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Fresh nu Germanic Assassin's Creed: Valhalla trailer fuckers


File: 1588267129803.jpg (45.85 KB, 509x480, 213123.jpg)

I hope varg does a review of this heh



File: 1588268770071.png (47.99 KB, 680x760, 1564264889821.png)

By Odin's FUCKING beard this was epic as FUCK. judeo-christniggians BTFO eternally by this trailer

holy fucking helheim take all my shekels heh



File: 1588269035852.png (8.93 KB, 417x526, 1566865013874.png)

Ahaha the kikesucking christttrannys on /v/ are having a meltdown rn

>muh heccin king alfred dindu nuffins this is anti-christrian propaganda

get FUCKED christniggers

EVROPA shall return to its original pagan state again and cast off the judeo-abrahamic spiritual poison from the shitskin desert



File: 1588269211887.jpg (46.39 KB, 341x450, ACValhalla.jpg)

Heccin based

chr*stniggers wont recover from this one



File: 1588269650209.jpg (584.99 KB, 2000x1125, 1588267178646.jpg)



File: 1588269721763.jpg (574.45 KB, 1440x1228, 1588268211253.jpg)




File: 1588270111812.jpg (622.11 KB, 2181x1227, 1588260225965.jpg)



File: 1588270541919.jpg (240.45 KB, 1467x1479, 1588266166586.jpg)




File: 1588271078589.jpg (97.4 KB, 550x707, jade's game.jpg)

looks like the exact same game as jade's game 2. you people are ackshually soymouthing about dis shit LMAO



File: 1588342144493.jpg (102.19 KB, 1024x860, 1588266537391.jpg)



File: 1588362884554.jpg (73.96 KB, 605x546, nordic germanic gamer chad….jpg)

Just a reminder that the Chadkings were able to carve up a majority of Bong territory and influenced Irish politics greatly, and no Ang*o is of true Anglo-Saxon blood anymore because, much like the romans, the Chadkings blessed the people with their genes.



File: 1588382205498.png (649.8 KB, 1104x1116, 1588379145677.png)



File: 1588382214078.jpg (197.48 KB, 1156x699, 1588382077449.jpg)



File: 1588382859811.jpg (1.62 MB, 2544x2916, judeo-christian chimper hi….jpg)

>The Jewish Tanakh (acronym for Torah-Neviim-Khetuvim, "Law, Prophets, Writings") is the same as what Christians call the "Old Testament."

There is a slightly different arrangement of the books, but they are the same books, e.g., the Christian "Old Testament" ends with Malachi, the Tanakh ends with 2 Chronicles. But there are not more or less books; they are just arranged differently.

So in content, there is no difference.

Q: What is the difference between the Tanakh and the Old Testament?




File: 1588421262110.jpg (166.96 KB, 500x500, 1588380084478.jpg)

This trailer is so pro-white and epic i cud watch it ovah n ovah agen heh



File: 1588421476359.jpg (139.71 KB, 970x960, 1554093513319.jpg)



File: 1588421785389.png (304.53 KB, 446x334, vargdalf.png)

>The game will see the return of settlements, which have been absent from the series since Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. However, where these settlements offered the player passive gameplay bonuses, settlements in Valhalla will take on a renewed importance. Game director Ashraf Ismail described this as being "[because] a lot of what you're doing in the game world is, at the end of the day, going to feed into the settlement so that it can grow, it can flourish." Quests will start and finish in the settlement and the player will be able to direct construction of certain types of buildings which in turn provide benefits for gameplay. To build these structures, the player will need to lead the Vikings on raids to collect resources.[6] The player will be able to build a raiding party by recruiting non-player chatacters to assist with these.[7]

Paging the kino department right now heh



File: 1588433859398.jpg (55.42 KB, 400x533, nordgermanin.jpg)



Why do these AAA studios have to ruin their trailers with trash fucking music lmao

Nothing is more pro-wh*te than the God of War Ascension trailer tbh, it really made you wish you were a MED BVLL



Medoids are germanic



File: 1588439455533.png (171.66 KB, 636x534, EWZg3kOXkAUgx3p.png large.png)


Close. They were more of a serf class, whom provided agriculture and nubile mtDNA to Indo-Germanic steppe bvlls






File: 1588450657873.jpg (60.86 KB, 589x592, 1588433644809.jpg)



File: 1588458871174.jpg (78.32 KB, 486x376, fag.jpg)




Assassin's Creed Valhalla's Male and Female Protagonists Are Both Canon

Equality awaits.




File: 1588464213202.png (915.95 KB, 1116x713, deus....vlt....png)

This has nothing to do with actual historical germanic paganism though

Whereas real life jewdeo-shitstianity is all about fag marriages



File: 1588464569726.png (288.73 KB, 435x530, 1588449093312.png)

>live in peaceful ethnostate divided into many tribes
>have your religion, culture and people
>Live in harsh conditions so your people are tall and strong
>Get rare blond hair becouse of supreme gene mutations
>You didnt even raid the Roman empire, your southern German cousins have done this
>Gets invaded by some retarded jewish cucks from France
>They burn every place bonded with your religion or culture
> "Worship jew on stick or die"
>They burn your holy Insulin tree
>Your people get angry
>Show jewish faggots where their place is
>Destroy their culture just as their destroyed first Roman culture and later tried to destroy you
>Construct best boats of medieval era capable of swimming across Atlantic
>Rival jewsih traders with your chad trading skills
>Literally make Europe more white with your colonisation
>Didnt even have to rape christ women, they were attracted becouse you were cleaning often and had some chad hair and beard
>300 years of pure Nordic dominance
>They write in their jewish chronicles how terrible you were
>Christcucks still butthurt to this day



The gameplay of this series just doesn't appeal to me, same with the Witcher and Dark Souls series. Idk just isn't fun or interesting.



Same tbh, I tried Assassin's Creed 2 a long time ago and I just wasn't feeling it.



File: 1588490670320.jpg (82.44 KB, 498x497, Untitled-1.jpg)




File: 1588510899285.jpg (120.94 KB, 845x418, Bogman.jpg)


Again, see >>4517

This has nothing to do with actual historical germanic paganism

Homosexuals and trannies were thrown into the bog back then, these were considered capital crimes in norse pagan society



File: 1588645404504.png (245.25 KB, 480x479, screen-shot-2019-09-23-at-….png)


Oh wow



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