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Half-Life is Back?! Valve Announces Half-Life: Alyx, a "Flagship VR Title"



>No, you're not dreaming, Half Life is actually back! Valve have just announced Half Life: Alyx, a flagship Virtual Reality title which will be fully unveiled this Thursday.


Oh great, you play as the frickin' n*gger ffs heh
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If you think about atoms vibrating that's a recurring theme too



ok dwarf



I prefer the term 'little person'



File: 1577397721215.jpg (25.21 KB, 498x480, 1521089400055.jpg)





Based jewgle kikes recommending me comfy lore autism again



God this was kino as fuck



Mfw blu shift and opposing force kinda just sat in my library since i bought dem



I haven't played opposing force yet but blue force is really good.



I enjoyed both. I think Opposing Force was a bit better than Blue Shift but I think they're well worth playing. Blue Shift's biggest fault is that it's very short iirc.



File: 1577842366494.png (363.05 KB, 744x851, 1577750754916.png)




File: 1577845855456.jpg (326.34 KB, 960x1299, 1577830051636.jpg)

We likely gonna see some live gameplay soon fellers strap ure selves in




File: 1577854812393.png (132.06 KB, 625x605, 2fa634xlzt741.png)




File: 1577938538270.png (241.49 KB, 670x836, 1577736800003.png)

I will bump




File: 1577938634361.jpg (94.94 KB, 527x1007, camposanto dev at twatter.jpg)

So this is the power of Nu!Valve devs…



Mfw volvo really cannot count 2 three xD



File: 1578172740410.jpg (41.81 KB, 720x890, 1517230308963.jpg)

Goddamn portal in-universe lore is so hella goofy


It really is the retarded comic relief-type brother of half-life



Cave Johnson is based and redpilled heh



File: 1578174693587.jpg (63.53 KB, 775x599, 775px-Chell_ear_pierced.jpg)

Die Kreatur…




KEK what le phucc xD



This spic needs to add some proper subs to his videos his pronounciation sucks ass



>When u find out how the hot overwatch AI bish is voiced by an oldass boomeress IRL

smh heh



Was she one 12 years ago tho



Dis look kino heh

Eh the overwiki lists her birth as N/A but back in 2004 she musta been a middle-aged womyn aswell, the voice editing in post-production just masked dat dere fact i think



File: 1578568505370.png (581.77 KB, 908x610, aryan woman.png)




That looks kino af

I tried out HL2 in smartphone VR with my other HMD but it's only 3 degrees of freedom (i used the guide from road2vr where you jerry-rig an android air mouse onto your HMD lol) and was pretty lackluster

With a proper VR setup it's prolly much moar fun



want to rape



Jesus apparently the ZOG navy backed the development of this thing

Almost 8k bucks for one unit lel



Absolute mad feller

Someone shud make a VR mod for black mesa too



File: 1578897578172.png (529.25 KB, 660x672, privilege check capital 17.PNG)

Inseparable from whiteness is its dark twin, superstition.

whiteness is inextricably bound to unreasoning impulses, and today we clearly see its true nature. whiteness has just become aware of its irrelevance, and like a cornered beast, it will not go down without a bloody fight.

whiteness would inflict a fatal injury on our species.

whiteness creates its own oppressors, and bids us rise up against them.

whiteness tells us that the unknown is a threat, rather than an opportunity.

whiteness slyly and covertly compels us away from change and progress.

whiteness, therefore, must be expunged.

It must be fought tooth and nail, beginning with the basest of white urges: the urge to reproduce.

We should thank ((Our Benefactors)) for giving us respite from this overpowering force.

They have thrown a switch and exorcised our demons in a single stroke.

They have given us the strength we never could have summoned to overcome this compulsion.

They have given us purpose. They have turned our eyes toward progress.



>tfw I didn't even recognize the Breen monologue at first because it's literally some sh*t these nibbas out here would finna be sayin'




File: 1578900324627.jpg (135.1 KB, 1440x900, wallpaper-430887.jpg)

Dat b scary innit heh



Lol at that goofy-lookin mulatto NPC



File: 1578903415074.jpg (11.49 KB, 236x236, 6fb1979445d0d33733c6089742….jpg)

9 New Leaked Half-Life: Alyx Screenshots




File: 1578903524969.jpg (80.18 KB, 500x626, c9b0d958c27e94eedcaa5aafb2….jpg)

LOL there's nothing at all about this high profile leak on reddit or anywhere else

This is bizarre



File: 1578903602136.png (611.85 KB, 603x608, when u nut but lamarr stil….PNG)



I heh at dis



File: 1578919678403.jpg (81.4 KB, 612x612, yUBKtY5odk7PZh_7_9_RoICANp….jpg)


(((Our benefactors))) truly are progressive heh



Dis chunky boi here reminds me of dat dere combine ship aesthetically speaking, hopefully HL:A will feature moar synths besides the nu xen tentacle raep mobs



Le fuck did dose volvo nibbas smoke during hl2 developmint xD



I didn't know i needed this in my life but i do heh



File: 1579180583098.png (31.98 KB, 222x160, 1521465628954.png)

Glad i'm not the only one who found dat dere wet floor-type combine warning sign a little weird/out of place heh


It takes away some of the lovecraftian/cosmic horror-type mystery surrounding the combine as a whole



File: 1579195692716.jpg (265.18 KB, 900x1200, 1579132248538.jpg)



File: 1579278053358.jpg (223.79 KB, 701x1200, 1579096735638.jpg)

We got too cocky bros



What were they thinking smdh





File: 1579316274549.jpg (24.71 KB, 349x445, u1jhyqqfflrwyyyttgkh.jpg)

Yeah i saw/posted that days ago dude see above

Also don't give that fucker any moar cliccs kek



File: 1579411687205.png (555.7 KB, 500x800, 1396360401547.png)




Phucc i want a nu trailer already hurry up valve it's less den 2 months till de supposed rls



File: 1579449014185.jpg (41.98 KB, 245x300, anna wet.jpg)


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