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File: 1593044828784.jpeg (278.53 KB, 2800x1200, LcTxR7u1XKae8Zaj594qUJafN….jpeg)


This is probably the most mundane show I've ever watched to completion. It is about a retired 60 year old Japanese salary man who goes out to eat. Every episode a very minor conflict occurs that ruins his dining expirience, and then he daydreams about what a certain samurai would do in this situation. It then gives him the courage to be slightly rude by Japanese standards in order to deal with the conflict. I can't really explain what kept me invested.


Probably meant to appeal to Japanese boomers who are increasingly having to deal with rude foreign scum in their area. Does sound a bit boring.



Interestingly there was an episode that featured clueless foreigners, but it focused more on how the chef was upset that those damn gaijin didn't appreciate the care he put into his food.



Where does one watch this boomer show



I don't know. I've just been watching webrips of Japanese crap from netflix without even knowing what to expect.



I have noticed that there are a lot of cute h'White women playing minor roles on Japanese television.



File: 1593387320747.jpg (66.49 KB, 284x400, roasties for sale.jpg)

whores who fail at trading sex for celebrity in hollywood often head over to asia where there is less whites to compete with. remember creepy-chan? she ended up as a filipino television producer's cum rag when her career as a fashion model in los angeles didn't work out.

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