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File: 1575751546924.png (36.53 KB, 870x624, 1575751009647.png)



Gawd i will always stay true to w7/nanami-chan





Because Nigger-cattle can't appreciate freedom



File: 1575770019656.png (332.72 KB, 500x628, LOL-FEELHURT.png)

LOL godhurt!

*angelic smack slap!*



The smart keep using old windows 7 and linux without systemd.
The cattle go with windows 10 and systemd normie linux.

The smart keep their personal info, files and crypto keys.
Te cattle get their torrents deleted, their personal info read and get their crypto keys stolen from microsoft. One day some government guy makes a call and all your bitcoins are gone.

Natural selection. The dumb were made to perish. Same people who go out without a gun and drive without a spare tire.

Use Windows 10. Get ads. Get your torrents deleted. Get your crypto keys read by microsoft. Be raped in every way possible.

And if you are so certain that i am that vulnerable, and you can bypass my firewall and discounted behavioral anti-virus, you are welcome to hack me.

I haven't been hacked in 3 years probably. Will you be the one to make me switch to Windows 10? So that i can be hacked by default by the government and Microsoft?

And if you think windows 7 is spied on the same way, why are they so angry that we are not switching to 10? Why do they keep making the same threads every day concerned that we are still using 7? Maybe its not that easy with 7.



File: 1577931367829.jpg (27.27 KB, 600x335, 1577928572113.jpg)



File: 1578034395041.png (45.22 KB, 770x698, spurdog.png)

Jesus i need to sort out the porn HDD and do some final backupz before EOL arrives in 12 days' time







File: 1578198358154.jpg (46.93 KB, 900x507, 1577641164777.jpg)

Gonna run wsus one last time l8er on and drop all that update goodness on my external HDD which will be the 2nd backup of all available w7 updates since 2k9 from de m$ update catalog

Afterwards i will install a 3rd party live malware solution to replace MSE



File: 1578216053528.png (97.73 KB, 709x559, 0patch Blog.png)



File: 1578377842663.png (1.17 MB, 1761x2034, 1578351529240.png)





Once you get a new motherboard you'll have to switch to Windows 10… Idk any way around that.



Almost none of those people would be in heaven, including proprietary software.



File: 1578657441474.png (344.47 KB, 1200x800, WcKh7FT.png)



File: 1578726494481.png (1017.24 KB, 1440x900, 1578679602158.png)

We need 2 protecc her /v/ros



I'm going to have to watch some of those old videos on jewtube at some point heh



They're not too bad, better get it to them before they're gone though. COPPA is bullshitting bad already.



File: 1578844354492.jpg (467.17 KB, 1296x2048, 1578836554069.jpg)

1 dayrino left /v/ros





File: 1578856123566.png (1.21 MB, 1424x839, afasafas#.PNG)

stupid bort lol



File: 1578905610811.jpg (88.05 KB, 1100x892, 1387025 - Anna Elsa Frozen….jpg)



File: 1579011139456.jpg (202.34 KB, 800x555, 1578979289422.jpg)



File: 1579014412570.jpg (61.42 KB, 613x600, 1500229429583.jpg)







File: 1579101072068.jpg (47.45 KB, 750x422, reactos-new-system-themes-….jpg)

God these new reactOS themes look shit

Why claim your OS is a windows clone when you're not cloning the aero theme aswell



File: 1579106055734.png (91.24 KB, 400x333, 1511626386640.png)

>Microsoft will continue to update virus definitions for existing users until 2023.

Aw hell yea

Gonna have to use AVG or smth for new configs (like the upcoming uSFF thinkcentre) tho apparently heh



File: 1579107107111.jpg (1.55 MB, 3264x1554, 1579086109069.jpg)











royale blue



luna silver






2009 feels like it was just a few years ago



File: 1579266102980.gif (412.23 KB, 500x500, 1561530466747.gif)




File: 1579266804989.png (629.21 KB, 430x533, 1579216328227.png)




Just did a sys restore point and gettan ready to install a secondary antivirus in muh w7 ryzan config

God that kaspersky security network bullshit sounds fishy af and almost made me pull out at the last minute, however i ended up agreeing to the EULA and disagreeing with the KSN and marketing data agreement tabs and now it's installing

It's also nagging me about disabling MSE real time protection so as to not cause any conflicts which i will do now, hope it won't cause too many false positives heh



File: 1579268802648.jpg (25.83 KB, 720x621, 1522181218462.jpg)

Aaand i just threw it off again because none of the protectshun settings can actually be changed in the free version lmao, fucking botnet-tier really

Gonna try dat dere bitdefender next i think





File: 1579270429689.png (14.14 KB, 717x283, niggerrrrr.PNG)


Shit is gettin kafkaesque now



File: 1579270716268.png (20.9 KB, 672x612, niggerrrrrr.PNG)

Holy fuck what an useless POS



File: 1579271470586.jpg (66.83 KB, 686x718, 1537204011212.jpg)


fuckin w10 NPC drones in that thread too heh

God these condescending "jus downgrade to botnet10 hurr!!11" faggots get on my nerves



Oh no no no

Look at the top of his taskbar



Ah fuck it i just threw a local copy of malwarebytes on in addition to the existing MSE config and am gonna call it a day now with this AV shit



File: 1579275546128.png (113.75 KB, 414x484, 1545744792477.png)


kino article heh



File: 1579407728864.png (18.66 KB, 1016x762, 1579400068351.png)

Dis b sum creepy shit

This also takes on a double meaning when you consider the fact that w10 is basically a keylogger LARPing as an OS



>You need a main Windows partition (C: drive) and the Windows boot partition (100mb, the tool will force you to make it).
lmao just pre-format the drive faggot.

also you don't really need EUFI, nigger-tier article

And you disable indexing to save your SSD from making a zillion needless writes, moran doesn't even mention that

>Disk Indexing is used to speed up file searches. It also slightly slows down general performance (perhaps not on SSDs)

what a fucking nigger, he just told you to wreck your SSD with useless writes

And not a word on disabling hybernate OMFG he is the blackest nigger in the blackest jungle of all of nigger africa, I'm fucking dying now…

In all it's lifetime linux nerds give you shit for using windows but now they google some shit together and declare themselves experts what a bunch of pretentious FAGGOTS.



>Trusting ni/g/ger-cattle



File: 1579442550918.jpg (65.1 KB, 640x657, 1579298580445.jpg)


Man i totes would've done this already but supposedly this relies on an external, closed-source .dll

I'd rather live with no extended updates than having to trust dat kek, as long as MSE still updates i'm happy



FOSS autists at it again




File: 1580016614806.png (56.13 KB, 771x454, 83b1f3296782a6c1b3137f2baf….png)

I actually was pleasantly surprised to learn that just like MSE, windows update agent still works after EOL

but this was only after i've ran 4GB worth of updates (including SP1) via wsus inna console

I somehow doubt it would have worked like that out of the box heh

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