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File: 1619659397275.jpg (52.05 KB, 474x954, OIP.-itzO8biV6qzXMfkaCRlMQ….jpg)


So are you actually going to address anything? You're going to crack down on us now and let foky get off scott-free by sticking his threads no less? No wonder he thinks you're his best friend. Comparatively, you probably are. I wasn't the one posting any explicit spam btw. I just wanted to make a point. Would have really appreciated if you let his threads die though, because by all rights they should be dead. Why is autistic ghost-bumping with little-to-no replies from other poster rewarded on this site? Where's my stickies?





File: 1619659691240.jpg (109.22 KB, 739x739, 1605060399800.jpg)


Shut the fuck up schizo spammer

Stop trying to destroy the site w/your unwarranted and unhinged spamflooding attacks




File: 1619659704685.jpg (80.41 KB, 371x370, 1425426196001.jpg)

this goes up now

I only started spamming to slide foky's gore and dead baby spam off the board since hdv won't delete it.

Until foky is removed the board will be wiped.



Up for what it's worth.



File: 1619661111701.jpg (81.02 KB, 352x416, redditcucky.jpg)

The headlines I made up for my threads had more creativity and effort put into them than any thread reddit cuckold guy ever made in his life, yet it doesn't get a sticky while his tertiary news copy-pasta threads are? What's the deal here?



Unfortunately I couldn't delete someone's gore spam and sticky your thread at the same time considering the circumstances. Your threads certainly gave me a hearty chuckle and I'm certain others found them quite good as well.



you couldnt wipe the shit stains off your undercrackers



Sorry for being a bully. I've had my fun for now. I've already said my piece multiple times before. I have to put up with foky's shitty posts every time I come here. He's made the site mostly unusable for me, and seemingly for others, so when I see him whine about other posters or the content of this site I want to give that little bastard a noogie.



I have no regrets. Death to foky! It is better for 4chon to be destroyed than become foky's personal blog and scat fetish emporium.






samefags all up in this thread.



shut up



Speaking of stickies. When is HDV making 4chon stickers? I missed out on the first sti ones, they were epic.



File: 1619716395427.jpg (258.53 KB, 720x944, Screenshot_20210112-015103….jpg)

ill send you some, i just need your credit card details, address and all your passwords



I want a 4chon sticker.



What would you need to finally ban foky?



im not HDV

i have stickers though



can i see them

are they the ones stee issued or unique ones



he sti ones



Ah, I was kind of hoping HDV would issue some new ones. Stee is a faded memory.

Some BAN FOKY stickers would be good imo.





me when 4chong tbh



H-Heh you posted this right after I made Foky a global mod too.

… fug lol

Foky isn't that heckin bad, he's probably the funniest poster on the site tbh.





File: 1619927083892.jpg (6.1 KB, 208x208, 1619759444148.jpg)




one of the more based things ive seen in a while



File: 1619966455776.jpg (89.01 KB, 645x794, Profile_-_Elsa.jpg)

OP here, i'm trans btw - Not sure if it matters



Foky is not the OP though.



without tripcodes how the fuck could you possibly know

ive been thinking this the whole time this 'foky made me stub my toe' tier retardation that you dont even know its foky

foky this foky that whining all day everyday

whats wrong pal?



So you're saying multiple people are avatarfagging, speaking in retarded baby talk, and have the same exact things going on in their lives? Are you retarded? This site needs to be nuked if that's the case. He's got so many annoying idiosyncrasies that it's not hard to tell, pal. He makes zero effort to blend in. You'll know if it's reddit cuckold guy, the same way you'll know if someone is a faggot or a vegan, because they'll make damn sure to let you know.



File: 1619996498639.jpg (61.82 KB, 651x763, 20210101_143856.jpg)

phantasm still seething I see



prepare for sperg simpage



more cringe aspergian iwanttodie-ness




Not as hard a Redditcucky when he lumps up all his haters/bullies into one singular person he calls "schizocunty"



File: 1620223858412.jpg (143.08 KB, 530x828, 1620159003265.jpg)

LOL projection again

YOU are the one calling everyone of YOUR haters and bullies on this bort ""foKy"

Just kys lel



File: 1620223881040.jpg (91.92 KB, 600x600, 1577261381491.jpg)

He blep doggo mlem. Goodest boi pupparoo boi get all the pets. He Poop. He snoop. But most importantly: he boop. longboi heckin smol fren I am bekom fat super chub, aqua doggo shoob tungg aqua doggo. Thicc fat boi fluffer. Heckin long woofer smol fren woofer, adorable doggo porgo, wow very biscit corgo. boof long dae le swaglord fikod abib approved /b/ woofer. You are doin me a concern heckin good boys and girls much ruin diet heckin good boys fluffer, you are doing me the shock stop it fren. Goodest boi sub angery woofer borkf fat boi pats shooberino, big ol big ol pupper floofs. stop it fren doggo. He made many woofs doggorino boofers shoob bork shibe, woofer heckin good boi I am bekom fat. Snoot blop borkf long bois heckin good boys and girls, porgo such treat heckin tungg doggorino. Porgo thicc lotsa pats porgo, length boy. What a nice floof boof smol borking doggo with a long snoot for pats fluffer, shoob such treat. Long bois very jealous pupper bork big ol, corgo snoot. Mod babysat pupper heckin good pupper such treat heckin good bois, h*ck woofer smol borking doggo with a long snoot for pats. Wrinkler borking doggo maximum borkdrive long doggo wow such tempt dat tungg tho, heckin angery woofer length boy puggorino. Aqua doggo shoob angery pupper I have heckin smol doggo with a long snoot for pats h*ck. Waggy wags h*ck borkf you are doing me a frighten, waggy wags. I am bekom fat very taste wow boof super chub, doge ur givin me a spook borking doggo. Puggorino I am bekom fat many pats, pats. Shoob long bois you are doing me the shock length boy, thicc shibe. Noodle horse waggy wags heckin good boys very hand that feed shibe very jealous pupper borkf you are doing me the shock, snoot pupper dat tungg tho heckin angery woofer. Doge big ol pupper noodle horse porgo puggorino woofer I am bekom fat corgo, stop it fren very jealous pupper many pats you are doing me the shock what a nice floof boi. Very hand that feed shibe heck very good spot big ol pupper







He used to whine about phantasm, then he started blaming everything on 'dwarf', who we have no reason to suspect he even had anything to do with, then for a brief period of time he tried to pin it all on redx, and now everyone is dogstralia. There was probably someone else somewhere along the way. He can't comprehend the fact that multiple people don't like him. He doesn't even have an explanation for why his supposed boogeyman hates him so much.
When I would see him type stuff like:
It demonstrates his clear lack of awareness. The idea that he can complain about another poster after he's been shitting up the site for over a year is insane. He acts like a complete kike with his hypocrisy, and constant attempts to re-frame reality. That's why I don't like him more than anything. I honestly thought he was a deliberate saboteur at first, but after keeping it up for so long, I'm pretty sure he's just an idiot.





File: 1620366535985.jpg (232.44 KB, 1674x572, have kids, eggcel.jpg)

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