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File: 1623291442602.png (15.12 KB, 361x399, 1568752176253.png)


Ehlp mods ther eis an JAV lingerie haul spammer onna /gm/ again

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didn't you just flood /gm/ with dozens of non-/gm/ related threads?



Lovin every laff


SKitzoCunty is truly the biggest retard out there



also the other media-related board is literally dead/out of order due to a certain shitskinned narcicisstic tripsperg spamming it to death



this kike is always accusing other people of doing what he does. it's absurd.



File: 1625719450236.png (462.83 KB, 611x1171, ehlp mdos.png)

File: 1624893035445.jpeg (89.68 KB, 827x1106, E4FB51C1-8B3E-43A9-90AD-B….jpeg)


Trying to enable ReCaptcha on /new/ might have broken the board. I will probably have to delete the whole thing to get it to work again. LOL!
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File: 1625587701749.jpg (52.26 KB, 331x402, butthurt-faggot.jpg)


Git bent



Reminder: This is the retard who complains constantly that literally posting news doesn't belong on /new/, before he spams your thread with gore. He has no standards of any kind. He's incapable of being consistent. He's just a kike.



hes still stuck in the 07 /b/ tard mindset



foky/mutt spam everywhere
gm spammed with threads nobody wants to reply to
general retardation



HDV whats the bump limit per board? tree fiddy?

File: 1625658071272.jpg (268.63 KB, 622x876, 1625583582012.jpg)


What do you guys think fokY's username on incels.is is? I bet it's something like xXGermanic_Teuton_Warrior69xX



File: 1624674167110.jpg (60.91 KB, 639x794, 740f174c8c88471b14cd25e9fd….jpg)


Make it a bannable offense to deliberately spam duplicate threads on the same news story dozens of times in a row, especially if said news story has already been covered by an earlier thread (and even more so if said thread has been around for a while already and is deliberately ignored by the malicious narcicisstic spammer who just wants to wipe other threads off the catalog)
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he's spamming gore again


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



TurKspastic has killed off more than three dozen (!) valuable threads in a row again by floodwipespamming /new/ with duplicate threads in a deliberate and provocatively disruptive manner





Where are you going



Why slide this



A slide took place

File: 1625105363219.jpg (51.31 KB, 556x558, 1487811305475.jpg)


>Stops getting ""attention"" after having killed /new/ by spamming duplicate posts on there nonstop
>Proceeds to follow me right onto /gm/ and tries to spam it into oblivion aswell like the tripshit narcicisst he is
>Spams multiple music threads despite the fact that there's already two music generals made by others
>Just so he can shit all over the place and get a kick out of it

Why hasn't this retard killed himself yet?

Is he really permabanned on 4cuck? Why does he have to shit up this dead site of all places? Why does he insist on spamfloodwiping and killing off entirely dead boards with less than 1 posts per hour?

I can guarantee i have more endurance than him in any case though. Maybe he'll get bored and fuck off/throw another hissy fit after a while like last time >>12149

Also stay out of this thread skitzonarcCunty


File: 1625106000744.jpg (268.63 KB, 622x876, 1624562815181.jpg)

The absolute projection on display here is astounding as always.



File: 1625106078741.png (371.08 KB, 878x977, narcskitzoCunTy.png)

Diddint read + hidden LOL

>stay out of this thread skitzonarcCunty

File: 1623671728618.png (279.76 KB, 1384x796, basement_dweller_by_drshay….png)


>NEETurKspergy ragequits and vows never to use his trip again like 3 years back
>Suddenly comes back and uses said trip again right when """"someone""" is attempting to kill off the site thru floodspamming

How (((convenient))) indeed lawl
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Unironically though.



File: 1624847234165.jpg (321.74 KB, 678x802, Screenshot_20210628-032624….jpg)

get bent NEL



OC? On my chon? Banner when?!



File: 1624848516734.jpg (135.32 KB, 606x592, turkic moron (2).jpg)

>OC? On my chon? Banner when?!



No slide on my h'watch

File: 1625182554649.jpg (56.43 KB, 1200x675, PeteSteele-PaulHarries.jpg)


It occurs to me that a /coom/ board would probably solve most of our issues; where people can post NSFW stuff of a sexual nature.
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Or anyone's disgusting porn really, so therefore it would go on the disgusting porn board where it would be contained and not be on every board ever.



I… guess that's true.



why not just click "(hide)" or [-] to hide images and threads you don't like?



we need a board for big fat cocks



File: 1625585942313.jpg (101.53 KB, 960x540, foky's room.jpg)


Remember it is your civic duty to bump all Phantasm / non-FoKy threads and SAGE all FoKy threads. FoKy is the raid boss of 4chon and only as part of a powerful Alliance can we get this fat Germanic lesbian orc to fuck off back to Germaniggery where he belongs.
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File: 1624915223187.jpg (268.63 KB, 622x876, 1624562815181.jpg)

Despite being at the center of every problem this website has, despite ghostbumping his own threads that nobody else responds to constantly for over a year, despite regularly spamming everyone else's threads with nasty stuff, this KIKE is still trying to play innocent and gaslight HDV.



File: 1624915475009.png (268.61 KB, 1458x1256, 1624852646968.png)

How could somebody make cringe memes about themselves and still have the nerve to pretend they're not seeking attention?



You will never be as White as Phantasm.






File: 1625454004562.jpg (80.42 KB, 322x349, i_told_you_dog.jpg)

File: 1625173417861.jpeg (79.41 KB, 671x457, 58F4E2E8-8E5B-4A03-B1B9-7….jpeg)


why does this make stormfags seeth?


It does?



File: 1625203179191.jpeg (135.3 KB, 640x619, 2CD926E2-B78B-4B6D-BF06-E….jpeg)

Man, nazi chuds are literally SEETHING at these literally EPIC leftypol memes guys, literally keep it up comrades



Whoever made that probably whines about colonization and European culture on the regular with no self-awareness.



File: 1625441310887.jpg (538.7 KB, 2560x1600, nosechan is my waifu.jpg)

Whoever made that probably whines about muh holocaust

File: 1625344093618.png (259.9 KB, 321x465, 1316236665475.png)


So its been a while since I posed on 4chon, not since 2012 at least

I see phantasm but i guess kampfy fucked off to parts unknown? I forget who even was all here its been so long.
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I think one reason is that at the time BLUMPF sparked everyone's political excitement again, which also caused an increase in general positivity. Now everyone is more black pilled/politically indifferent than they ever were, embarrassed for even letting their guard down a little bit for that freaking orange KIKE! Secondly, I think the influence from /fringe/ actually helped the board quite a bit, and generated a lot of discussion about esoteric topics both ironically and unironically. I don't know how many people from that crew are still around, but Smileberg doesn't want to post here, and I don't think greenpurp has been around for awhile.



I purposely left that little faggot out



File: 1625364670791.png (88.3 KB, 644x476, 1311273350628.png)

earliest 4chon /new/ shit i have was mid '11, but its all just memes and shit. not enough screencaps aside from rachposting



Fun fact: Rach was Learningcode.



File: 1625367234908.jpg (11.21 KB, 426x282, R15c55057cb437f78c51aea5ba….jpg)

you sound like a newger… but I'm the one who likes boys.
I'm not gay though.. I'm not into dudes.

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