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Far Cry 6 teaser trailer featuring some old nigger
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why does fattie nolegs even have a twitter? nobody cares about what a stupid cripple has to say.
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Now, Ultra HFR may be become a reality in digital cinema! Christie, the audiovisual and technology company, has announced its new Griffyn projector capable of up to 480 Hz:

120fps HFR at 4K 120Hz
480fps Ultra-HFR at 1080p 480Hz

The 4K32-RGB Laser Projector is the newest product from the brand putting its proprietary RGB laser illumination architecture together with integrated cooling to produce a project that is fit for large venues and arenas. The all-in-one self-contained liquid cooling system allows for a full brightness of 30,000 ANSI lumens at a minimal volume, making it one of the quietest venue projectors around.

The projector uses three 1.38-inch DLP imagers and a video-processing pipeline of up to 1.2 Gigapixels per second. It comes standard with four 12G-SDI1 connectors, two HDMI 2.0 ports, two DisplayPort 1.2, and HDBaseT connectivity.

According to the official spec sheet, the Griffyn 4K32-RGB has an exceptionally wide colour gamut, achieving 96% of the Rec. 2020 colour space, more than twice that of Rec. 709, and 50% more than other DCI-P3-capable projectors. As already mentioned, the projector has HFR capability delivering 120Hz at 4K and 480Hz at 1920×1080.

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Cyberpunk 2077 will only run with DirectX 12


>We're not sure that is surprising really?, as it offers raytracing support, and that DXR is tied to DX12. However the PC version will only support DX12, not Vulkan or even DX11.

>Thanks to the introduction of DX12 support for Windows 7 SP1 that Microsoft introduced last year, the game will run on this system. We do, and will continue to, test Cyberpunk 2077 on Windows 7 in an attempt to iron out any edge-cases that might arise.
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Gonna check out the newest kike-directed jew flick about WW2 since it's fairly short
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Nu CatboiKami
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Upcoming nu gw2 world boss lookin swole af
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New war kino

The Outpost

Did you like it?
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If you a reading this right now I have put you in a trance and super Mario 3 was the best game ever made
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Old one on autosage already

Fresh Nu Half-Life: Alyx General

Game has been fully ported to mouse and keyboard

Imma try this shit out l8er heh
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"What Are You Listening to Right Now?"

Old thread: https://www.4chon.me/gm/res/1711+50.html
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>Be me just now visitan jewtube
>channel page has been overhauled yet AGAIN and ((they)) added a bunch of premium/monetization bullshit again that nobody wants ("channel memberships" et al what the fuck, after they already encouraged every semi-popular non-thoughtcrime channel w/a regular viewership to shove in these hard-baked sponsor ads earlier)
>My custom page design script which modified the design to fit the prew-jewgle cancer era of youtube is completely useless now again

I'm gonna try and contact the dev of the script if i can but i'm not holding my breath

Fuckin jewgle really is the cancer killin deez tubes smdh
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Random guy builds therapeutic bimodal stimulation/neuromodulation device in his garage/mancave
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how the FUCK has this not been cracked yet after almost a year

fuck i hate jews
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i was gonna post a thread on this board yesterday, but i never got around to it. sorry about that.
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Gaben Forgive Me

This might be the first Steam Sale in recent memory where I didn't buy anything at all. It might be over for me, fellow gamers. Please…go on without me…
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Assassins creed valhalla gameplay

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Imagine this game with recent graphics in frostbite 2

Holy fuck
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Imma pirate dis
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Moar liek THICCNEY spears heh
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Space kinoe

Just watched this yesterday evenin

It wuz very kino, it covers all the different tests + the tons of r&d that preceeded the recent Crew Dragon/Demo 2 flight and also into the history of Elon Musk and SpaceX + spaceflight in general ofc

Also watched that nu two-part docuseries on curiositystream called "space phenomena" before dat which was kino af aswell
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Anyone else play syrian warfare? I absolutley love the way tanks take a highlight in this game, they're not invincible but they absolutely are the heavy hitters that they always lacked being in other RTS games. They just feel heavy as fuck.
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>Blackwashing and vagwashing is "original"

