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File: 1570945819165.jpg (19.3 KB, 474x266, 48.jpg)


Shud i watch this dark meme shit that's being heavily astroshilled on /tv/ ever since it came out, even Sperglin recommends watching it now

Trailer looks passable visually but somehow i think the intended target audiences for this shit are redditor wahmminz and escapism-seeking trannies


It's a pointless prequel with glaring cgi that burns my eyes. If you wanna watch it, watch. Do whatever. Baka.



Eh fuck it gonna give it a go



File: 1571010575701.jpg (288.89 KB, 835x1080, Sheeple-43.jpg)

watch movies and live in a fantasy world goy.
ignore reality, its not as important as zogflix



Your schtick is alright, but how about a different picture for once, buddy?



File: 1571011642277.jpg (86.86 KB, 605x692, soytalk.jpg)

>i can't wait for the next star wars sequel!



>enjoying movies
>not watching them because you see through the jewish veil and enjoy the suffering
take the cuckpill



File: 1571118889937.jpg (15.48 KB, 148x242, anna23.jpg)

Just got done sittin thru dat dere 1st EP, i'd say it wasn't terrible compared to the other shit they air on NPCflix but it's not exactly great either

The deliveries on many of the voice lines seem hammy as fuck even for a high fantasy setting like that one but maybe they took that from the original movie idk since like most ppl i never watched dat

Also the fact you're looking at puppets and the range of facial motions on these is extremely limited it gets a lill uncanny along with being unable to suspend disbelief past a certain point. Like it's weird, it's almost believable enough to suck you in but not quite enough to make you stop thinking about how imperfect it looks upon closer inspectshun heh

Also i recognized Vikander right away, bish has one raspyass voice for a femoid heh



>Like it's weird, it's almost believable enough to suck you in but not quite enough to make you stop thinking about how imperfect it looks upon closer inspectshun heh

Reminds me of when I saw Ridley Scott's "Aliens" in 4k; all of the stage props looked completely fake and cringe, just about ruined one of my favorite movies heh



File: 1571124831443.png (49.33 KB, 694x634, 872.png)

Mfw the skeksis remind me of a (((certain))) real world ethnicity that also drinks the blood/lifeforce of its victims to rejuvenate itself

heh that's 70's practical fx for ya




spectacle nonsense



File: 1571139388721.png (73.78 KB, 657x510, cavejew.png)

Aren't all movies/artistic cultural outputs crafted by humans though?



File: 1571209134840.png (730.43 KB, 724x927, guys live_robocough_dxm2.png)


The next level is to watch any of this stuff on DXM. It's incredibly immersive. I've got to warn you though, if you are artistically minded, this drug will probably be really addictive. I watched Endgame on DXM and it felt like I was watching it over 9 hours due to the time dilation.



File: 1571209439371.jpg (124.82 KB, 1280x720, 1566757957702-0.jpg)

they recently banned otc dxm here
i tried it before and it didn't even work
nothing from a whole container of gelcaps



The no fun allowed narc ZOG boomers are already onto you heh



File: 1571211214620.jpg (208.63 KB, 720x767, 13.jpg)


Holy fuck this shit's legal here

Gonna try dis along with phenibut for sure heh



File: 1571222918466.jpg (979.57 KB, 1583x2048, 156598123551.jpg)

they won't even let you ferment your own shit anymore.
i don't even understand why they're all so against inebriation and getting wasted anyway or why being high on epic drugs is supposedly so bad that they'll go to crazy lengths to prevent even a little of from happening



KIKES just want the monopoly on drugs. They don't care about a healthy public obviously. Anti-drug faggots are largely just concern trolling retards. Take amphetamines btw.



Pls don't screw around too much with dxm guys, it can get out of hand very easily if you are of a similar mental type as me, something about it is more attractive than any other drug and I have tried quite a few. It is like the ultimate escapism and it also eliminated any depressed feelings. The dangers and downsides are downplayed a lot online but they are not fun. It is not that bad a drug as long as you keep a rule to not use it daily or even near daily. It makes you able to have incredible focus but when you use it all the time and stop it feels like your ability to focus as well as emotional controls have taken a big hit. The drug led to a lot of self improvement though and was worth going through for me but if you don't watch out it can land you in a psych ward and mess up relationships with family.



