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If you're having trouble with music being too sharp or tinny if you listen through youtube set it to 360p, I did this and just now it's great, highly recommended if you listen to soundscapes and the like.


also helps with tinnitus



that's what an equaliser is for dingus. but i agree, it's annoying when it happens. I use the treble control on my amp to fix the issue.



no I mean the audio quality not an EQ tweak



the point of a treble tweak is that you preserve the audio quality by attenuating the high pitched painful screech. i do admit i listen to 160p documentaries in the background while i check other sites though.



File: 1631568270651.png (242.22 KB, 383x491, 20210913_210617.png)

my tinnitus has gone down from an e to a G

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