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Nintendo Lawyers File Copyright Complaints Against Super Mario 64 PC Port


There are videogame cucks who tell me that the reason Nintendo does stuff like this is because it threatens their ability to protect their copyright as a legal precedent, but that sounds like bullshit to me. Someone pill me on this.



nah, it's the same thing when they went after rom sites. they want the ability to keep selling these old fucking games in a "new" format down the road exclusively to themselves. like the ps1 "minis" that were released awhile back.



File: 1590001786477.jpg (283.1 KB, 1853x705, 1514526669013.jpg)



IIRC if your company is made aware of an infringement through formal channels and you do nothing about it your intellectual property can be legally forfeit. It's the same reason Hasbro had to shut down "Fighting is Magic" heh

This could all be bullshit

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