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how the FUCK has this not been cracked yet after almost a year

fuck i hate jews


I haven't played any cod after black ops 1 (which was trash imo)
When they started adding the free running future shit I dipped, cod 4 was the best followed by mw2 all the others I didn't like, too much shot on the screen convoluted weapon attachments and perks so I dipped

I prefer f2p games like crossfire tbh, old graphics but really fun gameplay and weapons, I saw cs 1.6 is available free as a browser game now too



Also I completed world at war on veteran which is apparently one of the hardest games, pretty proud of myself

Tf2 is great too imo if you don't run and gun, the class choices is dope





File: 1594368502169.jpg (44.46 KB, 635x465, testicle10n-2-web.jpg)

Balls of Duty




I've still been playing Warzone a bit. Its good but has serious problems with players dropping out, and some toxic players.

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