NZ? I don't know how it's possible that it couldn't work. Unless you were on some other drug, I've heard SSRIs can cancel out the effects iirc.

I'm sure ZOG would love more people doing it. It's an incredible drug for escapism and detachment, which is probably the exact purpose of video games/tv/latest Thor movie. Though I've noticed many people just don't seem to like it, which is why I wrote it's probably more attractive if you're artistically or creatively inclined.

Well obviously if you use it more than once a week you're asking for trouble, but if you're doing it that much I would be more concerned as to whether you have your job/education sorted out etc.



Use much smaller doses than normal when you start out, please.



it was 300mg, 20 caps and absolutely no effect, 85-90kg

tried it again with maybe 30 caps I think, and still nothing
unbelievably disappointed



It sounds like hard stuff, harder than weed or shrooms even





you gotta do a cold water extraction on gel caps fammo.
pure dxm is based and pillpill't

>tfw otc dihydrocodeine

the based retard pill heh



File: 1571506799872.jpg (81.94 KB, 682x450, 1516865915515.jpg)

Watched thru EP02 the other day, pretty bizarre-ish series all things considered. And don't even get me started on dem plotholes that already emerged so far

It's borderline cringe and feels pointless/drawn-out during some scenes yet can be entertaining in a weird way during others, like a bunch of different people kept directing different sections of a given episode

Defo goes into the guilty pleasures section rite dere



File: 1571550289783.jpg (389.35 KB, 1920x686, gelfling-banner.jpg)

What fuckin cringe lel



File: 1571769146945.png (315.78 KB, 1036x1143, 3293051 - Brea The_Dark_Cr….png)

Jus finishit E03

One thing i like bout dat dere series is how they try to seamlessly blend practical fx and CGI shit together at times

But still at other times the CGI looks like it's been done by underpaid shitskins from india heh



File: 1571852726819.png (1.03 MB, 879x842, when de gelfling mouff 2 t….png)

Finished E04 and currently stuck on a slow HD rip dl of E05, fucking dogestream servers rite dere (im too lazy to look for another rip from the same rls group heh)

It's defo picking up the pacing now though with the entry of dat dere kinoass hunter guy character which is kino imo



File: 1571856694316.jpg (125.55 KB, 655x670, 1545.jpg)

The (((skeksis))) remind me a lill of the original combine race in hl2 at times in that they've grown so accustomed to their technological + other comforts they've degenerated physically from their original biological form, at least that's the impression one gets from how they're being depicted with some of those degenerate fuckers literally falling apart - Contrast this with the hunter guy who seems closer to their natural form and prowess they musta once possessed. It's pretty good writing actually which i'm sure not everyone would necessarily catch up on

Even the castle they reside in resembles the HL2 citadel to a degree heh



File: 1571946817774.jpg (589.07 KB, 1280x1920, 1514300961532.jpg)

Finishit watchan E07 earlier today

It's finally really noticably picking up the pace towards the end and starting to succ u in as viewer imo

Also they totally stole that crystal desert + sand glider thing from GW2 lol

At first i didn't binge it solely b/c i found it borderline cringe and was unable to suspend disbelief due to this but now i don't binge it bcuz it's too kino to do so

Also i want to fuck the aryan gelfling princess heh



>u will never put ur big birb benis in a GILF (Gelfling I'd Like to Frick)



File: 1571963104850.png (674.99 KB, 1200x1200, 3307392 - Chamberlain Kira….png)

Gonna watch thru the remaining 4 backlogged EP's onna weekend, i just saw they also did a special making of so that shud b kino aswell methinks

Truly a kruel klown world heh



File: 1572045456557.jpg (204.71 KB, 872x776, when de crystal o truff su….jpg)

Wew, shit turned pretty grimdark during the last two EP's w/the borg insect thangz and whatnot, some of the comic relief scenes were pretty cringe too but made me scoff a couple times at least. I also like the romance sideplot they added in with the green cunt voiced by the creatura nigress, for a moment there i thought she'd end up fucking the podling cuck heh

