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Sheeit we wuz LOTR mayne
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>The Hyperbolic Geometry of DMT Experiences (@Harvard Science of Psychedelics Club)

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Old one on autosage once moar

Fresh Nu Half-Life: Alyx General (#3)

Game has been fully ported to mouse and keyboard

Imma try this shit out l8er heh
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Reinventing the deliciously female Jessica Rabbit is a step too far from the joyless bolshevist revisionists who are destroying Disney

The news Jessica Rabbit is to be reimagined in a role “more relevant to today’s culture” confirms that common-sense has left the building at Disney, a company which now seems to focus more on virtue signalling than entertaining.

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4chon Youth

If you had a kid what movies and tv series would you allow them to watch?
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Here's my review of the nu clintflick

tldr; Save yourself the time of watching this, it's a real stinker
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Fresh nu retromancave comfy lurkers

>Restoration of a '90s Apple Powerbook

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>Start downloading de camrip for this
>Has a hard watermark in it for some scam site

Jeez thanks poojeets
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MWWWAAAd'dib… the Arrakeen spice has always been celebrated for its excellence. There's a Caladan melange by Paul Muad'dib, inspired by that same Arrakeen excellence. It's fermented in the worm, and like the best Arrakeen melange, it's vintage dated. Paul Muad'dib's superb taste shouldn't be too surprising: This melange may not come from Arrakis, but it was created by a man who did: Paul Muad'dib. Paul Muad'dib will sell no spice before its time.
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new music thread

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Nu educationnel NileRed video

Turning cotton balls into cotton candy
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>Sup goyim, i heard u liek niggers and wahmin in ur WW2
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having a strange nostalgia moment for black ops 1 sabatoge on nuketown and zombies mode
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This is actually so innocent compared to today cum 2 think of it, back then soyphones weren't common at all either

These are the kinds of people who nowadays would be pushing for child trannyism instead of just being retarded gay furries IRL

Really shows how far society and culture have fallen in just over 10 years
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based or cringe
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What you watched lately?

Just got nearly done watching The end of EVANGELION, load of shit, deep for deeps sake, Shinji was just a big pussyhole, utterly horrible 'ending'

Watched also the Bob Ross documentary, fuck the Kowalski's
>old couple take on Bob on his first TV show, funding studio etc
>Bob contracts lymphoma
>old couple pressure his son to make him sign his rights over
>Bob says no
>Bobs brother signs rights over behind his back
>Bob Ross's son doesn't even own the rights to his Dad's name or brand as a result
>the two old cunts are making millions a year in merch sales
>Bob Ross's son is making maybe 40k a year teaching art

The beurocrats really are evil aren't they.
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>The Gayming Awards is an event put on by Gayming Magazine, a publication dedicated to covering video games through the lens of the LGBTQ+ community. The inaugural edition of the awards featured Hades, Tell Me Why, and If Found, with the LGBTQ Streamer of the Year and the Readers' Award decided by public vote.

>A likely candidate for this year's awards is Life is Strange: True Colors
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support local businesses when it comes to food, they have better standards
family run is both healthier and you dont find body parts in the food
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>turn down brightness
>game look better
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movie ideas thread

Shit Island

stars: whoever wants to make 30 bucks
maybe some backpage special who just shows up in a scene naked fingering herself in the background for like a couple seconds, none of the other actors react, so its like a really scuffed easter egg, she gets s picture of her vagina in the end credits as a thankyou too
budget: 10k MAX
plot: essentially when i was young i thought that all the earths shit ended up in the ocean, i then thought what if the shit all met each other; and so shit island was born, it stars a colossal island of shit, often mistaken for a ship, grotesque and grim
it bumps into water based craft like thunderbirds where theres a small action on part of the shit island but the cuts back to the inside of said ships see the various crewmen jostled about like tadpoles in a watering can

but get this, right now the shit island has been relying on currents to travel

until the final scene
cuts to submarine operator
>"its gaining on us…"
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If you're having trouble with music being too sharp or tinny if you listen through youtube set it to 360p, I did this and just now it's great, highly recommended if you listen to soundscapes and the like.
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>men creating scientists
humble, softspoken, immense amount of intellect knowledge and experience hidden by age, witty commentary but nothing exaggerated, cares for the fate of humanity and tries to help in best ways he can

