fewer licensed tie-in video games on home platforms these days, and that’s understandable. Capturing the tone of a popular fiction in a different medium is tricky, and developers are rarely given the time and means to capitalize. The new The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance series from Netflix is a stellar presentation of craft and storytelling, but I’m sorry to say that the game simply doesn’t maintain the same high bar. A pale imitation of its source material, Age of Resistance Tactics draws on inspirations like Final Fantasy Tactics for its gameplay model, but misses the mark in the ways that matter.

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I'm enjoying Soydew Valley tbh
R: 12 / I: 9
((Oscars)) were all awkward performances & endless speeches about ‘diversity’… But then genuine diversity won with brilliant gook flick "Parasite"!

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"American Factory," the first Netflix film from former President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama's production company, is officially an Oscar winner.

The film won the Academy Award on Sunday for "Best Documentary Feature."

The project from filmmakers Steven Bognar, Julia Eichert and Jeff Eichert followed the story of an Ohio factory after it was reopened by a Chinese billionaire.

The 44th president and first lady didn't appear on the Oscars stage to accept the award, but Bognar and the Eicherts thanked the Obamas' production company, Higher Ground, during their acceptance speech.

While produced by Higher Ground, the Obamas weren't personally nominated for the Academy Award.

The former president congratulated the filmmakers on Twitter following the documentary's Oscar win.
Obama had said last month after learning that "American Factory" had been nominated for an Oscar that it was "the kind of story we don’t see often enough and it’s exactly what Michelle and I hope to achieve with Higher Ground."

"Congrats to the incredible filmmakers and entire team!” Obama wrote on Twitter.

Netflix announced it had inked a "multi-year" deal with the Obamas in 2018 to produce films and series for the media giant.
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Attack on Titan

"To save the world", they are pathetic. Saving what world? Those people would and will kill you at the first opportunity. Why is Mikasa with these shitheads. There is literally Annie, the girl who betrayed them and that's totally fine of course… If it is going towards a "redemption" ending, the bad guys will apologize and everyone will be happy, Eren dies because he's a 'villain' and he's killing MUHH INNOCENT PEOPLE… fuck this shit. This story is genuinely turning into trash.

I don't want similar ending to Code Geass/Death Note/Game of Thrones, but I guess that's exactly what he is going for. This type of ending is not gonna be worth for all the waiting that I have gone through for every new chapter
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>Redditesque "le obscure soulful vidya omg xP" memery actually made them do a reboot of this game in 2019

Aint nobody got time 2 play dat heh
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What is the best real time strategy series?


Tiberian Sun was one of the worst entries in the Command and Conquer series but I played it on a E-Machines PC in the late 90s that ran it at like 15fps. Maybe it was actually the best game in the genre idk lmoa
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Warcraft 3 Reforged has the lowest user score for a game on Metacritic

Warcraft 3 Reforged has the lowest user score of any game on Metacritic, currently sitting on a 0.5. While this dubious record was previously held by Day One: Garry's Incident, a number of drive-by 10 out of 10s have pushed it up into second place, inflating its user score from 0.4 to 0.7. For comparison's sake, even Metal Gear Survive has a user rating of 1.2.

According to user bob4ever, Warcraft 3 Reforged is the "Worst remaster in the history of remasters." Meanwhile solwltar says that, "Blizzard disabled my old Warcraft 3 version and trying to force me to download additional 30gb(my game was only 2gb) , also I heard you no longer has option to play maps that had custom models like pokemon, naruto and dbz not to mention they removed custom campaigns and lan games. 0-10". And Encore 22 is upset that, "Blizzard has a paragraph in the user agreement for this game that they have exclusive rights to any custom game which is made in this game. Just unbelievably **** from one of the companies who used to be my #1 by miles. This game does not deliver on what it promises and I am not even going to start on the price (40$) on what is essentially a HD mod."

As well as complaints about being forced to update existing copies of Warcraft 3 to a new version, changes to custom maps, various bugs, and the updated EULA, a large number of players are surprised that the cutscenes haven't been updated as dramatically as the intro was (something Blizzard did mention, but only if you were paying attention to interviews they were giving at the time by which I mean waiting until five minutes into this). Some people aren't fussed by the new menus, and others expected more new dialogue—Blizzard scrapped plans to rewrite the story after fans who wanted all the original voices left in complained.