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File: 1586719695974.jpg (70.76 KB, 632x790, EvolaWave.jpg)

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Hello once again, fellow young progressives and secular humanists.

1. I don't think a rescue ship is coming

Early on when this website was created (made possible from the beginning only with help from a mysterious stranger) I'd solicited for further assistance-but I don't think we're going to get it. I don't like to keep bothering people or pressing the issue-even if I'm extremely intermittent with it. I estimate that much of the good will we may have had with the remaining diaspora community more or less evaporated within hours of the site going live in its present dilapidated state.

2. Dead bort

It's no secret that the competition for people's social media time and attention has never been fiercer-nor have the stakes ever been higher. With reliable software such as Discord and Telegram or websites like Reddit and Ebaum's World being supported by armies of experienced developers and financed by Ch*nese venture capital, it is a difficult time for imageboards in general. The only option forward for 4chon is to become something competitive with the many alternatives within reason, and to give people a compelling reason to socially distance themselves from the CIA and the CCP as much as possible.

3. Solution

Over a decade ago I had (somewhat successfully) experimented with server-side web development as well as experienced the misery of web design in all its browser-dependent inconsistency, and it seems that time has come again where I will not only have to learn to code to some degree, but will have to further my understanding of the relationship between webhost and client, and all other related subjects in tandem. I have plenty of ideas to modernize and streamline the format that I'm surprised aren't in use yet, and I'm taking more notes all the time.

STI, the lovable fella that he was, had created the venerable and revered "Tinyboard" software over a brisk 5 month period starting in early November of 2010 and ending with a beta release in late March. Even with all of the tools available today and all of the tangentially-related problems solved by developers past and present I doubt I will be able to accomplish a similar feat in anywhere near as expeditious a period-but I will be working towards it. In short, we're stuck with this clunker for quite a while. I am still accepting help and suggestions from trusted lads in this endeavor, but I don't Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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We've been in perpetual twilight since STI fucked us over. We can only die when the internet itself dies. No sooner.

File: 1590177121031.png (17.02 KB, 500x500, 2f859af74a10996fc1dd5865e8….png)


HDV you gotta ban that agent provocateur kike on /new/ that's constantly calling for acts of violence and terrorrism

This kike wants to have your site shut down for good
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They don't even do that anymore, and they weren't even sincere.



File: 1590413335646.jpg (159.95 KB, 968x681, Westboro-Epic-Church.jpg)



Fren, they're a fringe organization who've been inactive for almost a decade. Fred Phelps is dead. You're living in the 2000s right now. This is what online rightwings want you to think christcuckery is like, it's what the left pretends they're like, but it's just not the truth.



File: 1590422875612.png (182.93 KB, 449x300, redpilled kid.png)



Is that kid even White?

File: 1588150089930.png (88.41 KB, 604x516, apu.png)


Immah take my injections and be very good, gonna keep the anglo saxon niggers away.
Gonna get injections and be very good, yeah, no i aint no starving nigger i am a fat white person.

Hell no this stuff is going to stop once and for all, injections forever.
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File: 1590441683126.png (927.26 KB, 1304x668, 306.png)



File: 1590443526579.png (874.91 KB, 1304x668, 307.png)



File: 1590448143580.png (1.18 MB, 1561x715, 308.png)



>You're the same
>I am your guru
>I am your guru
Your devanagari handwriting is so sloppy, and I'm too much of a noob, that I can't recognize some of these characters. Not even gonna try translating this one. Also you're saying ap which is formal and a sign of respect, for the angry blue guys yelling at another person. They should say tu or tum at the very most.



Can you draw me your interpretation of a nigger-cattle? Thanks. Also reupload that video with the Terry puppet.

File: 1590444028446.jpg (54.51 KB, 976x850, _91408619_55df76d5-2245-41….jpg)


How the fuck is it that kohlchan(our largest source of potential crossovers) has been down ALL goddamn day and we have no increase in post rates? I think this shit hole really is dead holy fuck.
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File: 1590449902161.jpg (16.18 KB, 240x106, 12999999999999.jpg)



make me fgt, and yes i crosspost and even recycle topics from both imageboards, i'm a green poster and refuse to spend more energy than necessary.