>women made scientists

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FUCK ANTHONY (Anthony Fantano Diss 2021) (Christ Dillinger & Sam Hyde)

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New Ashens video
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merchant is our greatest ally

can we get some merchant videos?
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It was May 11th, the seventh day of the Epic v. Apple trial, that Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers hit upon a compromise neither company had asked for. She asked Epic’s economist, David Evans, if it would be sufficient to kill Apple’s anti-steering rules — the ones Apple uses to keep developers from even telling you that there’s a perfectly good external website where you can purchase your subscription instead of inside the app itself.

On May 24th, the final day of the trial, Judge Rogers hinted she was still leaning toward that exact sort of compromise, one that might not please either side, one that might involve Apple’s anti-steering rules.

That’s what happened today. Both sides lost. But Epic arguably lost more.

In a win for developers — but not Epic — Rogers ruled for a permanent nationwide injunction blocking Apple not only from keeping iPhone users in the dark about alternate ways they can pay, but potentially allowing developers to actually stick their own purchase mechanisms into their own apps. (It heavily depends on how the courts define a “button,” so stay tuned for a lot of friction and experimentation around that.)

It’s not a win for Epic for two reasons: First, because the judge explicitly decided that Epic’s injection of its own direct payment scheme into Fortnite on iOS — a move designed to provoke this entire lawsuit — was not okay. Epic breached its contract with Apple.

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post rock/ambient


inb4 pisstard complaining that theres already a music thread
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>Global GPU and semiconductor shortage (thanks to shitcoin mining and US-chink trade war respectively)

Gamingbros… It's over for us…
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We're finally home /v/ros
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BF6 General

battlefield 6 / 2042 Info dump:

june 15th is a private testing session for big content creators & streamers.
open alpha/beta later this month
(june, not july like many thought to be announced at ea play)
you can hold/have two attachments on your character that you can swap out.
If you have a Kriss Vector and you want to add a vertical grip,
take of your red dot and add an acog you can do that on the fly if it's on your character.
you can swap out a small mag with a drum mag
you can grab a shotgun and take off the stock and barrel extension to make it easier in far & close ranges
(suppressor / compensator / choke)

squad & heroes mechanic from Battlefront 2 (called 'professionals' in 2042)
can have a specialist (professional) per class in your squad,
they are not over-powered but they have a gadget or two that will make it worth playing as one
makes then unique.
medic professional has a healing dart, she can heal people from range.
every squad has the ability to call down (Spawn down) vehicles
the leaked logo is 100% real
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What are some good real life video games?

Currently playing
>get the curtain neat using fan
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VROOM vrooms and bleep bloops thread

Post anything synthwave/vaporwave/80s/nu disco/funky
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Nu heccin kurzgesoyd
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Nu Warhammer game

Thoughts fellas
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what a shitload of fuck
>lol rei is naked so deep!
>shinji wanked over asuka!
>omg the dogmatic references

its basically more of 'stop being a fucking pussyhole shinji' fest again, truly horrible.

is there any anime that isnt whimsical beta garbage?
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New Gem Mint Pokemon video
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Where Does It Hurt (1972)
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look at this fucking FOV LMAO
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genre: fokycore
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>>tfw ywn be a long haired cutie in the little league world series ;_;

what was the highlight of your youth?
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DS getting a remake

Wat u nibbas think bout dis

>The Dead Space Remake is allegedly being developed by Motive Studios and it is allegedly a single player game inspired by REmake 2. No-one who worked on Dead Space 1, 2, or 3 is involved.
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Nu steam deck thread because the asshole spamflooder ghostbumper kike killed the old one off earlier

Asked About Standalone VR Headset, Valve Says Steam Deck Hardware is ‘very relevant to our future plans

>During a Steam Deck hands-on event, Valve was asked about the possibility of seeing Steam Deck’s custom AMD processor in a standalone VR headset. While the company didn’t confirm anything outright, they said the Steam Deck hardware could certainly be a good match for a standalone VR headset.

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What is some truly autistic /gm/ shit you like to do?

