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hundreds of spammy, irrelevant threads created = no problem.
dozens of extreme gore pics = no problem.
a single photo of a cute little boy = quickly deleted.


It's unironically more dangerous to a website than almost anything I can think of, as pedophilia and piracy are the only things I've ever seen the US government shut down websites for.



stock photos of kids? sure.



File: 1626918929879.jpeg (54.11 KB, 598x900, F40B8798-EAA5-4ECC-9305-7….jpeg)

it's not about 'hurr the gobment might shut us down!!1!' it's about having a usable website.

**I just reported alamay, shutterstock and getty to the FBI. goodbye suckers!"



As a matter of fact, yes. Numerous websites have been shut down largely for posting publicly available images of children, mostly sourced from social media. When an IB is known for being permissive about it, the content always escalates anyway. KC is currently an example of that. People have to be playing dumb if they claim not to understand an admin's perspective on this.



there's sea pee on the kay sea?



Say what you will, but I'd gladly take the pedo over foky any day of the week. You can't play favorites, HDV. That's total bullshit. Delete foky's spam if you're going to delete the pedo's stuff. Or just get mods that will care. Or, I dunno, get some fucking help to fix the site so you can ban the retard.



censorship is NOT cool

are the mods on this site CCP shills or soemthing?

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