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File: 1583714336624.png (1.28 MB, 1098x1182, 1564928434287.png)


To the guy asking how we make 4chon the "default" alt-imageboard again(can't find your thread, 2 lazy 2 look)

We must consolidate the userbase in order to begin a slow but hopefully steady stream of production of memes and localized culture again. For better or worse we are no longer the 4chon of old, we as a userbase have evolved from that, the few of us that are left are older, more experienced in memetics and lacking spontaniety that was old 4chon. However not all is lost, our spirit is still there we just need something to activate it again. A feeling, an emotion of sorts.

That being said the [4chon] overboard should be axed. Old 4chon didn't have it or need it and it doesn't allow for individual board culture to evolve because it smashes all the threads together. [new/ is arguably dead enough and probably should be axed and merged with /r9k/ until such time a userbase springs up that is willing to support it if it ever does. Who knows maybe something else will take its place as the driver of the website. old /new/ was a powerhouse of activity and that's what we should focus on for finding for nu-4chon

We must keep on thelookout for boards on either 4chan or others that are immently about to be closed and sap users from there but also build up enough activity that we aren't simply another dead imagebaord walking again. I think we have a start here, a potential in which to grow but we can't just make a bunch of boards without purpose. It must be properly directed.
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File: 1583731769346.jpg (154.13 KB, 800x450, free.jpg)

nah thats all wrong, i know cause i didn't even bother reading it. if it was good then i'd have read it, but i'm so much smarter, more perceptive and attuned to reality than you are so its pretty much impossible for you to post something that i'd need to read for any reason. getting that out of the way, it you want to make 4chon big again then the way to do it just to spam watermarked images with the url on it everywhere and eventually lots of people will see them and show up. its that easy, it works better if you have better images, but volume of images really matters more than content quality.
you can reply to this post if you feel like it, but i already know that you're too lazy and untalented to make a bunch of good new content and dedicate it for this purpose and then spend the time to manually spam it around the internet to get the effect of increase usage of 4chon and i also know that you have some lame excuse so that you don't have to cop to stupidity and being a lame brained, boring npc. i know that the excuse is going to be in your reply and i'm not wasting my time reading your stupid transparent lies, but go ahead and reply anyway if you feel unthinkingly compelled to, thats what npcs do after all, its expected of them.



didn't read, lol



you're too dumb to figure out how to get your macbook on the internet, how would you even read anything on 4chon? you don't even know how to read lol



didn't read, lol



we must consolidate ur mums pucci LOL

File: 1583612613253.jpg (13.27 KB, 300x300, 1583612046117.jpg)


Fuck my wife.


I'm busy today but I will later heh

File: 1583612046117.jpg (13.27 KB, 300x300, Canelo_Alvarez.jpg)


Post more threads.


I'm busy today but I will later heh

File: 1583455331698.jpg (13.27 KB, 300x300, Canelo_Alvarez.jpg)


Fix this website.


File: 1583470468391.png (183.83 KB, 1887x916, HELP.png)

I'm trying. I'm going to fix this here bort even if I have to get a computer science major's level of proficiency in several major programming and scripting languages to do so h-heh. "In a few days", r-right guys!?



I was literally watching this video an hour before you posted this. Synchronicity heh.



File: 1583543059643.jpg (22.84 KB, 300x300, 1583518868765.jpg)

Fuck my ass.

File: 1583108848562.jpg (60.51 KB, 699x965, he-wanted-these-pictures-t….jpg)




based and 88-pilled



File: 1583109943133.jpg (49.03 KB, 648x446, 88s.jpg)

checked with extreme prejudice



File: 1583518913315.jpg (68.98 KB, 604x403, 1583517638389.jpg)

File: 1583518868765.jpg (22.94 KB, 300x300, 1583375837147.jpg)


Leave this website broken.

File: 1583036866787.png (37.98 KB, 1230x621, 223.png)


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File: 1583375837147.jpg (13.27 KB, 300x300, Canelo_Alvarez.jpg)

Stop victim blaming.



Stop blaming, victim.



They are not victims they are roastie sluts, the character is a literal whore who goes to people for sex and would be okay with the beating if she got paid, but calls it rape cuz she didnt get paid



If Dwarf is the lizard and Dog is the yellow dog, is the red dog foky?



File: 1583543148424.jpg (100.83 KB, 768x959, 1561415534776.jpg)

strayacunty is an gay bitch

File: 1583151294826.jpg (25.29 KB, 500x287, 145105813316.jpg)




who made that gay as fuck post




goddamn time flies.



>clicking links on 4chon

File: 1583191696484.jpg (203.03 KB, 720x540, f81e71bb45f8ae80570d78799a….jpg)


How the fuck is it, that in 2020, the year of our LORD 2020, 2020 the year where we have the world's knowledge in the palm of our hands, literally, when we're literally about to have the breakthrough in VR and AI, where i can ship a custom built digital dildo from chinan to my front door step in 72 hours FLAT

How do we not have the basic ability to post webms???? This is ancient tech by now, retards, literally a standard imageboard software "feature" if you can even call posting basic file types like fucking JPEG a goddman feature, holy shit the incompetence is unreal.
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.webms and other nu-media formats are heresy
If 2ch couldn't do it at launch WE DON'T WANT IT heh



How comes there's no gay memes?



We do have one, it's called foky.



File: 1583195476501.png (66.33 KB, 400x400, 1443044549306.png)

HDV chose the cheapest host he could find and his new internet daddy doesn't like it 😂😂



There's apparently a meta game to hosting that is apparent to everyone to the point the stipulations of certain things needn't be mentioned, i.e. the disparity between a normal hosting account and a "reseller" hosting account, selection of the latter being the reason, I believe, that half of the features on this here bort are broke as heck heh

File: 1583081073284.jpg (91.46 KB, 830x976, 1565078901139.jpg)


activity has slowed down significantly. admin, can you increase the activity settings in the imageboard software or something? we're too slow for my tastes.
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File: 1583089795319.png (1.65 MB, 1278x712, u onna bottim.PNG)



File: 1583101781294.jpg (209.87 KB, 1200x675, 1583040073748.jpg)

>so analpained he made his own "caption"

i'm sorry but you lost, get over it. this is the OFFICAL butthurt meme pic of 4chon



this tbheh



GET heh!



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