I like to fall asleep to very specific Pokemon solo runs or conditional runs. It's just boring enough to listen and then drift off to.
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Our robloxian Lizzy Wrinkle commonly known throughout the roblox as "lizzy_wrinkle", has passed away after having cancer and heart disase
Press F to pay respects
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Christ is king
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>Be me just now visitan jewtube
>channel page has been overhauled yet AGAIN and ((they)) added a bunch of premium/monetization bullshit again that nobody wants ("channel memberships" et al what the fuck, after they already encouraged every semi-popular non-thoughtcrime channel w/a regular viewership to shove in these hard-baked sponsor ads earlier)
>My custom page design script which modified the design to fit the prew-jewgle cancer era of youtube is completely useless now again

I'm gonna try and contact the dev of the script if i can but i'm not holding my breath

Fuckin jewgle really is the cancer killin deez tubes smdh
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what does this mean?
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He's trending worldwide on twitter, and it ain't for the award winning Electric Hedgehog Pokemon series. He's been elder abusing his demented mother for years.


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Black Widow - Clumsy, Dumb and Disappointing

I agree with his analysis on this capekino; Evie from The Mummy and Hopper from Stranger Things did help it along. Wandavision was much more capekino (except the last two episodes). What was most silly was the fact that Black Widow isn't even superpowered but she's falling off buildings and crashing into windows and all sorts of shit that my mortal ass would die from.
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Bill Burr SAVAGES Joe Biden, CNN & MSM Twitter Has A Meltdown

He mentions the Gina Carano fiasco again.
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>Replacing he-man with a female sidekick character

Notice how the jewish dev studios did the same thing in Gears 5?

Starts off promising with the main character unitl he gets cucked and sidelined by some Mary Sue SJW shitlib bitch femoid character with problem hair who magically does everything better than the male character

Fucking ridiculous really, the chinks can't replace western pop culture soon enough
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5,000 Burgers Per Day: World's First Mega Lab-Grown Meat Factory Opens

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Absolute Mad Lads - Mariya Oktyabrskaya

New Dank kino, fuckers. This one is about a Slavic Bolshevic woman that avenged her husband.
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Sperglin reviews newest capefilth shlock trailer
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Just finished watchan thru dis heh

Edge of tomorrow is a far superior flick in comparison, has much better CG and writing + pacing too imo

The monster design was pretty good though overall. Enough to suspend disbelief but they did an overall bad job at conveying the feel of a massive "war in the future" going on, all you saw were a couple burnt buildings, some jets with monsters roaming around, an oil platform and that was it kek

As a scifi flick on its own it was watchable enough i'd say, way too many forced poc in it but it's globhomo/amazon studios so what are you gonna do about that

I also disliked some of the forced quips with the comic relief guy and that volcano guy + the entire opening setup was pretty cringe aswell and i had to watch through that on double speed

6.5/10 overall, better than the other shit releasing right now at least but if this is the best hollywood can come up with anymore then the chinese will overtake western kinos in no time
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Best website to get free books? Pdfs and epubs etc
Libgen doesn't always have things im looking for
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bros lets play SWBF2 on pc (steam)
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Defeminizing Female Characters
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Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons Expansion Trailer
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I laff at le jumpscare running gag
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Diablo II: Resurrected Alpha Test Reveals Blizzard Censorship And Poor Art Direction Of Upcoming Remaster

The Amazon looks like an old man. The Barbarian looks like a 58 year old retired wrestler with low testosterone. The Druid found a hair dresser. The Sorceress turned into a thicc latina. The Assassin turned into Shang Tsung. The Necromancer looks alright, but older. The Paladin needs to visit the Druid’s hairdresser.

Gamers Lament Over Diablo II: Resurrected Alpha Test Censorship, Amazon Butt and More

The game was made to be shocking and push boundaries and when you have an opportunity to remake it with modern graphics, you’re going to be confronted very quickly with how much are you really going to want to reproduce something that was down to a few pixels in the original version, and not succumb to the temptation to make a censored version. We’re talking about modern Blizzard right now, and they have shareholders and things like that, that we didn’t have to worry about back in the day.
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River City Girls 2

Will it be Kino?
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Old one on autosage already

Fresh Nu Half-Life: Alyx General

Game has been fully ported to mouse and keyboard

Imma try this shit out l8er heh