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File: 1580864934940.jpg (32.62 KB, 800x600, 83365245_2996410893744840_….jpg)


>on weekdays the chon is comfy and quiet while FoKy labors away at trade school
>on weekends FoKy provides a steady stream of entertaining content and banter

I've taken a liking to this arrangement heh


it's pretty gud heh



i fucking hate foky



>entertaining content and banter
is that your attempt to keep him from spamming the thread



He has AIDs, so hopefully he gets the corona virus.



>trade school

jokes on him, that shit is a waste of time and he'll get a job flipping burgers just the same as if he had never gone.



File: 1581124518498.jpg (265.94 KB, 1760x1664, mfwkikes.jpg)

Don't get too comforble with it, i have shit to look after besides lurking/am being threatened with homelesness in the short term and furthermore imageboards aren't really meant to be one man shows like this

Takes more than one person delivering all the content for them to thrive



File: 1581161263534.jpg (82.89 KB, 1024x917, 1565070632913.jpg)

Maybe over in ZOGmerica but not here lul

Skilled workers in the relevant fields are sought after now that mama merkel has brought in all those sub 50IQ orcs that are basically bipedal apes incompatible with any modern western workplace

As long as you're not picking up a meme trade you will be fine, though i am floating the thought of just getting the heck away once the state has paid for my apprenticeship/trade school curriculum lol. Only thing preventing me from realizing it as of right now are the unresolved health issues i have heh



You make me not want to post here, and the number of active users noticeably drops when you do. All I see is trash. I'm just going to adblock most of your threads I think.



File: 1581312924731.png (389.8 KB, 460x565, 41474.PNG)

Shut the fuck up narCtoXcunty

Go bacc 2 reddit where u belong LOL



Dwarf wishes she looked this good.



You're the one who actually posts on reddit daily to complain about how it's your parents fault that you're a loser lol.



File: 1581339590529.jpg (98.25 KB, 736x1309, bb0e15c8aeecb52ca19aef4a67….jpg)

foky sometimes post nice women



Nice strawman + projection again loserdwarfCunT, lol.



File: 1581340506033.jpg (125.8 KB, 718x1108, strong corded nordid.jpg)




You make threads linking to your whiny 'narcissist' subreddit all the times though!



File: 1581340673847.png (8.8 KB, 263x322, 1555015788652.png)

>all the times

LOL learn to write retardCuNTy

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