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Random guy builds therapeutic bimodal stimulation/neuromodulation device in his garage/mancave


File: 1590607693181.jpg (63.56 KB, 607x607, 1577588912152.jpg)

I've read a couple things about this shit, some guy who was suffering from both tininibber aswell as visual snow (since they are related) got to test a prototype device based on this concept and said his tinnitus wuz fully gone whilst de VS was barely noticable anymoar heh

There's only one clinic inna whole country offering this particular form of therapy to my knowledge and it's probably hard af to get into/get approved by the insurance, they also don't sell it on the market and license it out to med. facilities exclusively



Oh wow this fella is wearing dem PC glasses too

Prolly has a lite form of vss aswell heh



File: 1590609895318.png (42.87 KB, 823x311, sfsfasfas.PNG)

effin ((big pharma)) smdh



>Mfw i went out of my way to share this w/the vss forum but those kike fuckers wouldn't greenlight the thread

Their loss heh

Least i know this can be done as a DIY project now, i'll prolly contact this fella and ask for some specifics on which program he uses etc



File: 1591891186894.jpg (24.63 KB, 574x568, 1497764421435.jpg)


Oh wow this is lit af

Gonna file this one in my "studies/treatments with the possibility of curing my ailments" folder



Oh wow the guy from the OP vid posted onna tinnitus subleddit inna past




try an injection of lead into your brain stem



File: 1594192647441.jpg (62.21 KB, 630x418, butthurt-bitch.jpg)

imma inject my ballsac juice in ur mums throat LOL



is that what you wanna do to your narc mommy

mommy issues boy



File: 1594194835037.png (183.02 KB, 422x472, der untermensch.png)

nice projection LOL

I already disproved this ""talking point"" of yours (and explained why my situation is the exact oppostite to this) thoroughly narcdwarf

Just kys



Dwarfschizo is really just jealous of FoKy

She is a foreign body to the board that only started shitting it up during the smilewizard drama and she abuses it as her own narcicisstic little echo chamber which is why she won't fucking leave no matter what

She never had one of her threads stickied unlike the oldfag FoKy who has lurked on the chon since early 2012

She is subhuman compared to him, the more angry she gets at FoKy the harder this is being proven



inject some lead into your brain stem



Literal grade school insult LMAO



Holeeh phucc


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