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Uncut Gems (2019) begins with an unusual transition sequence, where we first see a badly injured Ethiopian miner and a mob of fellow Ethiopian miners (lip service is later paid to them being Ethiopian Jews) on the verge of revolting against what looks to be Chinese mine-owners (and/or “It’s all so tiresome”-styled Asian foremen). This distraction allows two rogue miners to chisel out the titular uncut gem (a rock containing multicolored opal gems), so that ultimately, and through a presumed smuggling network, an unscrupulous Jewish jeweler in NYC can sell it and other shiny things to black rappers and superstitious NBA stars with a surfeit of disposable income. As the two miners admire the rock, the camera slowly zooms into one of its luminous opals. We then ‘enter’ the inner world of the gem via gemological photomicrography, allowing us to see the sharp, colorful, and crystalline topology of minerals-inside-minerals. This inner world of the opal then seamlessly transitions into a colonoscopy camera view of the said jeweler’s bowels, with its own fleshy and odious topology.

Whether this unusual opening to a film is simply intended as a smidgen of scatological humor (a Jewish forte) or has some deeper symbolic meaning is open to interpretation, but what is certain is that Uncut Gems is very much a Jewish film, a critical reflection on modern Jewish identity and one of the most self-consciously Jewish films since the Coen Brothers’ A Serious Man (2009)



is it kino heh



A fine questshun indeed my good man, will report back w/my kinosseur findings once the chinkrip goes live



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Literally all movies are fake



Getting really tired of Adam Sandler's "I'm a god damn kike" movie plot he's been fucking doing for the past decade now.



Oh wow chinkrip already out



He is a kike though, and he doesn't even give a shit about the movies he makes. He just wants to make a piece of crap and pocket all the advertising money he gets for product placement. He can hardly even pretend it's some kind of 'art'. I'm not sure, but that's probably pretty BASED.



God apparently it has a bunch of niggers in it
This just went a bunch of slots down on my backlog rotashun heh

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