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File: 1600487205121.jpg (772.75 KB, 968x1285, 1600426677696.jpg)


The skitzo KIKE is still spamming every single fucking thread on /gm/

When ban
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Because hdfeller won't do his fucking job onna /gm/






saw that angie varona has an onlyfans. but it's trash apparently



File: 1601142104184.png (257.45 KB, 332x403, LOL soyiencehurt.png)




File: 1601144707483.jpg (335.7 KB, 900x1348, IMG_2619x.jpg)


I'm pretty clearly the least gay of all the regular posters on this entire board.
This surprises me a bit but is evident from what everyone else posts.

>>muh fitness (LOOK AT THIS GUY'S BODY OMG!!)

>>muh video games and gay azn music videos
>>muh cooming to traps
>>muh elsa spam
>>muh personal vendetta against another poster
>>muh reddit tier soyence videos
>>muh mewing (wtf lol)
>>muh literal blog thread


the only almost non-gay thread in the top 50 of /4chon/ is the one about 3D printed crossbows and even that is kind of queer. do better chon bros.
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File: 1601176978036.jpg (45.3 KB, 780x439, he-took-a-break-from-actin….jpg)

when did I claim to be a normie?
I'm miserable. I didn't ask for this.



im not talking about misery
im talking about faggotry. admit you are a faggot



File: 1601178410935.jpg (651.1 KB, 1500x1101, stock-photo-portrait-of-a-….jpg)

? I'm not gay though.
I'm not into dudes.



File: 1601179270706.jpg (3.23 KB, 125x125, 1601170448461s.jpg)

see: >>7264
kids are "dudes". little dudes or duderinos, or diddly duders, or whatever you wanna call them.
ypu like people of same sex= you homo= u faget



damn. posted the thumbnail.
cbf to post the right one
so u's finna have to squint u's eyes

File: 1601149099617.jpg (52.44 KB, 399x411, game.jpg)


4chon has a jew problem. Really whats going on is that the jews have a 4chon problem, but thats not our concern.
The jews destroyed the original 4chon because they saw their fog of lies and distraction was no match for our combined brilliance, the jews are petrified that 4chon will take back direct command of the collective unconsciousness and start steering it around towards the correct direction again. In order to prevent that from happening the jews have sent 4chon an incessant flood of soyence, porn, shilling for kike video games and hollywood and other spam.


Yes this is all true, but I feel powerless to stop it. Even now I feel the words "I Frickin' Love Soyence!" imprinting themselves on my brain, and I passed by a bottle of Soylent in the refrigerated goods section of my local grocery store and lingered intently for nearly 15 seconds before I came to my senses.



>The jews destroyed the original 4chon
STI is a known kike, but how many other Jews were on the moderation team? Was Learningcode a confirmed yid? Is HDV Jewish?

File: 1600881989952.png (248.17 KB, 1262x830, Screenshot at 2020-09-23 1….png)


Let's have a look at 4chon.net's rules.


>If you are under the age of 18, or it is illegal for you to view the contents of this website, cease browsing immediately.

No one cares LOL!

> Do not post or link to content that violates local or Dutch law.

> Do not post or link to malicious content.
Standard bullshit

>No "raids" or cross board invasions. Do not associate a raid with 4chon.

Raiding is BASED!, which is why we advertised all over 4chan, tried to steal their gets, and crashed their events for a period of time.

>Ban evasion will result in a permanent ban with no exceptions.

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File: 1600894652538.jpg (117.22 KB, 960x960, 67757899fAz.jpg)

what's the point of rules if there are only 5 people here?



>reddit spacing



File: 1601064030864.jpeg (161.9 KB, 851x915, EEA789AA-049D-4AD5-9D11-9….jpeg)

just curious why so many pics of mine have been deleted in the last day?
certainly none of them were '"inappropriate" or sexually suggestive images of prepubescent children.'
and I honestly only post pics that are at least tangentially related to the subject, i.e. talking about stuff I did as a kid = pic of a kid.

is there another rule I broke that I don't know about? would they have been deleted if I'd spoilered them?



