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I think, and I say this unironically, imageboards are truly dead. Not, dead as in lack of activity, that much is there, but dead in lack of a future. We have none, what we have now will be what we shitpost with when we're here in our 50's. Same stale memes, same ib softwrare, etc. The digital world already has passed us by a long time ago.


It's kinda the point



tf are you even talking about



the price of being a sheep is boredom, the price of being a wolf is loneliness. we are the lonely wolves, we need no large corporation to harvest our data, we can do our own thing and not give a fuck if we spam the forum to death ourselves, not that i'm a spammer, i think it's terrible, but funny at times.



The internet in general is nearing its end, just like society. It is known.



Wolves are pack animals though. Your analogy leaves a lot to be desired.



we're the retarded wolf that the pack abandons and also is gay.



>internet it ending



not that guy but i read how there used to be thousands of websites that ppl would use, now they only use 5 or so, such as reddit, facebook, steam, pornhub(dying), your online bank. plus piracy is dying due to crackdowns. the internet is like tv, adverts and propaganda are the cancer killing it from within.



>piracy is dying
Well that's a new one

Pirates have always found ways to adapt afaik, and will probably continue to do so in the future



yeah maybe i'm not with it anymore after i had some isp complaints. but i guess there are ways such as vpn to hide such material. i actually did run a vpn but i suspect the isp was interfering with the connection to prevent it from working.



too many imageboards are still using the same timestamp date filename image dimensions UI and its annoying as fuck, i dont even need to know this information, i think tagechan didnt have some of these things and it looked based, not sure why people are adopting a minimal as fuck ib style, it seems the more niche the imageboards are the more general clutter there is on them



File: 1631588163896.jpg (331.21 KB, 618x1661, 1597896239922.jpg)

My ideal would be to have content be more visually centralized not unlike Tw*tter including multiple images that were wedged together in such a way that they fit nicely in a single column. You would still have the OP post being offset and all that but the traditional imageboard layout wastes so much space it's ridic.




Also yeah there's a lot of information that doesn't need to be there like the resolution, filesize and especially server-side filename which is completely useless. Most of that stuff could be appended to the whatchamacallit text you get when you hover over an element (except the server-side filename which doesn't need to be seen by anyone in any circumstance).



>same ib softwrare
no board was ever good or bad because of the software. the software just has to be functional. functional ib software was achieved two decades ago and has never needed upgrading since.
there has never been a software upgrade which improved the quality of content on any board.

fag like fattynolegs and steesatsu only get excited about reinventing the wheel because they're fags.



media piracy can only exist in an environment in which commercial media companies are producing something someone wants to steal.



File: 1631622365959.png (155.03 KB, 1657x558, dchan.PNG)

Check this out OP, someone made a blockchain-based imageboard now apparently




i used to be a mod there lol the owner and I keep in contact to this day too lol



File: 1631683313618.png (134.16 KB, 974x998, 10d.png)




>"yes goy, sign up to the blockchain imageboard using a crypto wallet so we can track your BNB!

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