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support local businesses when it comes to food, they have better standards
family run is both healthier and you dont find body parts in the food


tf am I looking at



your lack of IQ



The food is body parts though. Isn't bacon just pig skin? As gross as it is to literally see a nipple.



File: 1631349924029.png (436.23 KB, 400x600, annaIRL.png)

How the fuck is this vidya/entertainment media-related faggot?




human flesh can make you insane look it up
also i believe it to be the same for aninal meats, albeit to a lesser extent



>Niggers can climb into the fryers to twerk fo dey insta and cum on my burgers but THIS has crossed the line McShit, I'm vegay now!!!!1111
I found a nipple on a pork belly at a bbq once, we saved that piece for my dad, lol.

Eating human brain might give you prion disease that will make you go mad, but the same goes for eating cow brain.
Opportunistic cannibalism when absolutely necessary, a la eating the legs of a corpse after surviving a plane crash, does not make you insane, unless you weren't mentally prepared to do it in the first place, then that's a psychosomatic issue you yourself are manifesting and can overcome, and not chemicals in the legs you're eating making you go crazy ooga booga time.



I think there's something about eating a diet of exclusively lean meat can drive you insane but nobody does that unless their desperate.
vegetarians like to portray meat eaters as inferior but the truth is the vegetarians are the ones with the nutritional deficiencies.



bacon is leg meat

pig skin is turned into pork rinds
a good source of collagen



pork rinds are pretty based



>fast food
>in Bolivia

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