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File: 1590608017240.png (38.13 KB, 1920x960, Untitled-1.png)


>State of the industry PHP 7.4 book from a reputable publisher arrives in the mail a couple weeks ago
>Finally clear out my old laptop and install XAMPP, ready to go hard in the mf paint
>Third example in the chapter doesn't even come close to working when copied (apart from the example's weird shitty font) verbatim

I know this is just an introductory chapter that precedes being taught anything too specific anyway but G-d this sh*t is frickin' frustrating lmao

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line 18 you're passing in some "$im" variable that hasn't been declared previously, maybe you meant "$image"



File: 1590622872524.jpeg (529.02 KB, 640x825, 5EBEF03E-5425-451C-A738-B….jpeg)

Good catch. While that is written in the book, maybe there's something else I'm missing because that didn't work either. I wonder if that shortened variable could just be a placeholder for other variables/text to pass through that specific function (i.e. it could just as easily read "$benis") but idfk heh



One thing I tried earlier (before changing the $im variable you pointed out, I mean) was to put a folder called "fonts" in the same directory as the php file and include a specific font file to point to. That didn't change anything at the time but maybe now that I changed (fixed?) the variable in the imagecolorallocate function it will. I looked up the __FILE__ constant and it kind of implies that ought to be done-but naturally the book itself says nothing heh

Oh well, I'll try on my next day off and try not to worry about it too much for now.



don't use books to learn php, they are filled with errors, the authors are lazy and just trying to make a quick buck, and they get outdated too quickly

use these

lots of material above, much of it's unnecessary, just pick whatever stuff you think you need

you'll need to learn sql (mysql dialect) eventually
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U shud also b asking deez /dpg/ nibberz on 4cuck /g/ about this imo

There's many programmer socks-type trannies in there but they shud know they're shit wen it cums 2 dis

File: 1590685073563.jpg (101.58 KB, 736x1041, 6c0846292157ae1301452ddc5c….jpg)


Dwarfschizo is really just jealous of FoKy

She is a foreign body to the board that only started shitting it up during the smilewizard drama and she abuses it as her own narcicisstic little echo chamber which is why she won't fucking leave no matter what

She never had one of her threads stickied unlike the oldfag FoKy who has lurked on the chon since early 2012

She is subhuman compared to him, the more angry she gets at FoKy the harder this is being proven

File: 1590637769848.png (73.2 KB, 353x321, 1f63d71939cf012c792a8b956f….png)


Why is foky such a shit? Is it because his grandmother was raped by Slavs and his mother drank during pregnancy? Did he eat lead paint as a child? Does he still eat lead paint?


I bet his mother was just old as fuck when she had him, and he has a higher mutational load due to having older siblings.



Hopefully he spergs out and physically assaults his gay cousin for no reason and gets locked in a padded room with no internet again for a little while lel



kys samefagging skitzo freak [-]

File: 1590521939983.png (1.76 KB, 448x104, gook moot.png)


Our time to shine boyos


This website is barely holding together. I'm frankly ashamed to even link it.



There is no bigger sin than inaction.



File: 1590582862148.jpg (68.5 KB, 750x398, 619487694-Aleksandr-Solzhe….jpg)

what about mass slaughtering tens of millions of white european christians? is that a bigger sin than doing nothing?



As a matter of fact, yes. The meek inherit nothing. Doers do, but they gotta pay the toll to Mister God.

File: 1588368453761.jpg (137.33 KB, 1025x1500, 0d6a7824e8dca8966288d3f277….jpg)


Imagine, if you will, a 4chon with an admin who actually did his fucking job. Impossible? Yeah, fucking clearly.
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The up spammer is shitting up the sticky on new again

permban him already



He's spamming in the sticky again



File: 1589141854079.png (32.1 KB, 1392x424, autistic spammer.PNG)

Boy it would be nice if permbans were handed out



It must now be bumped



he's spamflooding the sticky with anime pictures again


File: 1590469099225.png (36.73 KB, 500x500, 1561148929602.png)


How big is the percentage of zoomies that actually use imagbeoards regularly? I feel like most of them post either on funnyjunk or /r/HRT


KEK /r/hrt is a real sub

I mean duh ofc it is but i didn't know it was




The fuck how did this even happen

File: 1590444028446.jpg (54.51 KB, 976x850, _91408619_55df76d5-2245-41….jpg)


How the fuck is it that kohlchan(our largest source of potential crossovers) has been down ALL goddamn day and we have no increase in post rates? I think this shit hole really is dead holy fuck.
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File: 1590449902161.jpg (16.18 KB, 240x106, 12999999999999.jpg)



make me fgt, and yes i crosspost and even recycle topics from both imageboards, i'm a green poster and refuse to spend more energy than necessary.



File: 1590451188106.jpg (55.77 KB, 512x768, qr2lofgd51z21.jpg)

>because, they're the ones that more than likely are a. within our real life age, b. posted or have posted on 4chon(OG), and c. are more chill than regular 8ch denizens.

What makes u think there ever wuz a significant overlap between de two userbases tho

Like yeah i indirectly discovered the OG!chon thru kc /int/ when someone posted a stormchan (pbuh) link there but other den that i saw no evidence of there being an overlap



File: 1590451227051.png (201.73 KB, 1603x631, sasafsasf.PNG)

>stormfront doesn't exist anymore

Nibber u h'wot

It's up



File: 1590451306562.jpg (155.68 KB, 973x897, 15681038413341.jpg)

>and yes i crosspost and even recycle topics from both imageboards

As it should be heh

It's very gud when imageboards cross-fertilize each other with their memes

File: 1590412917786.jpeg (219.63 KB, 2000x1500, spruha-enterprise-sabarma….jpeg)


Check out my board. Also feel free to shill yours, since I'd spam it on every mother fucking board I can find.


>open link
>see cyrillic letters
>close link



Nah im gonna check out ur mums fetid cunt instead LOL

File: 1590251422592.png (24.69 KB, 1056x380, asfasafafs.PNG)


Official announcement from the based wizfeller
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1. Ur mums pucci
2. Ur mums asspucci
3. Ur mums mouffpucci

That shud cover dem all i think heh



File: 1590328885528.jpg (97.53 KB, 750x1166, 1590323143544.jpg)







my type



Imagine her tugging on your dick with those gloves.

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