I also like how they directly contrast the playfulness of the ""good"" skeksis with the thinly veiled sadism of the bad ones

Fucking tons of lore being thrown at you aswell, i bet more than half of it is just shallow macguffin-esque window dressing to woo the audience heh

Anyways lookin forward to le grand finale, maybe i'll even watch the original movie from the 80s but it looks pretty shit tbqfh



File: 1572127955914.png (413.17 KB, 679x832, when the gelfling princess….PNG)

Just finishit watchan the last two EP's, pretty gud stuff heh even though the non-CG battle scenes aswell as the shitty deus ex machina where all the other gelfling nibbas turned up all at the same time outta nowhere kek, who suspends his disbelief at this shit naturally sucked jus a little

Would've never thought this puppet shit wud culminate in almost LOTR-tier levels of kino right towards the end dere after all heh



File: 1572129193319.jpg (21.97 KB, 291x275, content canine.jpg)

>Try to watch the making of thang
>It starts spoiling the original movie right away

Kek guess i'll have to watch that first too den



File: 1572130615340.png (399.37 KB, 365x412, safasasffs.PNG)

God i hope there's going to be SFM gelfling models with cinematic mod-tier fully modeled reproductive organs heh



God it wud b epic as heck if they did a followup prequel about this garthim war shit which in-universe apparently takes place inna timeskip between age of resistance and the original 1982 movie



File: 1572148669468.jpg (19.74 KB, 426x481, when the essence run out.jpg)

> The Skeksis believe that they have the inherent right to drain and feed on the other races as they are the greater beings. Some even compare the Gelflings to livestock for them.

Was Jim Henson a counter-semite?



File: 1572202224173.jpg (22.9 KB, 600x450, Heike_Langguth_myspace_5.jpg)

This movie looks like something out of a dream. I remember dreaming about similarly weird creatures sitting in my room, creepy.



File: 1572204492590.png (516.14 KB, 726x638, 1572170197480.png)

You mean the original 1982 kino? Haven't watched that yet muhself but i defo will soon heh



File: 1572208542236.jpg (28.86 KB, 563x507, 1571937435448.jpg)





File: 1572208661633.jpg (244.56 KB, 1183x1290, 1572149300883.jpg)

Haha imagine if she lifted up her dress and jumped on your cock haha



File: 1572208752984.jpg (132.41 KB, 769x1000, 1571957455849.jpg)

Yfw S02 announcement from KinoFlix soon heh



File: 1572209882223.jpg (274.47 KB, 1114x1113, 1571834251067.jpg)

God imagine how thight their buttholes must be

You'd prolly coom in less den 2 thrusts heh



Erm… I'll pretend I didn't see this comment thanks



File: 1572214327129.jpg (293.97 KB, 640x960, 1571610906754.jpg)




File: 1572214893498.jpg (315.02 KB, 2560x1440, 1572212762380.jpg)




File: 1572218966200.png (557.51 KB, 541x507, when she sees how big i am.png)

Nerdgasm alert xD



Gelfling not for lewd you monsters.



They look like BSRs



bump for not schizo spam.



File: 1572225521532.jpg (53.07 KB, 500x667, 1510235936380.jpg)

Just concluded my split-up TDC binge by watching the movie too lads

The visuals were pretty decent for their time back then i suppose, score was decent too

What i especially liked was this borderline-lovecraftian thing they went for with the skeksis there

The voice work seemed a lot less sophisticated compared to AoR, though they fuckin *nailed* mother Aughra in AoR in my opinion, fairly impressive stuff

Also you could literally see the pupeteers' feet at multiple points during the garthim scene, quite adorable actually since they had no way of chroma keying this shit away effectively back then afaik heh



This here featurette was almost as kino as the making of itself too



Le phucc xD



Now this is advanced autism heh



Y dey cut out dat scene i think its alrite



File: 1572307031893.jpg (326.79 KB, 1280x1745, 1572286858852.jpg)

God just imagine teh succ



File: 1572398356815.jpg (110.75 KB, 1280x493, 1572393482318.jpg)

Rape intensifies xD



File: 1572485725467.jpg (342.93 KB, 1612x1209, 1572484339114.jpg)




So I'm pretty much going to assume that 4chon is literally full of people that resemble Seksis in both body and mind.



