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post ur ban messages from other websites
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/b/ is so slow these days that when you start a new thread and the page refreshes, your new thread is near the top of page 1 errry time.



/b/ was never good



ur mums pucci was though LOL



The fucking kike tranny lowlife faggot mod really has it out for me, he just warned me again for no actual reason



The tranny discord mod cabal is destroying 4cuck



File: 1592684186117.jpg (185.89 KB, 1280x663, 1592681335303.jpg)



Greetings from China,
420chan shaddowbanned me for pointing out that their admin is a racist nazi who uses the n-word openly and freely in the derogatory sense when he is behind closed doors, but on Twitter and Facebook he pretends to be a nice guy and racism is supposedly banned on 420chan too, but they always harass any black posters until they leave.
Unfortunately for Kirt, his technical abilities are extremely sub par and his shaddowbanning concoction doesn't function well enough to fool anyone other than a total moron. His list based proxy detection is also nonfunctional because the list of IPs he bans is openly sourced from Cloudflare.
The movement to #CancelKKKirt will not be stopped. Kirts and his nazi buddy Hotwheels can spend their times crying to each other on discord about how they used to have nice websites and wish nobody ever found out that they were secretly racists.



Keep fighting the good fight, Chinabro



4chan banned me for posting a pic of 3 cute toddler triplets. Appeal denied. I'm butthurt



what vpn do i use to evade bans on 4tran



Almost every site seems to use the same list of IPs which cloudflare provides to ban known VPN nodes, so its usually pretty easy to make anything thats not on cloudflare's list work just about everywhere.



what are some that are on cloudflare's list



File: 1593014912719.png (122.55 KB, 683x231, steesatsu delete this.png)

the real issue to deal with is that faggot imageboard operators like fattie nolegs, der general, kirt, etc. all have extremely low level technical capabilities, they can make a website function, but not too much else. they don't understand much about how computer networks function and because they're technically unsophisticated in this respect its little effort to bypass whatever blocks they put on their website. those people read this website because they're afraid of newggers, so if i were to offer any significant technical advice on this platform then it would end up working against anyone who wanted to ban evade on krautchan or whatever. thats why the previous carefully worked post was made, if you can't combine the information in that post with your own technical capabilities to evade imageboard b&s then you're got bigger problems then being banned from 4chan.
if you go through life being as technically incapable as fattie nolegs then you'll end up posturing like a faggot over some topic that nobody gives a shit about like fonts and you'll devote a bunch of effort to showing off that you're fontmaster of the internet or some other kinda gayass shit tier internet superhero and then while you're thinking to yourself "heh they mirin mah fonts, they don't even know i'm pleb tier at computarz olololol" while legions of real internet pros laugh it up at your expense.




And now I'm unbanned. I dunno wtf is going on. Previously it said my appeal was rejected and I would have to wait 28 days, but now I can post freely.

Anyone noticed new ads on 4chuck? I'm suspicious



File: 1593354604890.jpg (319.89 KB, 1488x710, 420gay.jpg)

someone has been deriding libcucks on 420chan and the libcucks have been driven into a foaming at the mouth irate frenzy of derriere destruction by the taunting. they are now hunting for an imaginary discord server from which they announced that the trolling is originating from. it all started when an anon started circumventing 420's wordfilters and IP blocks to post the nigger-word repeatedly on 420/b while mocking the administration's lack of technical ability on their meta board. the administrator became angry enough to drop his mask of libcuckery and post the nigger-word as a pejorative in earnest. ever since that horrifying moment 420chan has been beset with calls to deplatform the admin, but the admin and his sycophants refuse to apologize or even acknowledge that kirt said the nigger-word, all the hot threads over there on this topic keep on getting deleted, they're doing their best to pretend that their libcuck website isn't owned and run by a filthy nigger-word saying racist.
my own thought on the situation is that the admin over there wouldn't be so uptight that even a harmless weak drug like marijuana puts him into fits of paranoia if he were just open and honest about the fact that he hates niggers.
honesty is the best policy.

if you can't lrn2computar for yourself then just go on twitter and ask fattie nolegs to forward you the list of canceled IP addresses from his buddies in the collection arm of the DDoS protection racket organization. while you're at it, feel free to openly mock the deformed mutant for having gone broke renting botnets from the other end of the "organization" so that cuckflare could make big money for themselves on the protection end. fattie lives off welfare in los angeles like a nigger while matt prince is a billionaire in san fran; genetics is destiny.



