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>700k views on a YouTube video, from Aug 2019, of a scene from an anime released in 1986

I love it when good stuff gets the appreciation it deserves!



>I love it when good stuff gets the appreciation it deserves!

Yeah like ur mums pucci when the whole neighbourhood takes their turn heh



Fist of the North Star has ridiculous, shitty animation and a retarded story that doesn't make any sense but it's so hardcore no one gives a shit heh






What do you mean shitty animation? I think its my turn to say… its GUD, fag! The story makes sense enough to me… the 86' movie's story was ripped from the earlier animes/comics, like what Marvel does with their films. Maybe what you mean is that it just comes down to one big fight in the end lol.




Watch 12:16-12:28, giant redpill lol.



this, watch the tv show over the movie if you can. Story is more fleshed out and the battle with raoh is much more badass



The problem with the series is the crapload of filler.



File: 1590101237672.jpg (108.11 KB, 720x478, Raoh_1986movie.jpg)

the cheeze is delicious don't knock my shit nigguh

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