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Status: No .webm files or files in general over 2mb at this time. Solution will require a site outage and will be announced in advance.

File: 1630593702309.png (371.35 KB, 427x650, oie_pCjBPUh4EVTU.png)


where is HDV? the nigger dead?
>CP spam still up
>CP spam still in catalog of /nice/
>new CP post every fucking day
>fokfag still allowed to incessantly bump his threads only he thinks are good

im considering making a new 4chon, HDV youre too lazy and inept to run this current iteration


File: 1630594436665.jpeg (81.87 KB, 1200x675, CE8B4C9A-4CD2-409D-83C9-8….jpeg)

do it.



I'd rather use a moderated 4chon than this one, go for it.



>im considering making a new 4chon
do it
just make sure you add /improve/



the fucking site isnt even made yet and already youre here asking for the site to be catered to you

fuck off



File: 1630608040655.png (27.61 KB, 200x125, image_2021-09-02_143953.png)

u mad?



>ban foky
>make the boards only /new/, /r9k/, and /meta/
Do these things and I might actually check it out.



File: 1630614846683.gif (274.79 KB, 661x600, MMMMM.gif)

It would seem our nigga took the vaxx.









I'm here, I'm here. Is it back again? Ugh these (((Russians))) are driving me nuts heh



There's this weird skitzo faggot again spamming his own fugly face here across all threads in a completly unrelated manner too

Time to ban this nibber's ass imo



u will hav to switch to vichan if u want captcha



could you perhaps change the URL extension for nice?

I think it could be a URL based spammer, I don't even know how you'd change the URL but that would for sure 404 the request



dats not likely to fix it for long




but surely anything will do at this point or infact just delete the entire board, I can remake those beautiful women posts



I will look into it when I get to work. I might be able to change it tenporarily or something



Reminder that I'd reached out to multiple former 4chonners and have even offered to pay our resident codelad to help me reinstall the site properly so we could have the features and functions we're supposed to to no avail. We've been abandoned by G-d smdh



File: 1630727691571.png (34.5 KB, 1284x1080, vichan-lainchan-sql.png)

the main thing preventing migrating shit from here to vichan is the database changes between vichan and lainchan


because of these small differences (mostly just some differing table constraints, addition of a captcha table in vichan, etc.), copying over a lainchan sql database dump and then having vichan connect with it hoping it would properly interact with it would be like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole

the only solution would be to write a script that would modify the lainchan sql database dump file to being perfectly compatible with vichan's database scheme. i could give that a try later



/delete the catalog and also /delete /nice/



/delete foky



/delete /nice/ make new board

/gent/ Gentlemens Area
>Only the highest quality posts allowed.
>Gentlemen topics
>Comfy finer things posting



File: 1630780611803.jpg (44.58 KB, 549x584, 1630779988239.jpg)



I'm down for a full reinstall of vichan seeing as it's the closest to what our community is used to anyway. I wonder if Seisatsu's advice image will cone in handy, but I don't think I understand a lot of it. lol smh



File: 1630792376943.jpeg (375.09 KB, 640x813, B4AC6160-5B3E-4481-95BD-1….jpeg)

>mfw seeing this on FB
Probably all fuggin' 20 years old though smdh



File: 1630815469252.jpg (26.09 KB, 600x337, memenigger.jpg)

i have a 20 year old copy of the regular expressions book
my mfw when i actually read it once, pic unrelated



This site is dead. Make a new one.



File: 1630821028347.jpg (4.43 KB, 302x167, hahaa.jpg)



you can do it
ib running is wikihow-tier



I wish that were the case man, I really don't know how to do any of this shit and I don't even know where to look. Honestly I really am the last guy that should be in this position



I need like…step by step handholding h-heh



make a thread on /g/?



Actually not a bad idea but someone could really rugpull my ass by getting me to a certain point and then clamming up. I think even if I offered to pay on /g/ it might make it even worse heh. I might try that tho



told u to wait till i investigate if lainchan db dump can be modified to work with vichan



Ok heh



nvm its too much work i dont have time, u'll hav to start from scratch if ur switching to vichan

just do this
1. u buy $3 vps from ramnode
2. choose a strong ssh password and don't forget it
3. choose debian 11 cloud (or 10 if not available)
4. connect to ur vps thru ssh via putty
5. install ufw, configure ufw to support necessary https ports, install nginx, php, mbstring for php, pdo for php, mariadb (or mysql if not available), imagemagick, ffmpeg
6. install and configure vichan



hang on dont buy from ramnode yet



just an overview of vps plans

if u buy the $3/mo vps from ramnode, since it only has 15GB storage u will need to make a rule of no video dump or high-res image dump threads allowed on ur site. for example if u set 4MB as the filesize limit, u allow multi-file upload of 2 files, thread limit is 250 replies, and all of those replies are two 4MB each of webms or high-res jpgs then the thread's already taken up to 2GB.

