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File: 1590004052525.jpg (39.25 KB, 251x397, Fast_&_Furious_Presents_Ho….jpg)


Is dis kino gud laddos


Mkay dis look kino



File: 1590276572810.jpg (114.73 KB, 1079x834, 1585496660539.jpg)

Just finished watchin this absolute goofyass abomination of a meme flick

WAY too many horrid quipyass meme dialogue and cheap greenscreen scenes, also the franchise-specific nigger hip hop OST thruout moar or less ruined the whole buildup and then it kinda fell apart in the final/third act on the pacifinibber island (and what the fuck was up with the pitch black night suddenly changing to the middul of the day from one jumpcut to the next lmao)

One can see what they were generally aiming for here but it just comes off very wooden and extremely formulaic in the end, and the way some of these common tropes were implemented was just a bit too shoddy from a filmmaking POV imo.. At least the director wasn't a kike though heh, i checked that first thing as always

5/10 it's watchable enough when you've got nothing else in ure VOD lib



I shud perhaps add that i'm not familiar with the franchise this is a spinoff of and only know fast and le furious from hearsay/a couple snippets, as a standalone movie it's not particularly good either though heh

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