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File: 1585049582219.jpg (81.99 KB, 736x904, whomdatb.jpg)


Ehlp mdos skitzospammerspergy is still spamming spoiler pasta inna HL:A thread on /gm/
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File: 1585236802428.jpg (173.03 KB, 1080x1350, 1564860521319.jpg)

Is dere any way to scale dem down? Maybe only do indirect youtube embeds where it only displays the video thumbnail like 8ch did back then to save bandwidth



Good fucking lord, I want to pin her down while she struggles to get free. What a little minx.



Yeah that's what i told your mom too LOL



I wish my mom looked like that.



File: 1585340568224.jpg (12.76 KB, 236x236, me the hatter.jpg)

ur mom does look like that after I drink half a bottle of jack

File: 1585234450076.jpg (7.45 KB, 255x255, 1585222426742.jpg)


Increase the bump limit so we can keep posting in the italian coronavirus thread.


File: 1585240353240.jpg (67.62 KB, 410x598, 1584826062412.jpg)

File: 1577759980151.jpg (367.73 KB, 1439x1399, 1577741082215.jpg)

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Anyone else notice posting and file upload having significantly slowed down or issit jus me heh
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When are you going to come out of the closet? Your mom will still love you, you know.



Stfu narcdwarfprojectioNCunTy



rip BORT



And up



File: 1585175219168.png (132.37 KB, 464x401, 1554806769443.png)

Up now laddo

File: 1585032769964.png (29.75 KB, 323x286, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.png)




File: 1585049701613.jpg (265.94 KB, 1760x1664, mfwkikes.jpg)

jus as mutid as ur mum is when she choke on mah DICC lol

File: 1585028904659.png (537.74 KB, 650x1274, Old-anonymous-vs-new-anony….png)


What are the odds that I'll eventually get gulag'd for having posted on a nazi board like 4chon?


Too low probably.



you mean 4chon the bhutanese basket weaving forum

File: 1584933181954.png (182.04 KB, 1679x415, sticcay.PNG)


nu-KC turns 2 years old today

Say something nice about it
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File: 1584937919622.jpg (39.37 KB, 518x520, ETv8KouXQAQx_ll.jpg large.jpg)

>Meds are better than Germ-mans.



I remember browsing Krautchan. It was bluepilled cancer.



The mods were cancer, everything else was p comfy at least until late 2010 when that fucking schizophrenic boomer jew turned up and started spamming his ugly face everywhere



>everything else was p comfy at least until late 2010 when that fucking schizophrenic boomer jew turned up and started spamming his ugly face everywhere
So one of your alternate personalities ruined the board?



File: 1584948895005.jpeg (54.46 KB, 750x600, arminkunst.jpeg)

Nah but this kike did

File: 1584805220173.jpg (104.51 KB, 407x499, 1563578085198.jpg)


animeSkitzoSpergy's mom when i breed her


File: 1584814259202.jpg (23.53 KB, 427x384, 1584363956192.jpg)

ok that's a new one



I guess we see who the real pro-white and redpilled poster is heh

File: 1584378827882.png (6.89 KB, 518x216, nooo not the heccin nuchon….png)


Worst time of my life seriously


Site went down again for 30m




I don't know what's happening. It's probably because every boomer in the world is trying to stream, use facebook and youtube now and little sites like ours are getting put on low priority.



File: 1584811884701.png (6.07 KB, 229x220, 1563659626928.png)

Fuuuu heh

File: 1584660839939.jpg (56.29 KB, 498x628, doubles.jpg)


why do i always get doubles?


You must just be that darn good

File: 1584617427185.png (195.99 KB, 427x537, zv7chldt7u711.png)


Oh shit that poster that responded to my single digit iq post had a point, I'll just post a lol-butthurt.jpg because I have no viable response, if they reply again calling me out I'll just call them dwarf and slink back and continue fapping to cuck porn.


dat a pic of ur mum LOL



massive butthurt

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