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File: 1631586317804.jpg (105.22 KB, 429x405, Screenshot_20210909-140242….jpg)


Shit Island

stars: whoever wants to make 30 bucks
maybe some backpage special who just shows up in a scene naked fingering herself in the background for like a couple seconds, none of the other actors react, so its like a really scuffed easter egg, she gets s picture of her vagina in the end credits as a thankyou too
budget: 10k MAX
plot: essentially when i was young i thought that all the earths shit ended up in the ocean, i then thought what if the shit all met each other; and so shit island was born, it stars a colossal island of shit, often mistaken for a ship, grotesque and grim
it bumps into water based craft like thunderbirds where theres a small action on part of the shit island but the cuts back to the inside of said ships see the various crewmen jostled about like tadpoles in a watering can

but get this, right now the shit island has been relying on currents to travel

until the final scene
cuts to submarine operator
>"its gaining on us…"

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