File: 1601079450333.jpg (39.63 KB, 446x369, Suck my cock dude.jpg)








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imageboard rules were originally invented as a way to troll moderators. make up a bunch of nonsense rules for them to get butthurt over then watch them get butthurt over nonsense, its a fun way to pass the time.

File: 1600984544616.jpg (12.45 KB, 258x245, 1583727318914.jpg)


>/edu/ is so dead no one even bothers spamming it


Because you're all retarded idiots!

File: 1600747443379.png (117.8 KB, 568x600, me face.png)


It's 4chon.me's birthday and I worked the whole day and didn't do sh*t and I'm l*terally going to go to bed in an hour or so.

How did you celebrate fams?
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I was at work. The only reason I'm here is because I accidently clicked on the 4chon.me instead of the 4chan link in the autocomplete box.



>earth wind & niggers



n-words are (occasionally) GOOD, redart!



File: 1600878336983.jpg (132.42 KB, 900x864, 7ced56cbc43d3db52463c9899c….jpg)

so are jews



File: 1600910931084.jpg (94 KB, 720x540, Mod.jpg)

shouldve made a chon-day sticky, u dum mod

File: 1600817706651.jpg (52.06 KB, 500x512, 1592179418750.jpg)


4chon's most prolific poster, the /u/maxwellhill soyence coooomer, has been arrested as a result of her financial relationship with ghislaine maxwell & the jidf


Good. Soyence was a mistake. I'm sick of these LARPers and their pie-in-the-sky gobbledygook with no practical real world applications.



Isn't that redditcucky

File: 1600624099035.png (15.03 KB, 1280x896, cd-player-1991--sega--mega….png)


Could Youtube embed thing just fetch the video 'cover' image and overlap play button symbol on it and only create the iframe just when clicking the thing?

I'm all for draining Jewgle's traffic, but opening >>/gm/4950 and rendering all these iframes at once is basically freezing FF and Chrome on a medium high tier 2011 Gaming Workstation.
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>tfw the preview almost crashed my browser

that just means a new thread ought to be made soon I guess heh



like the php author restarting httpd every 5 seconds instead of fixing memory leaks in his shit program haha



It's a problem with vichan/lainchan. infinity/openib/8chan/8kun fixed it by just fetching the "0.jpg" thumbnail rather than load the entire HTML5/JS-laden video player. In 8kun it loads https://img.youtube.com/vi/6VF5P7qLaEQ/0.jpg for example whereas vichan/lainchan will load the bulky HTML5/JS video player.

I would ask https://lainchan.org/q/res/1190.html and tell them about this, asking if they can add this as an option for the site admin, and showing how 8chan achieved it.



On second thought you might want to try out NPFchan which is another fork of vichan used by wizchan should lainchan's admin refuse to change add this. They also do the 0.jpg thing. Tell lainchan's admin that both infinity/openib and NPFchan implemented it. I'm not sure if it supports other features like flags though.




File: 1600661757617.jpg (26.2 KB, 410x369, cat.jpg)

> HTML5/JS-laden video

this is so bad 16GB of RAM and i5 just isn't enough to display 5 - 10 video frames and pass around some JSON without the browser beginning to shit itself

File: 1600643463998.jpg (76.77 KB, 700x734, 1592060371712.jpg)


Let's count the number of users this board has that aren't foky.

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File: 1600646937177.jpg (24.08 KB, 512x341, cry-baby.jpg)

>Let's count the number of users this board has that aren't foky.

Show me where foky hurt ya little man



>foky's face when that cow has a higher iq than he does



I know that's the case w/u but what's the case w/me LOL

File: 1600489731818.png (139.67 KB, 760x1024, cf1.png)



>AHEM! *ding ding ding!* Fuck jannies, trannies and niggers
>It's almost as if
>Redpill me on X
>Hello, we are the X games in X franchise
>The absolute state of X
>Imagine X
>Janny are you okay? Are you okay janny?
>*CRUNCH CRUNCH* Insert pretentious opinion *burp*
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File: 1600491838928.png (317.27 KB, 750x846, 1600486858836.png)



File: 1600564419042.png (317.23 KB, 640x769, 1600557806366.png)






Wait, how? Also this thread seems good enough to just test shit.

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