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File: 1577759980151.jpg (367.73 KB, 1439x1399, 1577741082215.jpg)


Anyone else notice posting and file upload having significantly slowed down or issit jus me heh


Like before it took a post like 1 millisec to cum thru and now it's like 5-10 secs

Maybe u shud run ccleaner on dat dere server or smth hdv heh



File: 1577770774139.jpg (38.78 KB, 500x333, stupid wheelchair faggot l….jpg)

it might be time to defrag 4chon, but hdv is such a noob that theres probably like a 50% risk that letting him near the computer results in substantial unintended downtime. either way it won't prevent zog from intercepting, rerouting or modifying your data transfer, google owns most of the big fiber internet backbone lines.
heres an official reminder from the government that stupidity leads to wheelchair use, hopefully hdv puts on some srs protective gear before he opens up a cli.



Kek nice larp dwarfbitchy

Do you not know how http works



Man this sucks, the blitzkrieg-tier posting speeds were one big fuckin draw the nuchon had going for it imo

Someone shud ask the former old!chon admin what he did to fix these tinyboard issues save from turning it on and off agen ofc heh



Also maybe go check if the bandwidth has been used maybe the provider is capping u heh



fk u malcom



Is this related to the fact that big picshurs can be uploaded now?

Maybe it fucked up something w/de bort software in which case a rollback mite help



Whatever was done worked apparently since the speeds seem back 2 normal

Thank odin



Frontpage doesn't seem to update automatically anymoar when u make a post and return to le bort u acshually have to press f5 now apparently heh



when de img uploadan rly slow agen



God the bort has never been this slow, even plain text posts take ages now to cum thru



It's working fine for me



He's right. Posting is slow as fuck.



For you maybe but I'm having no trouble whatsoever



De bort 2 slo



sometimes a few days can go by without me even connecting to the internet, which contributes to the slow posting you're noticing. it would be cool if you could get milo back, he posted a lot back on 8 afaik



File: 1578761310211.jpg (43.44 KB, 465x488, 1578658557498.jpg)

Yes we definitely need more trap posters on here



Seriously at this point we should just spam the nuchon URL everywhere and see what sticks heh






This thread was about the site itself being slow, as in it would hang for awhile while attempting to make a post, it's not about the PPH. You niggers are confused.



I might Kimmo Alm this shit tbh. That is what literally every other IB did to get a userbase. That's what 8chan did, that's what we did on .net after /new/ and /r9k/ got nuked. Especially since 8ch went down, there are a lot of people who aren't aware of all the fragmented communities that exist as a result. It would have been better for us to have done this sooner. I still think we need a cute board-tan that would help in our advertising efforts BTW



board tans are cancer waifuism and it attracts cancer waifuists, we have plenty of that with foky



Waifuism is GOOD, redart!





File: 1579119109532.jpg (52.26 KB, 331x402, butthurt-faggot.jpg)



Anyone have our old propaganda posters?



yea i gave dem to ur mum LOL



Is le moa male or female? Maybe dat wud work



awww le moa was so cute. bring it back, uwu



File: 1579265520773.jpg (214.34 KB, 1300x957, photograph-of-german-gener….jpg)

Advertisement offensive when



In a few days. I just need to think of something eye-catching and relevant.



May odin bless ur efforts heh



it feels like the nuchon is dying

Im afraid bros



We must persevere in either case because we can't let (((them))) win heh



Also weekends were always slower on 4chon because the users are all secret normies smdh



File: 1579363256972.png (151.83 KB, 400x560, 1579313277671.png)

Xept me heh



File: 1579916594258.jpg (1.52 MB, 3024x4032, 1579901025604.jpg)

How's that ad campaign cummin along HDfeller heh



Not HDV, but I am the one who was suggesting an ad campaign. I've just been preoccupied and I don't feel like doing it LMAO! Maybe in a few days. Unironically maybe I'll get around to it sometime within the next few months



Maybe someone should write an advertising spambot spamming the site link like some of the other IB's are doing in minecraft



Hard disagree on "advertizing" 4chon elsewhere. The 'chon is pretty unique as far as communities go. It has such a deep lore and rich culture. If you introduce new people, you'll dilute that and make the 'chon just like any other random imageboard.

How has the campaign of inviting old 'chonners back here been going? I'm almost desperate to read another tripfag post. Odd how you all hate the trippos but are fine with the foky/dwarf schizo posting. The trippos were 6/8 of what made the 'chon the place to be.



File: 1579945529755.jpg (103.96 KB, 1280x720, coverup.jpg)

4chon isn't anything special, its just another controlled node of the vast "women don't even shit" internet conspiracy



It's still unique. There used to be a close knittedness back when Smiley and other trippos were here. It had a certain atmosphere that I still haven't seen anywhere else. Not to mention all the memes that have persisted for all these years. If you really think 4chon is the same as any other r9k/pol/b board, you either haven't been paying attention or you aren't a true chonner.

If you do invite randos from 8chan or wherever here, that would be the final nail in the coffin. For as little as I post now, if that happened I would leave completely. If you're a tranny instigator trying to herd people to your trannychan, think again, because I'm not interested in talking to you or your motley crew of retards. I would just drop imageboards completely if the 'chon dyed, and it's better for it to die than become bastardized imo.

If you just want to talk to average 8channers, then what's the point in keeping this site alive? Just go to 8chan and talk to them there and save HDV from wasting his money on paying for a server and domain name.



kiss your penis goodbye homo



this. catfuck, turkeyman, meal-oh, I miss dese n*ggas



i feel like name/trips are a necessary evil to imageboard culture, one that you can't let absolutely take over your board or site, but not outright discourage completely, because they're merely part of the community






File: 1579978470780.jpg (44.64 KB, 331x403, asspained kike.jpg)

>He thinks foKy n' dwarf are one and the same person

LOL skitzohurt



I understand the sentiment, but we're already living in a post-chon world. There's probably less than 10 nibbas here who post regularly. Former members have already expressed their disinterest in coming back. They like their little nuweb hangouts better.

>If you just want to talk to average 8channers, then what's the point in keeping this site alive? Just go to 8chan and talk to them there and save HDV from wasting his money on paying for a server and domain name.

8ch is dead, and outside of the major boards it had a lot of nice little communities. I think these are the people who we should be trying to reach. In fact this is a problem that would solve itself if we became part of the webring, because we'd actually be one of the more active alt-sites, but HDV chose to use vichan instead of lynxchan, so I don't think we can join heh.



File: 1580065667136.jpg (59.2 KB, 824x1024, 1531770447053.jpg)

Pill me on the webring nibba



File: 1580067952973.png (158.14 KB, 1124x497, Screenshot at 2020-01-26 1….png)

After 8ch collapsed there were a bunch of scattered bunkers, so someone made software that integrates into lynxchan that combines them all into one listing, so it's sort of like browsing boards on 8ch, except people have their own websites. HDV used vichan due to Seisatsu's recommendation, but even though I don't know shit about IB software, I should have convinced him to use lynxchan. I bet the other alt-IB admins would have also been willing to help him manage the site.



Where can i git dat dere software feller? And how can we help HDV integrate the nuchon into said software?



It's addon available for LynxChan and Tinyboard derivates.
It is already compatible.

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