File: 1572548835307.jpg (54.19 KB, 400x349, setting the record straigh….jpg)

Um, try again sweaty; we are all peak performance high testosterone males voluntarily eschewing the frivolities of the current socio-economic status quo in order to save the world by gossiping about eachother and current affairs like old ladies






File: 1572550015092.jpg (441.28 KB, 846x2941, me.jpg)

I'm you're are mom xdddddddddddddd



The guy who made the original comic is such a faggot LMAO!



File: 1572564414390.png (714.13 KB, 1280x576, 1572214732609.png)

No they're jews



File: 1572564447170.jpg (503.51 KB, 884x611, 1572149608401.jpg)

In medieval yurop KIKES were also often depicted as predatory vultures/reptiles heh



They sound like /pol/



File: 1572568882070.jpg (66.34 KB, 500x322, tumblr_fe6efeb1bca9adf575c….jpg)

>The gelfnibba creator's wifey back den was also responsible for creating yoda

De moar you know heh



File: 1572568952857.jpg (45.98 KB, 1280x720, 1572213416571.jpg)

Ur wrong, see >>790 and >>942






These things are so fucking weird



File: 1573854883975.jpg (107.21 KB, 724x720, 1572306627839.jpg)

Jus liek ur mum heh



I hate that creepy looking guy. He pisses me off because he looks creepy.



File: 1573885881414.png (454.26 KB, 960x957, Mai Mai Mai.png)




File: 1573889081442.jpg (43.89 KB, 550x404, howardomachi.jpg)

just like ur butt, heh

*slap clap!*



File: 1577595859251.png (315.22 KB, 1000x2000, 3429309 - Brea NSFY The_Da….png)




File: 1577595873640.png (704.28 KB, 1500x1500, 3430742 - Seladon The_Dark….png)



File: 1577595881746.png (449.74 KB, 1400x1300, 3413032 - Brea Deet NSFY T….png)



I watched this earlier this week. It wasn't that bad. Would fuck Deet stupid.



File: 1577666649932.jpg (545.33 KB, 1448x2048, 1572542329329.jpg)

Deet is for hug not for fug heh



this is repulsive and you should be ashemed, you fucking degenerate



I'd hug her while fugging her, is that better?



File: 1577931407583.jpg (23.88 KB, 615x745, 3431055 - Brea The_Dark_Cr….jpg)

Only if ur wearing condor



DXM 350mg // DPH 350mg
The hallucinations are stronger than LSD, far more immersive as well.



Why would I need to wear a bird? Is this some weird Skeksis kink?



File: 1578012676043.jpg (591.67 KB, 1950x2050, 3444552 - Brea The_Dark_Cr….jpg)

No its ur mums kink lol



"Ich bin ein echter Gangster: Ich zeige meinen Penis im Internet…!"
(I'm a real gangster: I show my penis on the internet…!)
– Leopold talking about his dick, language: German
"Ich bin ein echter Gangster: Ich habe mal gewichst."
(I'm a real gangster: I already fapped.), language: German
"Es lädt… es lädt… Ich will nicht, dass es lädt! Wenn es lädt… dann… muss man immer so lange WARTEN! HIJAAAAA!"
(It's loading… it's loading… I won't that it's loading! If it loads… then… I must always WAIT so long! HIJAAAAA!)
– Getting anger because of his computer, language: German
"Friss meine geschmolzene Scheiße! Du Hurensohn, ich werd' dich umbringen! Ich werde euch alle TÖÖÖTEN!' JAAAAAAA!"
(Eat my melted shit! You son of a bitch, I'll kill you! I'll kill you ALLLLLL!'YEEEEEEAHH!)
– He has forgotten his ritalin again…, language: German



File: 1578031432971.jpg (125.79 KB, 500x701, tumblr_nd9t80IZg81qdtbipo2….jpg)

>Keanu Reeves: *walks in*
>"Still a better love story than twilight" *winks*
>*drops mic*
>*hits the floor*
>*walks the dinosaur*



File: 1581824105657.jpg (219.93 KB, 600x600, 1581797847179.jpg)

heh lol

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