never post the IP address of your vps anywhere, especially not here. when u buy and finish setting up ur vps u will need to sign up for cloudflare (free) and connect ur domain to cloudflare, then change ur domain to point to ur vps instead of ur ramnode current shared hosting

if u really want more storage i would get ovh's $6/mo plan which comes with 40GB instead of a more expensive ramnode plan, because ovh comes with ddos protection already and so u dont have to bother with any cloudflare stuff. that said i would still set up cloudflare with a ovh vps because it slows down dmca trolls and lawyers a bit when they send complaints since cloudflare acts as a middleman/proxy that would forward them to ur vps provider, it can buy u some time to delete stuff (like the cp spam bot) b4 ur vps provider notices


im not rly a fan that ovh does not have any bitcoin payment option unlike ramnode, so u hav to b ok with credit cuckoldry, but w/e im sure ur a good boy who will never get in trouble with the law and hav his bank account frozen by the irs

i dont think its worth investing $6/mo to this joke site so i would just do the $3/mo ramnode option and set up cloudflare, but its ur money, i.e. a fool and his money are soon parted



That's why /r9k/ is for, loser.



good luck dude



I might go with this ovh sh*t because I'm worried the way Ramnode asks me for the URL right away will make it overwrite our current hosting arrangement before the alternative install is in place lol heh. I already pay more than $6 for hosting anyway



File: 1631148782769.png (33.02 KB, 1156x382, Untitled.png)

>I'm worried the way Ramnode asks me for the URL right away
wat? r u talking about instance name? that's not a url, u can name it whatever u want, just call it vichan. probly should pick NYC as the region so its fast enough for both north america and europe
>will make it overwrite our current hosting arrangement before the alternative install is in place lol heh
doesnt work that way, the domain is what points to the vps ip address not the other way around. whos ur domain registrar?
>I already pay more than $6 for hosting anyway
up to u but i think its a waste of money



I unironically don't know how to do any of that stuff but I'll pay you $150 to do it even if it takes you like 3 minutes heh. I'll give you a bit to think about it before I start cold approaching other n*ggas like seisatsu or the admin of mlpol or something idk lmoa



this really isnt that hard, just post ITT what step ur on if ur stuck on anything. dont be a coward itll b fine. u'll b surprised how ez this was by the time ur done, and theres nothing rly u can screw up.

go buy the $3/mo ramnode vps. name ur instance vichan, pick nyc region, pick debian 11 cloud or debian 10 cloud as ur OS, public network, SSH key, pick a strong but not impossible to remember password (see this comic https://xkcd.com/936/ ) and that shud deploy ur vps



once uve deployed ur vps, download and install putty. this is the program u'll use to connect to ur VPS's linux terminal


in putty connect to your vps's ip address, port 22. once ur connected in ur vps's linux terminal it'll ask u wat user to login, type in root, then type in the password that u made.



now that ur logged in linux as root user (it's like administrator account on windows), become familiar with some common linux termnal navigation commands.

exit - logs out
ls -> lists files & folders in current directory
cd folder_name (ex. cd var) - navigates into folder name
cd .. - navigates up folder
cd directory_path (ex. cd /var/lib) - navigates directly to specified directory
nano file_name (ex. nano index.html) - opens a file in the current directory in the nano text editor. if the file does not exist, one will be created temporarily in RAM, and if you exit with saving (CTRL + X and then Y) it will save that file in the current directory
nano file_path (ex. nano /usr/home/root/Documents/my_text_file.txt) - similar as above, but absolute path
mkdir folder_name - creates folder in current directory
mkdir folder_path (ex. /usr/home/root/Documents/my_folder) - similar as above, but absolute path
rmdir /s folder_name - removes folder in current directory
rmdir /s folder_path (ex. rmdir /s /usr/home/root/Documents/my_folder) - similar as above



go in this order

Update linux stuff
apt-get update && apt-get upgrade
Install nginx
apt-get install nginx
Allow nginx's HTTP and HTTPS ports (80 & 443) on ufw (Uncomplicated Firewall)
ufw allow 'Nginx HTTP' && ufw allow 'Nginx HTTPS'
Check to see ufw is allowing Nginx HTTP and HTTPS
ufw status
Check to see nginx is loaded and running
systemctl status nginx