O i am laffin jews
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Non Euclidean game engine thing
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Playing as a straight, white male is now a rarity in today’s gaming world. There’s always some caveat if you do get to play as a straight, white male in an AAA game… usually he’s a secret villain, emaciated, insufferable, or worst of all… a Liberal. Well, look no further than the indie and AA sector for games that allow you to play as normal, straight, white males without any sort of conditions, silver linings, or monitions related to playing the game. Nacon America and Neopica’s Hunting Simulator 2 is one such game where you’re neither punished for playing as a straight, white male, nor admonished for enjoying the great pastime of hunting animals across America’s great outdoors.
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((Runescape)) Censors “Hateful Words” In Chat Regardless Of Profanity Filter Settings
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He's playing resident evil with a fucking guitar hero controller
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>Be me just now playan a comfy round of BF1 on a very good amiens server
>britKIKES keep camping on our A flag
>Lotsa spawnkilling from behind etc too
>Some faggot camping onna roof
>I noscope him from there together with a fellow landser
>Faggot falls off le rooferino and almost rite in front of me
>dab on him by doing an extensive teabag as he's forced to endure it thru le killcam

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Wat u nibbers picc up onna ((steam)) sale so far

I spent 2 bucks on moh airborne because i wanted to see if the multiplayer is populated or if i can play as waffen SS against murrilard bots on my own private server heh
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Just walk away
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It wouldn't be a impossible task or all that difficult to scrape all the data from wikipedia, it would just take a lot of bandwidth and data storage. One could then relaunch the site set back to 2010 or whenever using the edit history data and leave it open editing to anyone with an IP like it was way back when.
Its probably only a small matter of time before the jews permanently eliminate the edit histories. The jews burned the library at Alexandria, who knows what secrets they were trying to hide.
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Jews fear the comfy video shop owner.
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New Resident Evil 3 trailer, fuckers!
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>Open brave
>It immediately closes itself again
>Open it again
>All the recent tabs have been wiped clean

B-bros wtf
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explain to me the appeal of consuming jew entertainment products and then promoting them on the internet for free afterwards. why is this such a popular pastime?
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Recummend me sum noise canceling earbuds for public transportashen fellers
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This is probably the most mundane show I've ever watched to completion. It is about a retired 60 year old Japanese salary man who goes out to eat. Every episode a very minor conflict occurs that ruins his dining expirience, and then he daydreams about what a certain samurai would do in this situation. It then gives him the courage to be slightly rude by Japanese standards in order to deal with the conflict. I can't really explain what kept me invested.
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I noticed that Iggy Pop's "Kill City" has a pink dog on the cover.

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>The whole of TLOU II leaked

oh nein nein nein
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Metal Gear Solid

I had the urge to play this again. Last time I played it I was a 13 year old boy. It'll be fun to pick up on all the political stuff which I'm sure whizzed right past me at that age. I found a PC version.
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Hank Hill fell into a pile of toxic waste in the bikini atoll, he got mutated into a talking sponge, he doesnt remember his previous life, but he remembers the name bobby, so he names himself spongebob. And the rest of KOTH is peggy in a stress induced coma
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Love how trannies keep trying to force the "DUDE IT PARODIES FASCISM XDD" meme when it very obviously fucking endorses it

Fascism is order and stands for human excellence
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Fresh nu retromancave comfy lurkers

>Restoration of a '90s Apple Powerbook

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Thinkgen bout piratin dis since it came out onna pc

Wat say u fellers
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T2 Galleria/Hallway scene

How did the t-800 know to walk through the back-places (cant think the word for it) of the shopping mall to find John?
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Why do the characters talk to themselves shits mega cringe
R: 57 / I: 24


Just finished watchan dis it was pretty kino heh
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>That old man he was meeeeeeeee yeeeeeeeey
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>Mfw i realized the new season actually exists
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Are video games dying or am I just getting older, more cynical and more conscious of my own mortality? After playing the FF7 Remake (which I did enjoy, despite its faults) I have close to zero interest in anything else I've seen previews for. It's also one of the only games I've played start to finish that entire console generation besides Nier: Automata.
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Imagine listening to music when suddenly the headphones you're using explode, half your face is burnt and now you're deaf.

