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Fresh Nu Half-Life: Alyx General

Game has been fully ported to mouse and keyboard

Imma try this shit out l8er heh
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Stop spamming your retarded off-topic unrelated shit in here you faggot



File: 1592723679222.jpg (5.8 KB, 144x144, unnamed566556.jpg)

Loool ((tyler)) mcfatso changed the logo of his vlog channel to a turdpusher one



File: 1592751627065.jpg (28.19 KB, 375x385, 1564526935111.jpg)

Just pulled le homido out again

Imma dust it off and put trinus onna nu phone when my glasses arrive again



File: 1593281641196.jpg (22.08 KB, 500x500, Prime Web Optimized-2-500x….jpg)

Aight so i couldn't test trinus out yet because i didn't have the house for myself but i will do it first opportunity i get

Also deez homido nibbers put out yet a new model called prime, they want 70 bucks fo dat which is a very hefty price for what is essentially an upgraded glorified google cardboard with slightly better lenses but maybe i can find it used somewhere for a gud price heh



This is a tranner innit lel



File: 1593371051399.jpg (92.73 KB, 633x1000, 1593361240451.jpg)

Swear to fuck i would've gotten a WMR HMD already if they weren't software-walled to windows 10 despite being obviously hardware-compatible with windows 7 in theory

There are basically no cheap options to play HL:A in consumer-grade VR on w7 at all with save for jerry-rigging some kind of abominashen together lel



Gosh i heccin love science xP



Yet anuddah heccin kickstarter treadmill heh





>160 bucks for this here HMD at least
>Then another 100 for the tracking solushen

Congrats you could've bought an used oculus with in-built tracking shit for 40 bucks more lel



Dis here vid wuz made one month before coronibber kicked off and the VR price gouging kicked in

fuckin kikes heh





What a cheap little whore. I'd let her correct my D.



uh huh



Fresh nu VNN



File: 1594483077782.png (464.38 KB, 722x502, asasafs.PNG)

Mkay dis b epic

Lovin dat dere triage at dawn interpretation from that Lloyd composerfeller aswell heh



Bunch o' spoilery shit in this one i think but saved it for l8er



File: 1595123366788.jpg (208.88 KB, 1920x1080, landon-lemmon-darkenergy-f….jpg)

Hella. effin. epik.





Today on Valve News Network, we take a look at the canceled episode for Half-Life 2, Return to Ravenholm, A.K.A Opposing Force 2. After the Orange Box in 2007, Valve quickly burned out on Half-Life and promptly canceled all indev Half-Life games in favor of what become Portal 2. One of those games was being produced by Arkane Studios, the people behind Dishonored, and put the player back in the shoes of Adrian Shepard, the protagonist of Opposing Force, and returning to Ravenholm. Let's go over everything I know about this canceled game, as well as walk viewers through the entire experience, as recounted by a person who just played it, Danny O'Dwyer, known for this work on NOCLIP.



Up feller





File: 1596335698401.png (41.53 KB, 300x250, safas.png)

>Weaponized leafblowers
>corrupted monkys

Le heckin fuckerino



This shit looks janky as fuck lel



File: 1596771050463.jpg (138.72 KB, 664x1051, ps5.jpg)



Imma bamp zis



How much money is Snoy willing to lose I wonder.



It's a solid concept/idea though. It will probably be improved with time.



Yeah maybe but the problem is that only tinkerers will bother going thru with it

A real breakthrough for VR will only take place if this shit actually becomes affordable for the average dude without needing to spend his entire wage

As it stands right now even the non-standalone VR systems cost as much as a PC in itself

The price should go down to at least half of that before any mass adoption can take place



All oculus VR products will require you to login with a facebook account




File: 1597818148832.png (1.16 MB, 796x908, a00944dd18f8045695bafed638….png)

What the fuuuu— xD

I hope this wont be retrospectively introduced for other VR HMD's from dem

Afaik the CV1 is the only ""commercial"" oculus that works on w7, wud b a shame/total dealbreaker if you needed a goybook account fo dat too now



File: 1597844297521.png (246.48 KB, 750x418, kino2.png)

There are rumours that valve will introduce a locost quest/odyssey competitor device some time next year

God i hope deez turn out to be tru

I was about to pull the trigger w/the CV1 when i had like 1k+ in savings again but this news from today just hampered dat lel



File: 1597928188385.png (422.37 KB, 431x767, stxg9ijmszh51.png)




File: 1597941018828.png (136.23 KB, 1065x206, tyler mcfatso.png)

>a guy who caused valve shitload of trouble leaking info on their projects
>directly related to huge source code data leak which happened few months ago
>valve employees directly call him a pain in the ass and worthless mole

He unironically thinks they are doing nothing and not just cutting connections with this retard and trying to keep him in the black? lol



File: 1598671254974.jpg (264.65 KB, 1680x1050, eastern germanic qt npc.jpg)

Where the FUCK is the 3rd chapter of the OST as promised

Valve you fuckin nibbers





I think Half-Life is one of the only vidya franchises i dreamt about more than once

It really is the thinking germanic man's game heh





File: 1600223059612.png (177.77 KB, 360x450, 08e434400e77619ff7e636d1b2….png)






Today on Valve News Network, we are taking a look at Project 17, a community remake of Half-Life 2's opening chapter, Point Insertion, (for now), coming to the Half-Life: Alyx workshop.







Fresh nu heccin info on Gmod 2 (source 2-based)



That soyface in the thumbnail says it all, doesn't it.



File: 1602975278800.jpg (29.54 KB, 400x400, large (3).jpg)

Tyler mcfatso is an arch soy so pretty much





Gabe Newell's HUGE Half-Life Interview



File: 1603597846534.png (19.56 KB, 637x588, 1492302233184.png)

Holy heccin shidd heh





File: 1603615414693.jpg (100.76 KB, 785x731, tfw out of soy.jpg)

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