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File: 1580685726060.jpg (71.41 KB, 480x732, computer-noob_o_1277011.jpg)


i was just looking at my cookie and noticed i still have a 4chon.one cookie
good times



who here has a 4chon.net cookie tho



I only switched to waterfox in 2017 so nah



Waterfox is a fake browser, and in fact just an outdated version of firefox with some shit in about:config changed. Palememe is the only real firefox fork. You have been bamboozled into thinking you're using a different browser, when really you are still just using firefox. I suggest you make peace with the reality of using a ZOG browser, or accept a lack of plugins with a real alternative.



File: 1581091927381.gif (4.95 KB, 129x147, 1547793526593.gif)

Everythang u just typed is compfuckinletely wrong lol



it's been several computers since i've browsed the website known as 4chon.net. those cookies are long gone.



It only closed down at the end of 2014 though



Nope, you're an idiot.



File: 1581291501703.jpg (52.26 KB, 331x402, butthurt-faggot.jpg)

I know you are but what am i



If you did even a small amount of research, it would be clear that I am right. Waterfox is not a new browser, it's just a shitty, tweaked firefox. They haven't 'developers' didn't make anything.



Can't delete my post. The 'developers' didn't make anything.



>total retard makes stupid typos
>"b-b-but u gotta believe me guys! i'm a total computer genius "
u can't even type tho lol

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