Imagine the last thing you ever hear is some shitty Billy Ellish song.
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as a white male, i've been he primary victim of brainwashing at the hands of all of the racist, sexist media hollywood has been promoting as great art all these years. cancel culture is only just now getting around to canceling aunt jemima & mrs butterworth after i've been exposed to their evils for decades. therefore the jews & blm owe me reparations, the jews for hollywood and blm for being lazy niggers and taking too long to put a stop to it all.
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This, from Washington Post, looks like it could be beat assignments from a hostile foreign outlet tasked to destroy America. Because it is.
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Playstation 5 Reveal Stream, Fuggers!
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cast dis soy nibber
R: 3 / I: 1
there should be something like minstrel shows, but instead of dedicating the evening of entertainment to insulting & parodying niggers it should be devoted to humiliating worthless cripples like fattie nolegs
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are there any non-kike media franchises or outlets anywhere or is that illegal?
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The future really is here fellers

Thank you based chineez
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>open world
>nuXcom inspired combat
>early access
>dialogue choices
>character customization
>"lovecraft inspired"
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Did you know that people make an effort to actually live in VRChat?

The most popular worlds at night are "sleep&chill" places, where people actually sleep with their friends, with their headsets still on.

Apparently, when they wake up the dysmorphia is so strong, that for a few moments your brain believes VR is the real world
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Magic the Gathering Removes Racist Cards Because of Course
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John Cleese gets the nigger-word miraculously uncanceled by BBC
>‘Fawlty Towers’ Episode to Be Reinstated After John Cleese Attacks its Removal
An episode of sitcom “Fawlty Towers” removed from a streaming site for containing “racial slurs” is to be reinstated. John Cleese had attacked the decision to remove the episode as “stupid,” as well as taking a swipe at those who take a revisionist view of history in the context of the Black Lives Matter debate.

Early on Friday, BBC-owned TV network UKTV announced on Twitter that it had temporarily removed the episode titled “The Germans” from its Gold download service as it contained “racial slurs.” The service said it wished to “review” the episode, and “consider our options.” It said some shows “carry warnings and others are edited.”

It is believed the “racial slurs” are contained in a scene in which the character known as the Major uses the N-word when referring to Caribbean sportsmen.
uses the N-word when referring to Caribbean sportsmen
Later on Friday, UKTV said the episode would be reinstated “in the coming days” with the addition of “extra guidance.” “We already offer guidance to viewers across some of our classic comedy titles, but we recognize that more contextual information can be required on our archive comedy, so we will be adding extra guidance and warnings to the front of programs to highlight potentially offensive content and language. We will reinstate ‘Fawlty Towers’ once that extra guidance has been added, which we expect will be in the coming days.”

Speaking to Australian newspaper The Age, Cleese had said: “The Major was an old fossil left over from decades before. We were not supporting his views, we were making fun of them. If they can’t see that, if people are too stupid to see that, what can one say?”

He slammed BBC executives for yielding to pressure from protesters. “A lot of the people in charge now at the BBC just want to hang onto their jobs,” he said. “If a few people get excited they pacify them rather than standing their ground as they would have done 30 or 40 years ago.”

On Twitter, Cleese doubled down on his criticism of the BBC. “The BBC is now run by a mixture of marketing people and petty bureaucrats,” he wrote. “It used to have a large sprinkling of people who’d actually made programs. Not any more. So BBC decisions are made by persons whose main concern is not losing their jobs. That’s why they’re so cowardly and gutless and contemptible.”
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i bet old fashioned minstrel shows were really entertaining comedy, i wonder if that fashion will ever come back into style.
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I watched some YT videos of Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee. The games art direction was truly astounding, so damn dark and gritty and original.
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I remember the PC magazine back den printing the pinup/concept art of this character out on two sited and i had a couple good wanks to it bacc den

What are some vidya faps u had
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OtherSide Entertainment Reaffirms Involvement With System Shock 3 Development After Tencent Deal that saved it from becoming vaporware


R: 10 / I: 6

Gayben no

fuuu heh
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>ben garrison making a feature length animated film
does anyone have the details on this? planned release date, whos doing voices, whats the plot going to be about, etc.
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Oh wow i diddint even know there was an X4
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Incel psychology expert pls respond

Why do I like thrillers so much? Is it because my normal daily life is so boring? Problem is that it would just be unreasonable to be some kind of action hero IRL or otherwise to try to do some of the things that happen in movies. I like thrillers a lot, also action, space, sci-fi and horror, but mostly when they are also thrillers e.g. Alien or some of the more serious Marvel films, I don't really like more action based (Die Hard, John Wick) or pure horror (The Exorcist, The Conjuring) films. I like the setting, a lot, of people working and having something attack them e.g. the new movie Underwater, or there is a lesser known one Leviathan (1989) in which people are working on underwater rigs.
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Hi. Join the comfy board :). We need people like you.
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Retromancave interviews Look Mum No Computer (better known as "furby orban guy")
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>Find a 1080p rip of frozen 2
>go to random timemark to assess the quality
>See pic rel

