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Are literal malware links allowed on this site?

>The main page of the site simply redirects the user to Last Measure, in which first shows the Goatse image, then subsequently spams gruesome and medical photographs from Wikipedia, this is followed by an audio of a man screaming "HEY EVERYBODY IM LOOKING AT GAY PORNO!". The website also uses browser exploits to ignore pop-up blockers and spawn windows, containing shock content, causing them to bounce around on the Desktop. This script is taken from Offiz, or known as the YouAreAnIdiot virus.

>There is another payload that triggers if the user tries to close the browser. The browser will duplicate itself, so there is no solution on how to remove it. Task Manager is also locked. Unlike other Last Measure variants and mirrors, there is one thing that this shock site is known for which is tricking users by adding something before the "on.nimp.org" part. If that link is clicked, the victim will be redirected to the mirror of Last Measure.

>The Browser such as Internet Explorer, formerly Microsoft Edge, and other IE-Based Browsers are known to handle the website very poorly, which leads the entire device to crash.


This is unironically almost as bad as leaving up CP for 2 days.



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I took care of it heh

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