Setting up your site's directory
sudo mkdir -p /var/www/4chon/html
sudo chmod -R 755 /var/www/4chon
Now for your VPS's first website, let's make an index.html, type in and save this html
nano /var/www/4chon/html/index.html

<!DOCTYPE html>
Write and save your nginx config for your site
nano /etc/nginx/sites-available/4chon

server {
listen 80;
listen [::]:80;

root /var/www/4chon/html;
index index.html index.htm index.nginx-debian.html;

server_name 4chon www.4chon;

location / { try_files $uri $uri/ =404; }
Enable this with a symlink. Careful not to mistype this
ln -s /etc/nginx/sites-available/4chon /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/
Check to see there aren't any problems with your nginx config
nginx -t
If your config passes, restart nginx to enable these changes
systemctl restart nginx
In your web browser and type in your VPS's IP address to see if your website works, it should give you a page with "Success!"
if youve got to this stage successfuly uve reached a milestone. do not post your vps ip address here, it needs to be secret since u'll b masking it with cloudflare



if u get stuck somewhere and rly cant figure it out i can always just pick up from where u left off and connect to your VPS myself via putty if u give me ur IP and root password and finish setting up everything else. however i see no reason of u being incapable of following along these instructions, no need to pay anyone $150. so do these instructions b4 i give the rest of the instructions for installing php, mariadb/mysql and vichan



Delete the following:

>1. The overboard

>2. The catalog
>3.. /nice/

/nice/ was my board idea so I give you permission.


Based codebro



yo hiv if u get $3/mo vps u shud b aware of the limitation of 15GB. debian, linux swap space, nginx, php, mysql, vichan would take up to 2.5GB. and you'll probly want a comfy 2GB buffer for non-vichan stuff on your vps just in case, so round down to 10GB available for vichan.

i would follow these space saving suggestions:

1. 4MB file size and 250 replies max like i said
2. do not allow multi-file upload. bcuz it would incentivize ppl to do pointless image or video dumps, enabling this would do more harm than good. 4chan is as popular as ever and they never had multi-file upload.
3. do not allow pdf or mp3 uploads. i shouldnt have to explain why this doesnt belong on an imageboard, and how its ez to just link ppl off-site (ex. libgen.is) if they rly want to share a pdf
4. combine /r9k/ and /nice/ into one board. could call the combined board /lounge/, /comfy/, /cool/, etc. no point in having 2 boards with the same kind of threads, and the latter has threads back from several months or a year ago. having too many boards also makes things harder to moderate.
5. cut /meta/ to 5 pages. i can see everything from 6 pages and up are already from over 2 months ago.
6. cut /new/ to 8 pages, no one cares about old news from over a month ago. also start bumplocking foky's political threads in /gm/ they dont belong there
7. occasional dumps like >>>/nice/1475 are okay as long as they're on fast boards and they're not intentionally filesize-maxing. this one's like 0.5MB average at 250 replies so it only takes up to 125MB, but the problem here is this is on a slow board, u can see it's from several months ago and still only on page 4, which means such threads can quickly accumulate in one board and take up gigabytes and you'd run out of space. if the board is not fast you'd need to cut pages or remove the board altogether



>You do not have enough credit to create new resources
Such a stupid way to go about things, I don't want to pay for it until I'm done for heck's sake



I don't like this because it doesn't tell me how much I need to add, I assume it just wants me to add the $10 for hosting or whatever but it doesn't say anything concrete. Uhm…annoying?



File: 1631349833662.jpg (109.22 KB, 428x404, 20210910_013703.jpg)

annoying as fuck fella, stupid webersites
i wish itd go back to good ol fashioned yelling cross the street



if ur buying the $3mo vps u hav to pay $3 first.
>I assume it just wants me to add the $10 for hosting
y r u paying $10? datz overkill, i said get the $3mo from ramnode (and impose these restrictions >>13821 ) or $6mo from ovh if u want over double the space



Are you familiar with OVH's policies regarding typical uh…imageboard content? Are there other imageboards that they host? I've had a few DMCA requests on Ramnode but they all ended amicably heh, I might still be interested in trying something new if it's a marginally better deal tho



(which OVH appears to be, I mean, heh)



think i found some better plans

>prohoster.info plans:

$2.60/mo, 20gb, ddos protection
$4.60/mo, 40gb, ddos protection
$5.90/mo, 60gb, ddos protection
prohoster seems to be reputable. has been around since 2013, and they are said to ignore dmca reports. pick NL location since RU does not come with ddos protection.
cons: they're hq'd in russia and not all of their website is translated to english so u'll have to use google translate sometimes. not the world's most intuitive ui for a beginner.
one guy claims they're taking too long to deploy his vps (normally should be near instant):
one guy claims they're not ignoring a dmca report, tho he's low on info (e.g. are the servers in NL or RU?) and 6 months of continuous dmca reports until the host got tired of it and finally asked to remove the file (or one customer support employee doesn't know what Cloudflare is) sounds like a good track record to me

>aspirationhosting.com plan:

$6/mo, 60gb, ddos protection
us-based so they won't ignore dmca. also, typical amerilardism, it has a monthly bandwidth cap instead of unmetered, tho i guess 750GB/mo shud b more than enough for this site.



>Are you familiar with OVH's policies regarding typical uh…imageboard content?
first of all a vps provider cannot know what files are on your vps, unless that file is explicitly hosted to the world wide web (i.e. files placed in /var/www/html, /var/www, or /srv/www in linux) accessible publicly from the provided ip address or a domain name pointing to the vps ip address. if you set up a reverse proxy like cloudflare to mask which ip address your domain points to, no one can know who ur web host is let alone tattle to them that ur site has something their tos/aup doesn't allow. this is how andrew anglin got away with hosting dailystormer on mainstream amerilard web hosts for a long time because cloudflare wouldn't budge in unmasking who dailystormer was hosted by until they finally folded after the bad press and financial and legal pressure they got from the charlottesville incident. most hosting services allow adult content anyway except for a few mainstream amerilard ones like namecheap if u check their tos/aup.

if any of these vps providers ask u the purpose of ur site in the sign-up form, type that it's a small discussion board for video games, anime, current events, etc., avoid typing risky words like "politics", "porn", "hentai", "torrents", "trump", "libertarianism" or their screening AI might reject you.

personally i couldnt b bothered to babysit a site that could get shut down cuz i didnt respond to a dmca report quickly enough, so if i were u i'd take the gamble with a vps from the russian-based prohoster.info (NL location). i would choose their 20gb $2.60 vps option, or the 40gb $4.60 option if you really want to allow some people to make mindless video/hi-res dump threads, but u rly should think about how much space you rly need and keep these worst-case numbers in mind when calculating:
>4MB per post * 250 replies = 1GB used by one thread
>10 threads per page
>if 10 threads are maxed out like that (extremely unlikely, unless someone did it on purpose), that takes 10GB already
i would still go with the 20gb vps tho cuz even glancing at a realistic worst-case ( >>>/r9k/25301 ), if assuming all 250 replies have a 0.5MB file average (a high estimate tbh), it would only take 125MB, and such a thread with that many replies is very uncommon on /r9k/ if you check the catalog. if you assume each thread is 10MB average, knowing that there are 10 threads per page and 10 pages, the whole /r9k/ board uses 1GB of storage, and a large file-heavy thread like that would only bump it to 1.12GB. if you have 5 boards like that, that's like ~5.6GB used up.



>I've had a few DMCA requests on Ramnode but they all ended amicably heh
i suspect what happened was some copyright bot that's constantly scouring through google or bing images found matched images hosted on ur domain:
you really need to block google's, bing's and others bots from indexing images on your site later, it's not worth allowing them unless ur using a web host that's 100% dmca/copyright-proof like blueangelhost or buyvm which cost a lot more than prohoster:



yo hiv, i really think on the new site you should experiment with having only one board called /lounge/ with 20 pages, at least for a while. let me explain.

i don't think this format where you have you, me, foky, phagtasm, pedoguy and 5 other anons spread out in five different boards, most of which are redundant, posting a few times a week at most, works well at all. i think u made a mistake making too many boards. quality > quantity. it feels like a chore navigating thru this almost-dead site. i dont think the overboard feature fixes the problem, i don't like the no-page-indicating endless scrolling, i can never get used to it. i really think mintboard, the site that smiley posts on now, has a much better format by having their small userbase concentrated in their god board /bone/, as the site feels a lot more alive and less of a chore to lurk and hang out on despite having a userbase that's no larger than ours. i think we should take inspiration from that minimalist approach. 8ch.net/4chon/ was like that for a long time and it did well being a single board with many pages; it was a surpisingly cohesive mix of milo posting his thai ladyboy and anti-feminism threads, foky posting/ghostbumping his germanic whatevers, phagtasm posting his gym and pokemon threads, smiley posting about his garden and loosh, you posting about trump and libertarianism, and the other anons whining about trivial things in their lives.

a couple vocal minorities might whine about going back to a single-board layout, but you should try it out for at least a couple weeks and see how it goes and be patient before immediately appeasing them. if everybody (meaning not just two guys) really wants an extra board or two after these weeks, then you can slowly add /gm/ or /new/. there absolutely should never be a /meta/ again though, you can see it's completely useless with 99% of threads being spam/off-topic and no legitimate site grievance, they could all go in the /lounge/ board, similarly with /r9k/ and /nice/ you don't need those as /lounge/ is the replacement for them, and without the annoying r9k filter.