File: 1590451188106.jpg (55.77 KB, 512x768, qr2lofgd51z21.jpg)

>because, they're the ones that more than likely are a. within our real life age, b. posted or have posted on 4chon(OG), and c. are more chill than regular 8ch denizens.

What makes u think there ever wuz a significant overlap between de two userbases tho

Like yeah i indirectly discovered the OG!chon thru kc /int/ when someone posted a stormchan (pbuh) link there but other den that i saw no evidence of there being an overlap



File: 1590451227051.png (201.73 KB, 1603x631, sasafsasf.PNG)

>stormfront doesn't exist anymore

Nibber u h'wot

It's up



File: 1590451306562.jpg (155.68 KB, 973x897, 15681038413341.jpg)

>and yes i crosspost and even recycle topics from both imageboards

As it should be heh

It's very gud when imageboards cross-fertilize each other with their memes

File: 1590412917786.jpeg (219.63 KB, 2000x1500, spruha-enterprise-sabarma….jpeg)


Check out my board. Also feel free to shill yours, since I'd spam it on every mother fucking board I can find.


>open link
>see cyrillic letters
>close link

File: 1577078270102.jpg (76.99 KB, 995x395, 4bannel.jpg)

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post ur ban messages from other websites
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LOL what a CUCK! Just when I thought you couldn't sink any lower.



Dude it's fucking bothersome with the unsolvable captcha kicking in every two dozen posts or so

All other methods of circumventing the captcha have been locked down by the gook kike and the real 8cuck doesnt exist anymore so there's no alternative to speak of



File: 1590369679865.jpg (20.7 KB, 480x360, laugh plus.jpg)

>paying extra for being trannymodded more conveniently on 4chan
lmao thats so cucked



>getting mad enough to make a post about something that happens one out of 12 tries



File: 1590393339875.png (101.17 KB, 962x560, 6027fc02adaabe25a7d00e7ee3….png)

This asshole is perma-mad kek

It's amazing how he completely spergs out at the most innocous posts

File: 1590251422592.png (24.69 KB, 1056x380, asfasafafs.PNG)


Official announcement from the based wizfeller
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1. Ur mums pucci
2. Ur mums asspucci
3. Ur mums mouffpucci

That shud cover dem all i think heh



File: 1590328885528.jpg (97.53 KB, 750x1166, 1590323143544.jpg)







my type



Imagine her tugging on your dick with those gloves.

File: 1586442937501.jpg (33.88 KB, 500x500, 1586373483096.jpg)


Post more you fucking niggers
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It go upper



File: 1590340201909.jpg (94.64 KB, 700x700, 1570729663182.jpg)

What does it generally cost to hire some random indian spammers to shill the nuchon link randomly on 4cuck et al? Asking for a friend



The more people that know about the site the more likely someone starts DDOSing it and takes it offline forever heh, have to be careful about this kind of promotion



>w-what are we going to do on the bed, cat-sama?

File: 1590330473985.jpg (57.02 KB, 507x500, anna and rapunzel selfie.jpg)


Can some1 explain to me why the "Last 50 posts only" feature only shows up on/works in some of the threads but not all of dem

Is this some kind of bug inna bort software


File: 1590333734278.jpg (136.49 KB, 857x1128, 1520623863252.jpg)

bcz u tch urself @nite



File: 1590336114514.jpg (44.63 KB, 318x377, Anna and Elsa.jpg)

So if i stop touchan mahself at nite i can finally shorten ALL the threads? Awesome heh

File: 1577759980151.jpg (367.73 KB, 1439x1399, 1577741082215.jpg)

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Anyone else notice posting and file upload having significantly slowed down or issit jus me heh
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It is imperative that this topic be further discussed



@ above LOL narcccunty projection



Wen de picshur upload real slow agen



Man the bort wasn't this slow even back on 8ch.pl



When the bort so slo u bump dis thread

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