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File: 1578860822337.png (194.52 KB, 368x375, wen de pucci 2 gud.png)


Why the fuck does that skitzo bitch get a free pass in spamming her shitty schizophrenic ms paint scribblings on r9k and any post saging it is deleted

This is honestly worse nepotism than with the turkfaggot back then


stfu + kys



First HDV covered for Smilesperg, now he covers for Foky. Why he does it, who knows. Being a FUCKING HORSEFUCKER probably has something to do with it.



File: 1578873048642.png (625.75 KB, 751x751, 2skivbxa9bu31.png)

I've seen worse on the old 4chon though



File: 1578877099793.jpg (45.99 KB, 220x219, 092.jpg)

This thread made me fucking schizophrenic. I'm seeing all sorts of shit and hearing voices now. Thanks assholes.



You probably deserve that for fucking schizophrenics. Now you know what it's like for them.



She is spamming r9k to hell again with skitzophrenia

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