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what time are people active on here? I'm always so lonely when I come here.

( ._.)


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I think I make like 3 posts a day on average.



I only make a few posts a day and it's pretty random. This site is more for correspondence communication rather than live chat tbheh



File: 1626546372415.jpg (150.57 KB, 1080x1349, 4bf3705782ad3045bfd25c07a1….jpg)

Foky makes it borderline impossible to post here, sorry QUEER.



that's a little boy.



This heh. I drop by a couple times a day at random, see foky flooding the site with dailystormer links, and leave.



Ban the saloon/dailystormer/zerohedge spammer



yo redx there's a music store nearby selling a chapman that I'm gonna buy so now we can be double guitar buddies again, catch you in the mumu haha



I've stopped coming here because i'm terrified of the mushroom spore demon meme that is everywhere. i might come back in a few months when it runs out of steam.



File: 1627226823625.jpg (608.41 KB, 2012x3200, 8_Full_Left_Front_NA-1e93b….jpg)

lol. I just gave my chappie away to a random dutch kid. super nice guitar but it didn't fit my playing style. my brother gave me a gretsch for xmas just like pic related. I have a one in/one out policy and the chapman was the one I rarely picked up. I will miss the seymours though.



>I just gave my chappie away to a random dutch kid
What the heck, you should have given it to me :O. The one in/one out thing is a good idea though. That's a nice replacement for it, wish I hadn't accidentally buried my 335 clone under the bed with junk so I could use it more often.



File: 1627257541684.png (140.05 KB, 470x210, 1311364281913.png)

we're most active at…


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