Wow. I knew ((they)) were going all-out with the blackwashing compared to the first one but this is pretty hefty, i don't think i'll watch this lel
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Wud u watch dis
R: 5 / I: 2
Is Animal Crossing based and redpilled
R: 14 / I: 6
Been usin w7 for moar den 10 yrs at dis here point but never did i cum across this feature even once, it popped up by accident by hitting a wrong key heh

U always learn sumthing nu
R: 11 / I: 3
thinkgen bout coppin dis rn fo free

Wat u think bout dis here program
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Just finished watchin thru dis here Gibsonkino

It was basically "sly white career criminal outwits low-inhib subhuman spics: The movie"

Directed by a kike apparently but surprisingly okayish despite the low budget and constant spic babble but gibson's performance carried this thru and made it quite watchable, wud rate it 6/10 overall heh
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Qualcomm Reveals Plan to Help Commercialize Lightweight, 5G-enabled AR & VR Headsets

R: 2 / I: 0

Dungeon Defenders: Awakened

Multiplayer Tower defence action-rpg. I might try it.

Loot looks cool.
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>There's a game where you play as a shark and ur task is to eat people or something

Uh … kino?
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A guy in a video game (Dota 2) said I'm really bad. But if we are the same rank, and I never try that hard and he does, doesn't that mean I'm much better than him?
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Fresh nu W40K trailer fuckers

It also has womyn and gay black trannies in it
R: 346 / I: 100

"What are You Listening to Right Now?"

Old thread: >>75
R: 5 / I: 2
Making a music thread here because the other thread is gay and makes my MacBook crash

R: 10 / I: 6


Anyone try this shit out? Just stumbled upon it when looking for spoticuck alternatives heh
R: 8 / I: 4
Im cleanin my mousepad rn

Only tru gamers know dis here feel
R: 163 / I: 84
Will it be GOTY lads
R: 3 / I: 1
Is dis kino gud laddos
R: 1 / I: 1
I'm getting back into producing music

it's fun as heck

t. pirated Ableton 10 and just about every VST I can get my hands on
R: 38 / I: 16
Just got done watchin dat dere nuest PBS Nova episode about doggerbreh's and their racial triats, shit was kino af
R: 3 / I: 2

redpillt pop artist

>iron gates
>race war
>strong unwavering anti-feminist stance

lana del ray dogwhistling hard interests me heh

R: 8 / I: 1
>700k views on a YouTube video, from Aug 2019, of a scene from an anime released in 1986

I love it when good stuff gets the appreciation it deserves!

R: 34 / I: 26
Fresh nu Germanic Assassin's Creed: Valhalla trailer fuckers
R: 4 / I: 1
Nintendo Lawyers File Copyright Complaints Against Super Mario 64 PC Port
R: 1 / I: 1
Serious Sam 4 Premieres In 100 Minutes

Get in here feggits
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Phantasy Star Online 2 for PC launches May 27 in North America

Following the Xbox One launch in April, the PC version of Phantasy Star Online 2 will launch via the Microsoft Store on May 27 in North America, Sega announced. It will feature cross-platform play with the Xbox One version.

>The North American version of Phantasy Star Online 2 includes fully localized text and character voices in English, spanning three years of content. In addition to the immersive original Phantasy Star Online 2 story, the North American version also features the most-up-to-date balancing and quality-of-life improvements from the Japanese service. Players can choose from four races and nine classes while tackling various missions. They can also take a break from questing by playing one of the many Casino mini-games, chilling in the Alliance Quarters, competing in the new ARKS League or attending all-new live stage events. And for the first time they will be able to do all of this with friends on both PC and Xbox One thanks to cross-platform play.

ega also announced that special Hatsune Miku-themed items are available starting today for Xbox One version via the Scratch Ticket Terminal. Players can use ARKS Cash Scratch Tickets to get clothing and accessories, including items from Hatsune Miku, Megurine Luka, Kagamine Rin, and Kagamine Len.


G-d I Miss the Original heh

>watch the seven year old cinematic trailer for this game

>it's really gay

R: 1 / I: 0

ascii art

rate my latest work of text buffer artistry


██████████████…………..,/ (………….\….\”*=,``\…….&%@@@@@g;,……….\
██████████████……./.,$ \,….-…&…./……………………`%@@@@@@@@$#/