File: 1593481383148.png (105.12 KB, 804x288, soymad.png)

soys trolled



File: 1593631182906.jpg (194.03 KB, 1041x432, bandagen.jpg)

for the past couple months starting new threads on the /news/ board on niggertits was limited to mods & jannies only, but they recently decided to changed back to letting anons post new threads.



File: 1593673283056.jpg (54.08 KB, 925x533, mod butt destroyed.jpg)



4cuck down for any1 else?



ah nvm workin agen



>GC cunt comes back w/her smartphone and shit
>jewgle captcha on 4cuck immediately spergs out again after it's been normal for a while

Jesus fuck



fucking seriously? is /news/ earnestly that easy to troll?



File: 1594472526390.png (141.25 KB, 1920x484, 1594472135595.png)

lol heh



File: 1594513737654.jpg (89.89 KB, 816x246, ez mode.jpg)

thanks to whoever it was that posted the pasta i used to get free butthurt from trannymods.



File: 1594515360567.jpg (34.8 KB, 544x720, 0e181a82d5749c6a559e772896….jpg)

'twas me heh



now i'm banned from /asp/ to go along with /sci/



/fa/ tranny finally issued a global ban





File: 1594585093956.jpg (112.1 KB, 808x607, big haul.jpg)

look at all this free butthurt i got lol
the thread on /vp/ was a massive butthurt buffet for like 10 minutes before it got deleted



Your life must fucking suck if you think getting replies is worthwhile



File: 1594589850687.jpg (92.02 KB, 615x826, hope and change.jpg)



>Jannie detected



File: 1594724888131.jpg (181.29 KB, 1103x650, schadenjannyfreude.jpg)



I got a 3 day ban from reddit for being too much of an annoying holier-than-thou libtard. now that i've paid my penalty to society i feel even more morally justified in telling all the faggoty centrists of reddit exactly why they're not faggoty enough. with luck an a little guile i'll have them committing sepuku to prevent carbon emissions before the end of next week.






File: 1595239157662.png (133.05 KB, 976x359, typo band.png)



File: 1595738455711.png (80.38 KB, 1648x223, 45454554554.PNG)




File: 1595791395515.png (125.28 KB, 821x267, oh no.png)



File: 1595792589097.png (152.65 KB, 1066x957, 1567219963529.png)

I laff

U did gud son







Fixed your 4cuck link since you didn't seem to know how to post it properly. No need to thank me.



File: 1596237952741.jpg (94.96 KB, 808x531, too easy.jpg)



File: 1596251553171.jpg (87.13 KB, 859x461, madmod.jpg)



File: 1596332400704.jpg (40.12 KB, 750x782, 1591060381611.jpg)

A drink for this man of culture! On the house!



File: 1596462572062.jpg (119.88 KB, 725x1024, 1596395087429.jpg)

got a 3 day b& for taunting nba niggerlovers on /sp/ with pic. 30 minutes later got 3 day sitewide b& on a different IP for posting the sheriff joe vid.
imagine the massive lolz when the trannymods who think that they've been banning thousands of neonazi megaracists from the site finally realize that its all been just one really annoying guy with a lot of IPs who's been trolling them



File: 1596917926257.jpg (74.29 KB, 441x600, 1990s ben garrison.jpg)

i got banned from .win for "racism"
i made dozens of jogger comments without complaint, but the second i called out the kikes i got zapped.



What's the endgame here

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