>>13959 (cont.)
so i'd start off with /lounge/ (20 pages), and if it's unanimous that everyone wants a /gm/ or /new/ board you can add it later, but you should never do it to appease one guy, it's not worth it based the disaster of /nice/, and /meta/ to some extent. /new/ is also a carcass that i don't think you should waste time trying to revive anymore, the remaining userbase largely outgrew it, and the few that still care about it can still post news and politics on /lounge/ just like how smiley occassionaly does on mintboard's /bone/.

the reason i wouldn't just name it /b/ is because it would just incentivize ppl to spam porn because of its modern 4chan connotation, that's literally all it is on 4chan now, i remember from 2005-2008 /b/ was not a porn board but more like the SomethingAwful forum and YTMND combined into an anonymous imageboard form with moot and snacks frequently banning "newfags" and people they deem unfunny, it was a completely different site and culture back then.

some other benefits of a single god board:
easier to moderate because you don't have to check multiple boards for the cp spam bots, and a /lounge/ board, similar to /b/, is inherently more laissez-faire so u dont have to hunt rule-breakers
no one can ever make the complaint "ur posting on the rong bord!!1 dis belongs in /new/!!!" since all is fair game



File: 1631668852046.gif (632.21 KB, 225x180, B392B726-31F0-4502-9FFA-25….gif)



actually maybe make that /l/ instead of /lounge/, typing 4chon.me/lounge in the url bar is quite a bit more annoying than just 4chon.me/l. or come up with a better board name that would serve the purpose and not be a pain to type out



tl;dr "One board good". I agree.



>check reports
>literally TONS of russian CP bot threads that I thought I'd deleted are still present

Holy shit, thanks bros-they'll be dealt with immediately. For some reason I thought those reports were referring to threads I'd already eliminated (which makes zero sense as I'm pretty sure the reports themselves would have disappeared along with the post when they're deleted).


Strong consider, 8chan.pl/4chon for whatever reason was probably the best 4chon had been since .net; we work pretty well as a single board but I think I was ambitious when the site was first started. Admittedly if they site actually worked properly I think my instinct to have multiple boards wouldn't have been on such a shaky foundation.



Actually it ended up being like 4 heh, most of the reports were pictures of Dog's face or posts featuring videos of japanese ladies in lingerie. Should have scrolled down to begin with before making a big deal of it.



I never really used the 8ch board, it had all those useless features and was generally cluttered as fuck








No cap on god fr, the lounge overboard idea thingy doesn't sound half-bad

Our 8ch days were chaotic but also more lively somehow overall



8ch, KC and """official""" discord """"chonners"""" all deserve an even distribution of bullets to the brain. You'd all be better off making a subreddit to quarantine them in so the original 2011-2014fags can have OUR site back.



Are you saying you left 4chon for the like…six years or so that it was an 8chan board and not its own website? That's pretty hardcore/based ngl



Been here way before that doe



File: 1631810713222.png (51.95 KB, 163x163, 255.png)

>bullets to the brain
I'd rather give them cum to the orifices.



but i've been part of the chon since the start :DDD



File: 1631991733717.jpg (9.95 KB, 300x100, stee.jpg)

4chon was started as steesatsu's attempt to preserve /r9gay after it was eliminated from 4chan. Anyone who claims originator status on 4chon is a total faggot. 4chon/new/, the board that made 4chon everything that it is, only sprang into existence after the total faggots that wanted to preserve /r9gay couldn't take the heat when it came to rubbing shoulders with newggers, so instead they caved like sissies and made the separate board for newgger topics and discussion.



No one cares nerd lol



File: 1632024218002.jpg (377.55 KB, 1600x1200, sti.jpg)



he s rig ht thou gh, its no t e vennin tere sting



File: 1632085834502.jpg (161.93 KB, 720x561, 1632081558539.jpg)

When spambot ban



HDV check pm

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