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Oh wow the war aesthetics guy baleeted his channel 3 months ago

Some baased dood archived it all though heh



God i love that refrain



Yeah im thinkin it b kino af



File: 1588558702982.jpg (84.04 KB, 600x536, A-6561349-1539731622-2596.….jpg)

Goddamn these nibbers are underrated as fuck, their stuff is MUCH better than the usual vocal synthwave that's really just repackaged mainstream pop songs with some added synths thrown in.

This on the other hand really channels the core of that techno-faustian spirit present in some of the best early synthwave tunes when the genre + scene first came into being inna early 2010s

I just downloaded their whole discography off bandcamp and they're basically among my top GOAT favs already after 3 songs



twf no gf - 2deep4u



This honestly sounds much more closer to actual coldwave and synthpop than to conventional outrun/retrowave, without the multiple heavy synths it would basically belong squarely in the synthpop genre heh

Literally of their tracks are GOAT, they are quite exceptional indeed






Oh wow that video is pretty similar to this one stylistically



Can't believe this has less den 1k views

NPC musical taste is so awful kek, you can realy tell because GOAT artists like these are severely underrated



File: 1588974393132.jpg (380.69 KB, 1200x1200, a2892607032_10.jpg)


This one has some heavy New Italo Disco vibes going on whereas the other album sounded much more like stuff you'd hear from Electric Youth

I love how they cover liek almost the whole spectrum of the retro scene w/their different tracks







File: 1588995473298.jpg (50.31 KB, 500x688, 1588970692532.jpg)




YTDLG is becoming seriously useless now, it fails at every other vid



>foky actually posts a cute girl for once



She's a germanic czech model heh

Also very westbaltid-influenced imo


I don't find her phenotypical traits that desirable actually



one the chillest tunes ever IMo



Japaneez shoegaze heh



Love me sum downtempo/IDM heh



File: 1589142762421.jpg (283.58 KB, 1200x1200, a1668509655_10.jpg)






File: 1589146260369.jpg (12.09 KB, 400x400, 1576615034347.jpg)



File: 1589154339976.jpg (116.89 KB, 743x423, 1589149141029.jpg)

Italo disco is pro-h'white




Go up lad



File: 1589155972307.png (123.59 KB, 500x420, dd5bcdbdea23b0f52f5f35a403….png)







Up laddo





i can't stop listening to dis the vibes are so kino





Go up fammer



I'd voor some of those kinder, if you get my meaning.



kys urself redx u fgt heh



Polish black metal is GOOD redart




Ruthenian shoegaze is pro-white



I'm in love with aurora but it seems she's found someone already ;_;

such a beautiful song



Inb4 this here chonners becums the next bjork stalker heh




i unironically have the same last name as he did

he's probalby like my 4th cousin or some shit



Kinda reminds me of Eisley.



kino heh







File: 1590349941587.png (244.24 KB, 597x590, 957fe6f8fdf1cbdde51c363220….png)

Quality latvian shoegaze



Early electric youff is prettay based too heh



Oh wow some of their early stuff sounds like an elevated form of vanilla italo

Gonna build up the whole discography i think heh



Surprised you're just hearing this one now. This coalburner was one of my first forays into the whole meme genre and I used to post their music through grooveshark links pretty regularly heh



File: 1590377168386.jpg (13.33 KB, 266x189, 788778.jpg)

It's possible/quite likely that i heard it being played onna station in de past but i never went through their shit in a systematic fashion because i was partly turned off by them becoming mainstream later on but their early stuff seems to be very gud indeed

Also is the singer really a nigger fucker heh



I posted the video but not the stupid comment about it asswipe.



Goddamn this fuckin thread is cursed now post in the other one

do NOT hover over the quote it breaks your browser due to the embeds
fuckin hell

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